Dear Voters,

1. You want political stability
2. You want economic growth
3. You want security
4. Then don’t vote for “cash is king”, kleptocrat UMNO
5. Remember when UMNO lost in PRU 14
6. Najib proposed a Malay Muslim Government with PAS.
7. Through the backdoor PH was overthrown.
8. And Malaysia became politically unstable, 3 PM in three years.
9. All at mercy of UMNO
10. Ridiculous for UMNO to claim it can bring about stability.
11. Its Government will promote “cash is king” corruption, save its leader from being tried and jailed for corruption and other crimes, destroy Malaysian finances and economy.
12. To have stability reject UMNO
13. Chose GTA (Gerakan Tanah Air) led by clean, experienced leaders, capable of restoring the Malaysian Tiger.
14. We will contest as Pejuang Tanah Air because the Government has not registered GTA.
15. We have ideas on how to rehabilitate the country.
16. Our struggle is for the people and the country.
17. We are not for personal gain.
18. We are contesting in 120 seats plus, enough to form a strong Government.
19. Only a strong Government can stabilise and develop the country.
20. So vote for stability
21. Vote for Pejuang.