Dear Ir. Syahrizan,

1. I am not going to deny that in my time Proton was protected. All countries including Britain, Germany, Japan and Korea protect their car market. Britain had Imperial Preference, Japan and Korea ensured no foreign cars could be imported, even America insists on Japanese, Korean and Germans producing their cars in America, employing Americans and paying high salaries.

2. The protection for Proton cars had been there all along. Without protection we would have no car industry. Proton gained 80 per cent of the market at one time benefiting from protectionism.

3. Because of the APs (Approved Permits) for cars from countries which Proton cannot penetrate (Korea and Japan) sales of Proton went down. Proton lost money, the foreigners made a lot of money with the lower price of their cars sold in Malaysia. Their lower price is due to volume i.e. economies of scale. We could not achieve this because of their protected car market.

4. Now Proton is fighting back despite imports of foreign cars. I was making a comparison only between Proton under the previous management and the present management. The present management is definitely more capable even though foreign cars are still coming in.

5. The keeness to buy Proton is because it is doing well and that it owns a lot of property.

6. I am not responsible for the recent National Automotive Policy. I am not in the Government now. Please make your complaints to the Government.

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  1. Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir yang disayangi.
    Orang kite skang terlalu banggakan product luar, taknak support kereta negara sendiri.
    Masing2(orang2 besar) nak masuk poket sendiri tak pikir ape akan jadi kepada golongan akan datang dan sekarang nih semua MESTI sedar sebelum negara pun tergadai.
    Cite byk2 tak guna. Orang kite takkan berubah selagi mentaliti orang kite tak berubah. Tun ada sebut pasal orang2 kite nih dari dulu lagi dah seperti dalam karya agung Tun Mahathir “Malay Dilemma”.
    Sedarlah sebelom terlambat.
    Terima Kasih Tun. Semoga Tun Sentiasa Sihat Selalu.

  2. Dear Tun, salam Maal Hijrah harap sihat sejahtera berpanjangan dalam tahun baru ini. Minta izin memberi pandangan pada sebuah tulisan….
    Pandangan pada tulisan sdr ‘Hang Malang’ Page on December 17, 2009 10:24 AM
    Here is proof of the typical mentality to always blame other races for your own policy failure.
    Proton was born partly to thrust (leap frog) the Malays straight to the peak of automotive industry by nature of policy not nurture of capability. Proton holds the power over vendors and the market.
    Blame Proton if there is lack of Malay vendors, not blame other races. A company created specifically to nurture Malays fails, other races blamed?
    If Proton had served its objectives (improve bumis and local industry) we will not be having this debate. A racially based venture devoid of merit (only kulit) is prone to degeneration due to protectionism and abuse.
    …………..GREEDY PIG
    Typical shallow mindset to generalise a race as greedy cos they make the effort to overcome obstacles and restrictions. The one that demands things on a silver platter?
    Ask Iran’s Ahmadenijad who is greedy, Chinese or westerners? Ask Cuba, N. Korea etc. Ask Tun (I dare you) whether China or the west is more greedy? Read Tun’s writing on banks and finance, western press, protectionism, WTO, North and South, NAM, Asean etc. Tun has mentioned that the west that accuses Chinese as greedy should take note of history that China has never colonised any nation.
    …………..COPY CAT
    All Asian economies grow by copying foreign technology initially and using price advantage to get market. Japan (Milo tin cars), Taiwan (Acer), Korea (electrical products), India (software) were world renowned copy cats.
    I would not laugh at M’sian SME that copy well known brands, cos I know one day they will reach the level of world class expertise. There is no other way. The other way will get you cheated.
    M’sia tried to buy instant technology but got cheated. Proton got nothing great from Mitsubishi. We got an old diminishing sports car manufacturer (Lotus) to help Proton, but still need another alliance? We got one free ride to space and some experiments for billions in Sukhoi purchase with Russia. We got a Mongolian beauty for Scorpene submarines.
    I’d rather copy.

  3. Dr. Mahathir,
    I have read lots of comments on Proton either here or elsewhere.
    There thing is if anyone wants to make any comments they need to be professional and not calling names or make personal attacks against anyone or any race. Everyone is entitled to his/her opinion. It’s freedom of speech. However don’t instill racial hatred.Be a educated person.
    Lots of Proton owners aren’t satisfied with their cars for good reasons. In fact they bought them due to financial constraint and not because they are pround to own one of those so-called national cars.

