1. There was a time when Malaysia was admired as the best developed of the countries achieving independence after World War II. From a poor British colony, it became an Asian Tiger with GDP growth of 8% plus. It was believed that the growth would continue and Malaysia would become a developed country by 2020.

2. But today Malaysia is behind even Vietnam and Indonesia in terms of economic growth and political stability. A country that had changed Government democratically every five years, is now ruled by Governments which slipped in through the back door.

3. And these Governments are weak and liable to be overthrown by 3 Members of Parliament crossing over. It has happened once and it can happen any time.

4. The backdoor Governments are only concerned with sustaining enough support to remain in power.

5. The people have become apathetic, not caring what happens to the country. The Federal Government is made up of the parties rejected by the people in the 14th General Election because of corruption, stealing money and money laundering. It has no idea about administration. A dominant leader even declared that money borrowed by the Government need not to be paid.

6. Corruption is rampant and bureaucratic hassles deter investors. In the Johor state elections voters admit accepting money from the party that won.

7. One would have thought that the people would reject corrupt politicians. But no. They are winning elections to the point that they could form Governments after state elections. They truly believe that if general elections are held in the near future, they would win with good majorities through bribing the voters.

8. They believe, and apparently, they have good grounds for so believing, that the voters could be corrupted. And they have enough money to offer, because the money they had stolen from the Government is still with them.

9. It is even possible that a convict would be pardoned and be chosen as the Prime Minister of Malaysia. The convict had already admitted that as PM he stole money, abused power, laundered stolen money and live a high life. Will he do it again? The chances are that he will.

10. What will happen to the country? Does not matter. The important thing is the money he is giving out. It may be stolen money. But that is his problem. You did not steal the money. It was given to you. So, take it even if it lasts only a day or two. Give him the vote.

11. That was the thinking in Melaka and in Johore. Will that also be the thinking in the 15th General Election!!