1. Laws made by man can be changed or reinterpreted.

2. Thus in the good old days in England stealing was punished by death by hanging from a gibbet in public view.

3. Today the death penalty cannot be given even for murder. That is the new rule of law.

4. The judiciary consist of the Attorney General and the judges. The decision of the first court may be appealed through a second. And the decision of the second court appealed through a third court.

5. Then the supreme head may modify the sentence or even pardon. But the guilt remains.

6. There is another judge not presiding over a court. This judge make his own decision based on whatever.

7. He may decide there is no case to answer. Even when the case is being heard, his decision prevails.

8. The judge may believe that there is guilt and refuse acquittal.

9. But the case cannot be heard.

10. That is the law. The rule of law has been adhered to.

11. Bravo Malaysia.

12. Your judiciary is the best in the world.