  4. [quote]By Eric Simon on December 8, 2009 11:25 AM
    Hi Dr M,
    Proton makes poor quality vehicles. I bought a Proton Wira 1.5 Auto in 1996. Eight years later the car body was rusting, the auto gear box failed two times, I stopped fixing the auto windows, the car was rattling… I called it a 3rd world produced car, produced for 3rd world Malaysians. This is what the our government thinks of us Malaysian because this is the kind of car they built for us Malaysians. They also forced us to take car loans at high interest rates, forced us to take car accessories that we didn’t want at high inflated prices.
    Today my friends who have bought the latest Saga are regretting their choice. Their advice don’t buy a proton. My neighbours who had initially purchased protons and now need to change to a better car opted to buy second hand foreign cars.
    When it came time for me to replace my proton my 1st reaction was to get a foreign car. So I settled for a 3rd hand 10 year old Hyundai Sonata. The car was in good condition. The paint was original. The body was solid. The interior was superb for its age. The engine would purr.. I have the car for 5 years now. I am more than satisfied. I will never purchase a proton and will never advice anyone to buy a proton. My advice get a foreign car. If you can’t afford a new foreign car, get a second hand foreign car.
    I blame you for all this. You started this project and failed to make Malaysians proud of their own car. And to export such a low standard car to the world? Certainly it would fail…[/quote]
    Salam and cheers to all.
    I leave this comment to penetrate insult on Proton by most of you guys.
    Most vendors for Proton parts, including the raw materials, was mostly holds by Chinese. Am not raising the issues of “racist”, but let me ask most of you, who holds the economic and business here in Malaysia? Mostly are Chinese people. They holds most of the materials, monetary, and mostly business cycle.
    Proton was a programme to increase income of mostly Malays and a programme of awareness by previous government to promote local products. This programme which are similar to what Japanese done to their country in order to gain the respects through out the worlds. Tun Mahathir had adapt their values, and implement it here, in order to change the perception of the worlds towards Malaysia. In other way, by increasing the income by employing most of Bumiputra, and some other people. He view Proton, as a starting points toward Wawasan 2020, in term of industrial, technologies and RND. He knows, Malaysia has a lot to offer toward his objective, and he makes full of it.
    Malaysia towards indutrializing its business, has a lot to offer more jobs opportunity and income. Most of the “taukeh” were Chinese, and some of them are direct or indirectly generate income from this Proton programme. From where does Proton had it raw materials? From Malay “taukeh” or Indian “taukeh” or from some other? Mostly of course from “taukeh” of Chinese. They holds the industry. They holds the materials. Malay’s “taukeh” are too lazy. In other way, what Tun Dr. Mahathir would like to promote, is sharing, and togetherness. Not an racial issues, but this is the truth. Looks around you, yourself.
    Chinese were called “Greedy Pig” by some Western Countries. They know, cause they had observe and done research. Even we here, knows their attitude towards money making. China, even know, known as the biggest copy machine, which copy others, but in low quality and affordable by all. Why is that? Because they tends to make profit with minimum cost operations, which cut the cost of materials, and others. Thats why, China products were not at world’s standards.
    Back to Malaysia, we saw the same situations here. Most vendors appointed by Proton were Chinese “taukeh”. If we compared materials for earlier Proton was much better in quality, compared to the newest one. Maybe it related to some materials provided for Proton. In order to gain its respect, Proton should warn their vendors and providers of increasing their quality.
    Let us not to blame all this on Proton, instead giving heads, ideas, positive comments to increase the value and thus, promoting Malaysia, as one of high quality Mmanufacturing country. Never heard foreigners condemning their own product. If you feel best to use foreign cars, then go on, but please do not condemned our nation pride. Give positive comments.

  5. Hi Dr M,
    Proton makes poor quality vehicles. I bought a Proton Wira 1.5 Auto in 1996. Eight years later the car body was rusting, the auto gear box failed two times, I stopped fixing the auto windows, the car was rattling… I called it a 3rd world produced car, produced for 3rd world Malaysians. This is what the our government thinks of us Malaysian because this is the kind of car they built for us Malaysians. They also forced us to take car loans at high interest rates, forced us to take car accessories that we didn’t want at high inflated prices.
    Today my friends who have bought the latest Saga are regretting their choice. Their advice don’t buy a proton. My neighbours who had initially purchased protons and now need to change to a better car opted to buy second hand foreign cars.
    When it came time for me to replace my proton my 1st reaction was to get a foreign car. So I settled for a 3rd hand 10 year old Hyundai Sonata. The car was in good condition. The paint was original. The body was solid. The interior was superb for its age. The engine would purr.. I have the car for 5 years now. I am more than satisfied. I will never purchase a proton and will never advice anyone to buy a proton. My advice get a foreign car. If you can’t afford a new foreign car, get a second hand foreign car.
    I blame you for all this. You started this project and failed to make Malaysians proud of their own car. And to export such a low standard car to the world? Certainly it would fail…

  6. Salam,
    1. There’s nothing wrong protecting PROTON. Protecting PROTON means blocking other car manufacturers that have no direct significant to MALAYSIA. It was a good call protecting PROTON back then so that PROTON have some opportunities to grow and eventually have the capabilities to compete with other car manufacturers.
    2. However, after 26 years of protection, PROTON still don’t have that strength to compete. Either PROTON took that opportunity given by GOVT (and indirectly RAKYAT) for granted or PROTON is just lousy at making cars.
    3. PERODUA is 10 years younger than PROTON. They are not better than other major car manufacturers but they are much better than PROTON in terms of quality and services.
    4. So, what’s wrong and what will happen?
    5. Will PROTON remains at the same level?
    6. Will RAKYAT have to settle with PROTON (and equivalent standard cars) because their average income only allow them to buy PROTON cars?

  7. this is with regards to the protectionism issue. there is no offense to tun (i know the protectionism is your idea); i must foremostly bid my admiration to you for the progress that you have brought to malaysia in your time as the prime minister. all i have to say is purely my thoughts.
    ok. when the protectionism for proton is introduced, the situation has somehow called it. it is the first malaysian car and proton is still a newbie in a rough field, thus the protectionism.
    now as the reason for protectionism is justified, we shall look at proton from the current perspective. it is now still dependent on the protectionism for survival( 25 years is supposed to be enough for being one of the most established in the ASEAN region if it is managed correctly). i must say that the protectionism has backfired and made the company a handicap.
    i think that the prolonged protection well into the company being established has hurt the company’s motivation to put in effort to improve continuously, something the foreign manufacturers never take a break on. the problem of overprotecting someone is that the person will grow accustomed to the protection and slack off. protection for businesses is actually not that bad; it does help them to weather the early phases of setting up the business operations, where they are still very vulnerable. but if the business start to take things for granted, problems will start to crop up.
    since the protection is actually eroding the company, the government must take the first step forward and announce the government’s intentions to abolish all the protection by stages.
    this will put create a shock in the management and they will be jolted up ‘awake’.
    then, the government must set a timeframe for the abolishment, say in ten years( to conveniently coincide with the Vision 2020). the government can of course negotiate with the Proton management regarding the timeframe so that they can accept it better. with a deaadline in place, the management will be ‘supercharged’ and will start to put in extra effort.
    then the ball will be passed to the Proton’s management. they must do whatever necessary to bulk up so that they can be on par with the competing car manufacturers. of course, the government can lend a hand, but only to lend a hand, not to intervene.
    the result, proton gets bulked up, and the foreign manufacturers can compete equally in the local market. the consumers will benefit from the competition (from lower price and higher quality, the ussual benefits from any business competition). and everyone is happy.
    the first step is always the most difficult. but it has come to the stage where it is do or die(figuratively of course).

