1. I do not like to generalise. But in this case I have no choice but to generalise. It is because it is generally the case.

2. I believe that European nations are simply addicted to war, to killing people. For thousands of years there was never a year when there was no war between European nations.

3. They glorify wars. They celebrate the killings. They make heroes of the killers; decorating them, erecting statues and designing elaborate ceremonies in their memories.

4. They prepare for wars with exercises and war games. They are constantly inventing new weapons which are more efficient in killing people. They say that to have peace countries should prepare for wars.

5. But then having prepared for wars, having invented and equipped their military with new ways of killing people, they felt a need to try and test their new weapons. They incite wars between nations. And often they would go to war themselves.

6. During World War II they, the Western nations, accepted Russia as an ally. Millions of Russians were killed and millions more wounded. Whole towns and countryside were devastated.

7. With the Russians pushing from the East and the Western European countries together with America attacking from the West, they defeated Germany.

8. Immediately the Western allies identified their partner, Russia as the new enemy. They set up Nato and the Russians responded by setting up the Warsaw Pact. A cold war ensued for decades.

9. At last the Russians gave up. They dismantled the Warsaw Pact and freed the countries involved. Instead of disbanding Nato the Western powers set about persuading the former Warsaw Pact members to join Nato and the European Union. Russia was not invited. It remained the potential enemy.

10. As more of the former Warsaw Pact members joined the European Union and Nato, Russia found new enemies at its western border.

11. War games were played involving the countries at Russia’s western border. The idea must be to provoke Russia. Ukraine was to join Nato knowing full well that Russia would feel threatened because Ukraine is a next-door neighbour.

12. The Western countries did not really want Ukraine to join Nato. There was a danger that Russia would attack Ukraine.

13. The Nato countries had agreed that an attack on one of its members is an attack against Nato. This means that Nato would go to war if Ukraine became a member and was attacked. The western allies did not want a European war. But they seem to want a limited war to test Russia’s strength. Maybe to weaken it.

14. So the Nato countries did not admit Ukraine as a Nato member. But they continued to provoke Russia by making it known that they would eventually accept Ukrainian membership of Nato.

15. The provocation worked and Russia attacked Ukraine. The appeal by Zelenskyy for Nato to join in the defence of his country was ignored but the support was only with money and supplies. So Ukraine was left to defend itself. Millions migrated, thousands of civilians and soldiers were killed and the country devastated.

16. Not a single Nato soldier died, nor are the Nato countries harmed. It is the best of European strategies – fighting what amounts to a proxy war.

17. In the meantime provocation shifted to the Far East.