1. I am saddened by the death of the Queen. Only two days before she had received in audience the new PM of the UK.
2. I had met her on many occasions, especially during meetings of the British Commonwealth.
3. In particular I remembered her laughing at my joke about the English language. In Zimbabwe I made a speech in which I pointed out that what is said in English is not what is meant.
4. Thus the presiding officer in Parliament is called Mr. Speaker, but he may not speak.
5. The Malay sultans are called the rulers but they may not rule. The British adviser ruled.
6. Then there is the British Commonwealth where the wealth is not common.
7. That speech was broadcast by the BBC when the Queen celebrated her golden jubilee. The Queen laughed.
8. The Queen visited Malaysia twice when I was Prime Minister. Once when we hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting and once during the Commonwealth Games.
9. The Queen was always gracious and hosting her was a pleasure.
10. I really did not expect her to pass away when she did. She was only one year younger than me.
11. She was a good example of a constitutional monarch. Her passing away is a loss not just to the British but to people who believe in the rule of law.
12. May she rest in peace.