  8. hi. this is my fist post on che det’s blog.
    anyway. my opinion is that the fault is always the business operators to carry, not the consumers. this is always true no matter the conditions( this includes patriotism, and any other sentiments).
    first of all, all consumers have the right to choose, and it is even held by malaysian consumer law. so choose we shall. it is only right for us to choose the best product which is offered at the most reasonable price. the consumers view the proton cars as not worth the money (with the perceived low quality), so they dont buy…as simple as that.
    secondly, even if the quality issue has been rectified (if it has), the damage to the reputation has been done. the company management must recognise that and take actions to do any neccessary repairs.
    take the quality issue, the company reputation for quality has been greatly eroded over the years, but surprisingly, it still has not been resolved. i must say that the company has been somewhat negligent on this matter. based on what i have read from the comment posts on this site, the underlying cause seems to be the car owners having neglected regular servicing of the car. if so, why doesn’t the management take actions to encourage regular servicing? the main point that i want to put forward is that…
    this is my suggestion. the company MAY(i emphasise that this is only a suggestion) offer a quality assurance for, say, five years (not neccessarily five, the management can define a suitable warranty span) where the repairs within the warranty period is wholly borne by proton, BUT with conditions that the car owner must adhere to a certain maintenance policy (say, they need to service the car once every 5000km) or the warranty will be considered void.
    this will firstly help cure the quality issue, and secondly change the consumers’ unfavourable behaviours (of not servicing their vehivles regularly, wwhich they in the first place should). and if the car is proven to be able to weather the malaysian, the quality issue is totally and completely resolved.
    my conclusion is that…

  9. Proton neh selagi masalah kualiti x dijaga smpi bila pun akan di hentam.. harga di negara sendiri dah ler mahal berbanding dengan harga yg dijual di negara luar… kualiti so-so saja.. baik invest xtra sikit and bli keta jepun.. konon nak patriotik la bli keta proton, trus hilang mood bila tgk diaorg offer harga kat org luar lg murh… kita nk tolong proton, tp proton plak cekik kita… brand2 dr jepun bukan xde masalah, sesetengah nyer problem jugak.. tp mereka pndi jaga customer, cpat rectify kan masalah keta, x seperti proton yg sentiasa biar kita tertunggu-tunggu kadg2 smpi 2 bulan even keta still dlm warranty.. dgn upah labour yg mahal.. sapa2 x pcaya g comparekan labor cost pusat servis proton dgn pusat servis keta jepun… jauh beza.. servis pun beza sgt2… this is base on my experience and dibandgkan dgn membe yg bli keta jepun…

  10. Straight to the points:
    (1) I did apply for the post of Engineer in response to their ads as soon as I graduated from a state university in Texas majoring in Industrial Engineering many years ago. Not only was I rejected (obvious reason is I ain’t a so called Bumiputra I suppose), the HR department didn’t even have the basic courtesy to send a me a rejection letter.
    (2) The fact that lots of Malaysians bought or are still buying Proton doesn’t mean they are patriotic or the quality of Proton is on par with other competitors.Simply because they were or still are priced artificially lower than the rest of the same categories.
    (3) The reason why until now Proton has a hard time trying to team up with other major auto makers is pretty obvious. Nobody is going to team up with Proton if they think Proton has got the upper hand to run the business. Proton need technical expertise, management and financial backup from business partners just to name a few. I think Dr. Mahathir or those Proton top guns know that but they don’t tell the public the exact situations.

  11. I hope most of you can stop flaming each others, and start to treat disagreement with respects. Need not to flame, trolling. If we disagree with Proton’s performance, then let us find a solution for it. It is not necessary for any pointless debate and slamming.
    If Proton is lacking, let us find ways to help Proton together. I believe two is better than one.
    and if you hate Proton, why? Proton is our car, our Malaysian car. The pride of our motherland. Not just me, you, and you, despite of colors, and ideologies.

