1. On 2nd June 2023 I was interrogated by the police over two statements I had made.
2. The first was on the history Kedah and the lessons we could learn from it.
3. The second was about the Proclamation or Proklamasi Orang Melayu.
4. It would seem that I was disrespectful of the rulers by talking about the history of the Malays and that the proclamation was meant to overthrow the present Government.
5. My answers to the many questions I was asked were simple. If charged in court (open court) I would answer.
6. But I must admit that I felt my freedom of speech is not part of the reforms promised. In Tanah Melayu with a Malay heading the Government, Malays must not talk about their problems. It is racist.
7. Yet the Constitution of the country makes frequent reference to the Malays and their position in this country as the indigenous people.
8. Democracy provided for the overthrow of the Government through elections or through a vote of non-confidence.
9. As to history, the law does not ban it. Only if we promote fake stories for whatever purpose that is wrong.
10. But telling the truth about the past is not a crime. As George Santayana -said, “those who forget the lessons of history are condemned to repeat their mistakes over and over again”.
11. If what I say is wrong, prove it. If not sending the police to question me is a form of threat.