  12. Topik yg diutarakan oleh Tun sememangnya relevan dan terkini…akan tetapi topik sebegini selalunya mengundang suara hati segelintir peminat dan pengkritik kereta nasional dan buatan tempatan yg ada. Ironinya akan terdapat beberapa suara ketidakpuashatian terhadap kualiti. Kualiti yang dimaksudkan adalah lebih menjurus kepada beberapa permasalahan pada sesebuah kereta tersebut seperti cermin kuasa, lampu, pintu, pendingin hawa, spedometer dan beberapa bahagian kompenen lain.
    Tetapi bila dibaca komen2 ini, secara logiknya takkanlah semua model Proton ada masalah tersendiri semasa pembuatannya, kalau difikirkan DENGAN LEBIH LOGIK, mustahil pihak operasi kilang Proton tiada QC department atau staf yang terlatih untuk mengesan serta menyisihkan “technical error” sebegini. Tentu Kilang2 Proton sentiasa mengamalkan prinsip serta garispanduan kualiti yg terkandung dalam polisi dan Visi pengeluaran. Adalah cukup mustahil dan musykil jika perkara ini boleh terlepas pandang, maka apabila sesuatu perkara berlaku, jari akan dituding semula kepada Proton dan wakil2 servis mereka.
    Kita seharusnya melihat juga dari aspek pengendalian serta cara penjagaan kereta tersebut selepas diserahkan kepada pemiliknya. Pendek kata, apa sebenarnya yang terjadi selepas ia KELUAR DARI Show room Proton itu. Harus diingat, cara pengendalian sesebuah kenderaan itu adalah penting, jika pemandu itu jenis memandu secara agresif dan hentam kromo jer dan jika dia ni kalau diberi KERETA KEBAL sekalipun, tidak mustahil BOLEH jahanam dalam tempoh tertentu…
    Bab aspek penjagaan kenderaan juga penting, jika kita hanya tahu memandu sahaja tetapi bab penyelengaraan berkala diabaikan bukan saja kata kereta Proton sahaja boleh jahanam, kereta Ferrari atau Honda sekalipun boleh meragam dan mengalami nasib yg sama…ini bukan lawak yer…ini kenyataan!
    Saya tidak begitu bersetuju dengan permasalahan yg dibangkitkan oleh segelintir disini, asyik suka menceritakan kelemahan kualiti Proton, dan saya rasa cukup percaya ianya sebenarnya terjadi dari kelalain dari diri kita sendiri.Renungkanlah…
    Juga saya ingin tekankan disini ialah tentang keadaan jalanraya di Malaysia yg bertuah ini, tidak semua jalan itu cantik, ada yg berlubang dan berbongol-bonggol, maka jika dilalui setiap hari nescaya apa jua yg melaluinya pasti akan menerima kesan. Samada dalam masa jangka pendek atau panjang.
    Sistem suspensi sudah pasti akan mengalami kerosakkan, mungkin kesan hentakan yg telalu kuat telah menyebabkan sedikit gangguan pada bahagian2 yg sensitif pada enjin ataupun komponen kenderaan yg lain. Maka faktor2 sebegini harus juga diambil kira.
    Membawa kenderaan melebihi muatan dan para penumpang tidak berdisplin dan tidak mesra kenderaan.(BUNYI MACAM PELIK, TAPI INI ADALAH REALITI DAN BUKAN FANTASI)
    Maaf saya katakan, Malaysia sebenarnya mempunyai rakyat yang terdiri daripada pelbagai saiz keluarga. Ada keluarga yang sedikit dan ada yang mempunyai ahli keluarga yang banyak bilangannya.
    Jadi mungkin dalam ahli keluarga ini terdapat anak2 kecil yg sedang membesar dan sedang lasak…jadi tangan dan kaki mereka ini sentiasa gatal untuk menyentuh sesuatu sewaktu berada di dalam kereta. Tingkap kuasa sudah pasti. Radio dan lampu dalam juga turut jadi mangsa eksperimen si kecil ini.
    Jadi bila berlaku sesuatu kerosakan maka secara otomatiknya otak kita telah diprogramkan untuk terus menyalahkan kualiti. Jika ia kereta Proton…maka Proton yg kena hentam.
    Jangan kata kereta Proton saja…BMW pun pernah mengalami nasib yg serupa. Jadi adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita sebagai ibubapa untuk disiplinkan anak2 kita sewaktu berada dalam kereta, baik dalam kereta Proton mahupun dalam kereta Volvo!
    Terus terang saya kata, saya juga ada anak lelaki berusia 3 tahun dan seorang lagi, 6 bulan, dalam kereta WAJA saya ada kerusi khas untuk sikecil-kecil ini. Masuk jer kereta, ikat dan selesakan kedudukan mereka. Apabila kita bawa kenderaan keluarga, jadi aman sentosa…tak terganggu dengan emosi…dan yg paling utama, keselamatan mereka terjamin.
    Alasan ia mahal atau tidak sesuai adalah tidak relevan lagi…nyawa mereka tak ternilai dengan pengorbanan sejumlah wang untuk kemudahan anak2 kita ini. Bab ini, kita kena sentiasa asuh mentaliti kita dari tahap kelas tiga ke satu tahap yg lebih realistik dan kehadapan lagi.¦ kerja keras adalah energi kita ¦
    kerja keras adalah energi kita ¦

  13. assalamualaikum tun
    pertama kali nya, saya berasa banga atas usaha tun tuk mmperkenal kan m’sia di mata dunia. salah satunye dgn penubuhan proton itu sendiri. klau di ikutkan kewujudan proton itu sebaya ngan saya yang lahir pada 1985 tetapi saya percaya dalam umur 25 tahun itu masih blum mampu tuk proton mengeluarkan satu produk yg benar2 mampu tuk memikat hatis semua pengguna.
    drp permerhatian saya, selepas 10 tahun proton baru berjaya mengeluarkan kereta generasi keduanya dan saya percaya mungkin dalam sedekad lagi quality proton mampu bersaing sebaris dgn pesaingnya. klau di samakan dgn manusia pun, umor 25 tahun ini sesorg tu bru kluar dari IPT dan mula bkerja dgn keadaan hutang pelajaran yg harus ditanggung dan akibatnya byk rintangan yang perlu diharungi. saya berpendapat, segala kritikan yg kite bg harus lah membina.
    bgi pihak proton juga, masih byk technology dan kepakaran perlu dibawa masuk tuk kepentingan syarkat dan juga keluaranya dan secara tidak langsung mampu tuk memikat hati penggunanya. cadangan saya, proton harus mempergiatkan usaha R&D mereka dan menguruangkan defect product, selain itu juga wajib bagi proton untuk menghadakan pengeluaranya agar masalah lambakan produknya dapat dikurangkan.

  14. Dear Tun;
    Wish you well always.
    How many years been since Proton was establish. Even babies grows up and learn to be independant. As Chinese saying are we willing to sacrifice the whole forest because of one tree? Please compare prices and quality of cars of other car producing countries.

  15. Dear Tun,
    Terima kasih di atas jasa Tun selama ini.
    Bab Proton ni memang menjadi masalah kepada segelintir/seluruh rakyat malaysia. Bukan takde semangat nasionalis, tp what ir Sharizan said same mistake happen 25 years(Power window).
    Tak salah utk kita mempunyai Proton tak salah kita nak protect Proton. Tapi biarlah ia tidak membebankan rakyat (9 tahun nak serve loan). Proton membuatkan rakyat M’sia tidak mampu mengguna pakai kereta import.Negara yg di sebutkan Tun memprotect industri kereta mereka dapat mengeluarkan kereta dgn kos yg rendah. Dan saya rasa protection tersebut tidak membebankan rakyat negara mereka.
    1. Kereta yg datang dari luar negara terpaksa di kenakan duti import yg tinggi hanya semata untuk menjaga proton. Saya ada terbaca kos utk sebiji kereta Korea kurang dari RM10K. Kos sebiji kereta Proton? kenapa kos Proton terlalu tinggi? Rakyat M’sia perlu membayar lebih untuk membeli kereta dan lebihan wang tersebut sepatutnya di offsetkan dgn pemansuhan toll dan dan prasara yg akan digunakan oleh sebuah kereta. itu belum masuk dr collection road tax.
    2. Cuba kita buat satu scenario tanpa proton.
    – Semua rakyat dapat mengguna pakai sebuah kereta yg tinggi dari segi kualiti dan selamat digunakan kerana kurangnya duti import yg di kenakan. Ok la kalau nak kutip toll.
    – Dr segi geography dan politik dan harga buruh mungkin akan dpt menarik pembuat/pengeluar kereta dr negara luar membuka kilang pemasangan/pembuatan di sini.Bnyk la peluang pekerjaan utk rakyat m’sia. dan saya yakin peluangnya lebih bnyk dr yg diwujudkan Proton. Dengar cerita ramai yg lari ke Thailand dan Indonesia sbb NAP policy.
    Renung2 kan la
    Proton is a mistake. a huge mistake. and will always become a mistake until it can survive on its own. until now after 25 years its remain as a mistake because without Proton now it will affected other industries.
    Nothing can be done, just try to live with PROTON existence and I still love PROTON.

  16. Assalamualaikum Tun,Salam sejahtera harap sihat bahagia,
    Sebagai pengasas Proton, saya amat berterima kasih kerana kalau bukan daripada idea Tun untuk menubuhkan Proton, kemungkinan Malaysia tidak terkenal sebagai salah satu daripada pengeluar kereta di dunia.
    Kepada siapa yang bekenaan,
    Say ingin bertanya dan berfikir secara logik, kenapa kita perlu “menghentam” Proton dengan membandingkan kereta Proton dengan kereta import yang lain. Sememangnya dari segi kualiti kereta import memang lagi baik dan bagus. Tapi padanlah dengan harga yang dibayar untuk memiliki kereta tersebut. Bergantung kepada individu jika mampu untuk membayar lebih belilah kereta import. Tiada halangan kepada sesiapapun. Memang la kereta Proton mempunyai masalah teknikal jika dibandingkan dengan Toyota atau Honda tetapi sudah berapa lama syarikat itu ditubuhkan dan sudah berapa lama Proton ditubuhkan.
    Syabas Tun Mahathir.

  17. Why proton will not improve? Since there is people like fadzireen not looking at the real problem and solve it but finding excuses to cover it up.
    I had my WAJA power windows changed in EON for 3 times, that is 4 power windows failure. Been promised this will have better quality at my last change, but…
    Until now it is not working and I am tired to change it again, but will change the brand of my car next year.
    With that, I will rest my case and wont say anything about Proton forever, since I don’t care anymore.
    I have show my patriotism for 15 years, but now, thanks and no thanks, I wont use Proton / Petronas anymore. I move on.

  18. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Minta izin menjawab seorang pengulas………..
    Pada sdr ‘fadzireen’on November 24, 2009 10:15 AM
    I am not against developing local car manufacturer or protection of local industry (the vision). I am against favouring one company and binding the others(the apparition).
    On 80% market share initially to 25%, it is called diminishing effect of protectionism. Initially it will dominate, but as competitors find ways to counter the monopoly will crumble if it still relies on the old crutches.
    Rome was not built in one day, neither was it destroyed in one day! Proton did not become sick overnight, it ignored the symptoms!
    I have explained, other countries practice protectionism of local industry but let local companies slug it out. M’sia protects one company and hold back the whole local industry for him. Cant you see the difference?

    Topik yg diutarakan oleh Tun sememangnya relevan dan terkini…akan tetapi topik sebegini selalunya mengundang suara hati segelintir peminat dan pengkritik kereta nasional dan buatan tempatan yg ada. Ironinya akan terdapat beberapa suara ketidakpuashatian terhadap kualiti. Kualiti yang dimaksudkan adalah lebih menjurus kepada beberapa permasalahan pada sesebuah kereta tersebut seperti cermin kuasa, lampu, pintu, pendingin hawa, spedometer dan beberapa bahagian kompenen lain.
    Tetapi bila dibaca komen2 ini, secara logiknya takkanlah semua model Proton ada masalah tersendiri semasa pembuatannya, kalau difikirkan DENGAN LEBIH LOGIK, mustahil pihak operasi kilang Proton tiada QC department atau staf yang terlatih untuk mengesan serta menyisihkan “technical error” sebegini. Tentu Kilang2 Proton sentiasa mengamalkan prinsip serta garispanduan kualiti yg terkandung dalam polisi dan Visi pengeluaran. Adalah cukup mustahil dan musykil jika perkara ini boleh terlepas pandang, maka apabila sesuatu perkara berlaku, jari akan dituding semula kepada Proton dan wakil2 servis mereka.
    Kita seharusnya melihat juga dari aspek pengendalian serta cara penjagaan kereta tersebut selepas diserahkan kepada pemiliknya. Pendek kata, apa sebenarnya yang terjadi selepas ia KELUAR DARI Show room Proton itu. Harus diingat, cara pengendalian sesebuah kenderaan itu adalah penting, jika pemandu itu jenis memandu secara agresif dan hentam kromo jer dan jika dia ni kalau diberi KERETA KEBAL sekalipun, tidak mustahil BOLEH jahanam dalam tempoh tertentu…
    Bab aspek penjagaan kenderaan juga penting, jika kita hanya tahu memandu sahaja tetapi bab penyelengaraan berkala diabaikan bukan saja kata kereta Proton sahaja boleh jahanam, kereta Ferrari atau Honda sekalipun boleh meragam dan mengalami nasib yg sama…ini bukan lawak yer…ini kenyataan!
    Saya tidak begitu bersetuju dengan permasalahan yg dibangkitkan oleh segelintir disini, asyik suka menceritakan kelemahan kualiti Proton, dan saya rasa cukup percaya ianya sebenarnya terjadi dari kelalain dari diri kita sendiri.Renungkanlah…
    Juga saya ingin tekankan disini ialah tentang keadaan jalanraya di Malaysia yg bertuah ini, tidak semua jalan itu cantik, ada yg berlubang dan berbongol-bonggol, maka jika dilalui setiap hari nescaya apa jua yg melaluinya pasti akan menerima kesan. Samada dalam masa jangka pendek atau panjang.
    Sistem suspensi sudah pasti akan mengalami kerosakkan, mungkin kesan hentakan yg telalu kuat telah menyebabkan sedikit gangguan pada bahagian2 yg sensitif pada enjin ataupun komponen kenderaan yg lain. Maka faktor2 sebegini harus juga diambil kira.
    Membawa kenderaan melebihi muatan dan para penumpang tidak berdisplin dan tidak mesra kenderaan.(BUNYI MACAM PELIK, TAPI INI ADALAH REALITI DAN BUKAN FANTASI)
    Maaf saya katakan, Malaysia sebenarnya mempunyai rakyat yang terdiri daripada pelbagai saiz keluarga. Ada keluarga yang sedikit dan ada yang mempunyai ahli keluarga yang banyak bilangannya.
    Jadi mungkin dalam ahli keluarga ini terdapat anak2 kecil yg sedang membesar dan sedang lasak…jadi tangan dan kaki mereka ini sentiasa gatal untuk menyentuh sesuatu sewaktu berada di dalam kereta. Tingkap kuasa sudah pasti. Radio dan lampu dalam juga turut jadi mangsa eksperimen si kecil ini.
    Jadi bila berlaku sesuatu kerosakan maka secara otomatiknya otak kita telah diprogramkan untuk terus menyalahkan kualiti. Jika ia kereta Proton…maka Proton yg kena hentam.
    Jangan kata kereta Proton saja…BMW pun pernah mengalami nasib yg serupa. Jadi adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kita sebagai ibubapa untuk disiplinkan anak2 kita sewaktu berada dalam kereta, baik dalam kereta Proton mahupun dalam kereta Volvo!
    Terus terang saya kata, saya juga ada anak lelaki berusia 3 tahun dan seorang lagi, 6 bulan, dalam kereta WAJA saya ada kerusi khas untuk sikecil-kecil ini. Masuk jer kereta, ikat dan selesakan kedudukan mereka. Apabila kita bawa kenderaan keluarga, jadi aman sentosa…tak terganggu dengan emosi…dan yg paling utama, keselamatan mereka terjamin.
    Alasan ia mahal atau tidak sesuai adalah tidak relevan lagi…nyawa mereka tak ternilai dengan pengorbanan sejumlah wang untuk kemudahan anak2 kita ini. Bab ini, kita kena sentiasa asuh mentaliti kita dari tahap kelas tiga ke satu tahap yg lebih realistik dan kehadapan lagi.
    Semoga dengan sedikit pengalaman saya ini, akan dapat mengubah persepsi negatif orang ramai terhadap apa jua produk buatan tempatan. Yakin dengan hasilnya dan HARUS ada rasa bangga dengan pencapaiannya.
    Maaf dan terima kasih semua…

  20. Dear Tun, salam sejahtera harap sihat bahagia. Minta izin menjawab seorang pengulas….
    Menjawab sdr ‘bret hit man hart’ on November 21, 2009 12:19 AM
    Asking for a new consortium to take over Proton is re-inventing the wheel. The experts in automotive business are the existing industry players! They are presently being forced to play second fiddle to Proton. Let the best man win the M’sian automotive market.
    I did not advocate destruction of Proton but destruction of barriers for a free market.
    ……………..LOSS OF JOBS
    The ‘250k vol’ is not lost, it will be replaced by other models (total industry sales vol will remain). So the vendors just need to re-tool their machines. Lack of competition (vendor development programme) leads to the scenario in comments by ‘khalifah’ on November 14, 2009 5:22 PM. The result is high cost of parts. (By the way Proton only sells 150k ut in 09)
    Those who argue Proton closure will cost M’sia 10k lost jobs should read Datuk Mustapha’s response to 100k jobs that will be lost by banning second hand parts import.
    He brushes off 100k jobs being jeorpadised as nothing to worry? (The Star) Arguing it can correct itself, he gambles 100k jobs in current depressing economic scenario! Follow this ministers logic 10k Proton jobs will be re distributed in the industry, no net loss, why worry?
    AP holders (some without business premises even) are given extension 5 yrs notice to 2015 (on top of 4yrs given in 2006), parts dealers are given 1yr!
    You are worried for 10k jobs, the minister wouldn’t blink an eye for the 100k jobs. Is there a difference between the 100k jobs(second hand parts) and 10k jobs(Proton) that he can see we cant see?
    You mean criticising govt policies you feel is wrong, is not contributing to the country? You want blind faith.
    Pandangan pada tulisan sdr ‘khalifah’ on November 14, 2009 5:22 PM.
    Apa yg sdr cakapkan akibat dasar perlindungan. Manjakan anak. Spare the rod, spoil the child.
    Sikap kerja hasil tak perlu tanggungjawab, tiada akibat, tiada saingan.

  21. Salam TUN
    To Syahrizan /S Tan / Ravi,
    In my earlier posts,regarding Volvo,I have left out the word Swedish population.
    Now,come back to ‘broken power window’
    Basically,there are three categories of automotives spare parts.
    (1)Proton genuine spare part.This are sold in Proton parts centre.
    (2)OEM- Original equipment manufacturer.They manufacture for Proton as genuine parts,and also under their own brand names.Sold in spare parts shop.
    (3)Replacement parts.These are manufactured locally or imported.Sold in spare parts shop.
    If you buy from No 1 and 2 you are assured of the quality.The culprit here is No 3.Some unscrupulous business entity repackaged it,under the disguise of genuine Proton boxes,and sell as Genuine with inferior part inside.
    The profit margin for this item is very high
    This is the parts that keep on breaking every times.

  22. Salam TUN.
    To Syahrizan /S Tan / Ravi,
    Some informations on the global automotive industry:
    In 2008,more than 70 millions motor vehicles,including cars and commercial vehicles were produced worldwide.
    In 2007,a total of 71.9 millions new automobiles were sold worldwide.
    (1)Europe 22.9 millions
    (2)Asia Pacific 21.4 millions
    (3)USA and Canada 19.4 millions
    (4)Latin America 4.4
    (5)Middle East 2.4 millions
    (6)Africa 1.4 millions
    From these statistics all of you can visualised the market protentials in this industry.
    Tun has made a wise decision in 1985.Imagine the entry costs today.
    This is not an apparitions but a visions.
    At its peak,Proton managed an 80 percent market shares.
    Sadly,in 2005,during the previous administration it has plummeted
    to 32 percent.There was no intervention by relevants authority to counter the slide.Now,Proton has to claw back the desired market shares slowly.’Rome is not built in a day’
    Hindustan Motor was founded in 1942.Producer of ‘Ambassador’,widely use as taxi cab and as a government limousine.It was based on the Morris Oxford.It was a leader in car sales until 1980,when it was opened up from protection.
    The Korean automotive industry started in 1926.The Korean Govt announced the Automobiles Industry Promotion Policy in 1962,and The Adtomobiles Industry Protection Act to protect the infant industry.
    It is a myth to use a country’s population as a critical success factor to initiate an automobiles industry.
    Volvo was founded in 1927,and at that time,their population was 5.1 millions,and now it is 9.2 millions.

  23. Salam..
    Memang tak salah nak protect Proton tapi bila asyik kena protect je sampai nak buat kereta pun takde kualiti… Memang Britain, Germany, Japan dan Korea protect company kereta negara dorg tapi takde la pulak nk sekat rakyat dari beli kereta luar dengan harga yang mahal sebab kereta buatan Malaysia kurang kualiti. Contohnya Proton Saga Iswara baru ni, orang bayar bulan2 kadang2 ikat perut nak bayar tapi pkai tak sampai setahun dah tingkap rosak la, bla bla bla.. Biarlah syarikat kereta Malaysia bersaing dari segi mutu kereta. Macam mana nak maju…

    Kepada pencinta kereta PROTON…ini ada satu cerita menarik untuk dikongsi bersama. SUDILAH MEMBACANYA…
    Saya sekarang memiliki kereta kedua saya selepas puas menggunakan ISWARA 1.5 manual(1994) dan kini memandu sebuah kereta WAJA. Auto 1.6 buatan penghujung tahun 2002. Millage kereta tersebut kini adalah LEBIH 360,000km dan sehingga kini ia masih bergerak lancar di atas jalan raya Malaysia ini. Memang pernah berlaku sedikit “technical mulfunction” pada cermin bahagian pemandu dan belakang, tetapi ia adalah minor…dan telah pulih sepenuhnya. Tetapi apa yang DIBANGGAKAN adalah komponen enjinnya yg masih berkuasa serta tahan lasak.( boleh disyorkan kepada pihak PROTON untuk dijadikan bahan kajian R&D mereka, jika sudi…)
    Sekarang angah dan alang saya pun membeli dan memandu kereta Satria NEO dan PERSONA. Pun diorang kata best gak…dah naik syok diorang pakai…color kereta pun sama, “silver” ketiga-tiganya. Apabila berkumpul bersama rasa bangga lak…sebab semuanya adalah PROTON.
    YANG PALING PENTING SEKALI, apabila memandu… kita semua harus menjiwai kereta itu…jadi segala perasaan negetif tidak akan terlintas dan pemanduan kita sentiasa jadi ceria dan lancar. PERINGATAN MUSTAHAK; Servis berkala juga perlu…percaya pada kemampuan kereta tersebut dan pasti hasilnya juga bakal mengembirakan.

  25. salam Tun and dear bloggers,
    From what I read when talk about Proton cars quality, nearly everone is focusing on the power window. So quality equals to power window alone? how sad!
    Well that’s probably history nowday since the old wira and old saga are no longer in mass production. How about the latest proton generation exora, saga and persona? I’m using Persona for the last 2 years without having any problem particularly on the power window(my answer to the brilliant IR Syarizan).The recipe is simple-just follow the regular maintenance schedule. By the way, I also use Kelisa and apply same policy for maintenance.
    One can always comment on the pricing issue, protection and bla,bla,bla. Don’t we realize that Proton has taken step to reduce the price when persona is sold at cheaper price compared to wira?
    Probably due to ignorance and wrong perception built for the last 20 years!
    Open your eyes even the American is playing the buy American back in the 80’s. The Japanese and Korean are always the worst in protecting their industries. All these are recorded in the business journals.
    Do you know that Toyota and Honda are famous for market recall in the US? But when Proton did for the Perdana and Savvy, all it get are endless bashing.
    Until when are we going to be trapped in the perception that local product particularly Proton worth nothing? Proton needs our support to grow and indeed it has moved in the right direction under the leadership of Syed Zainal. Give this man a chance to correct the errors made by the previous management.
    He may not be the Carlos Ghosn but he’s trying his best to put Proton back in track proven by the models under his leadership – exora, saga and persona.
    Yes it’s true that Proton needs strategic partner to continue surviving in the competitive business environment. However, Proton deserves to be selective in choosing a partner. Otherwise, it may end up like Perodua just doing rebadging business.
    And again dear Ir Syarizan (are you really an IR?) that power window issue is history (sudah BASI…)

  26. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman saya dgn izin…
    Pandangan pada ‘khalifah’ on November 14, 2009 5:22 PM
    Apa yg sdr cakapkan akibat dasar perlindungan. Manjakan anak. Spare the rod, spoil the child.
    Sikap kerja hasil tak perlu tanggungjawab, tiada akibat, tiada saingan.
    ……………..LOSS OF JOBS
    Those who argue Proton closure will cost M’sia 10k lost jobs should read Datuk Mustapha’s response to 100k jobs that will be lost by banning second hand parts import.
    He brushes off 100k jobs being jeorpadised as nothing to worry? (The Star). Arguing it can correct itself, he gambles 100k jobs in current depressing economic scenario!
    AP holders (some without business premises even) are given extension 5 yrs notice to 2015 (on top of 4yrs given in 2006), parts dealers are given 1yr!
    I believe if the 100k jobs were bumiputera businesses, he would not be so callous.

  27. Salam Ayahanda Tun,
    through my personal observation, people and even government are forgeting another local groom automotive company-MODENAS.
    1. MODENAS used to be at the top but now struggling at no.3 behind Honda and Yamaha.
    2. Despite low price strategy (with low margin per unit)for its latest models, MODENAS is still unable to capture greater market share.
    3. The interest of public on MODENAS has been depleting. We hardly see government agency and private corporation such as Police and Pos Malaysia choose MODENAS as its first choice motorcycle.
    4. Though still getting sales tax and import duty exemption, the pricing gap between its competitors is getting smaller when customer choose to compared and pay by monthly installment.
    5. The industry is depending much on dealers to give loan to customers unlike car which rely on bank.
    6. Dealer preference is always on easy to sell brand, higher margin, huge sales incentive and excellent spare part management. Being a subsidiary company to DRB-Hicom,MODENAS does not have freedom to establish its destiny and decision without blessing from its mother company.
    Perhaps ayahanda Tun can ask Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar his vision for MODENAS. Unless MODENAS is good for sales – then nothing much can be done about it.

  28. Salam Tun,
    I would like to answer some of the doubts raised by other some of the fellow readers who read your blog.
    1. To Jo / HBT (same person I guess, hihi.. )
    Can you explain to me what is the meaning of waste of money?… Prove me, that for the past 20 years that Proton suffered lost all the way. Yes, definitely in business you will have ups and downs, but definitely in 20 years Proton has already surpassed its ROI. As a prove, are the new power plant in Tanjung Malim and acquisition of Lotus. do you think that if Proton waste the money, it will able to splurge the cash to develop themselves? During Tun’s leadership, Proton expanded in very progressive way but definitely when Tun retires, he’s not in control in introducing some poor policies such as NAP. Please ask Mr. Clean on what went wrong.
    Proton is the first local car assembly? The other national car manufacturer (Perodua and Naza) might fit your criteria of local car assembly, but Proton definitely did not fit that criteria. It seems that you yourself did not ‘work hard’ for your research. Please work hard lah to give the true information to the other readers of Che Det blog.
    2. To Jo and Paragoniac, please open you thinking cap, tomorrow, in the morning, please go to Proton showroom. Ask them on the list of CURRENT models and variants available. Except Perdana; please check whether any other CURRENT models from Proton copy from other car manufacturer.
    If you cannot remember all the CURRENT models, let me spell it one by one; Waja, Savvy, Satria Neo, Pesona, Gen 2, Exora. Prove me any other car that looks like these models for your justification. I hate it when people are sceptical on the past but don’t have a reality check in on the present. Wira and Iswara production were already stopped long long time ago. Proton have what they call as R&D.
    3. Kepada Imran, saya kurang pasti tentang gaji para pengarah di Proton, tetapi setahu saya gaji golongan eksekutif walaupun tak sampai RM 20,000 tapi tidaklah serendah RM 3000 ke RM 4000 seperti yang diperkatakan saudara. Gaji RM 4000; biasanya adalah untuk para eksekutif yang mempunyai pengalaman kerja 4 tahun. Jika eksekutif itu mempunyai pengalaman bekerja selama 15 tahun di Proton, gajinya boleh mencapai RM 11,000. Mungkin skim gaji ini tidak seimbang jika hendak dibandingkan dengan pekerja di dalam sektor oil and gas, tetapi tidaklah terlalu rendah jika hendak di bandingkan dengan tanggapan saudara.
    4. Dear Danyaen, I am a Proton car owner; I own a Satria Neo,
    and I am a frequent driver from KL to Kertih; every weekend I go back to KL and during weekdays I go back to Kertih. In 3 years, my milage has accumulated to more than 160,000 km. Even at one point I used mineral oil as lubricants. I have to admit that I am a robust driver, and my cruising speed with my Neo is 160km/h. But,even with robust usage and driving, so far I have NO problem with my car performance. Definitely every service routine must be followed religiously. Since that you made an assumption that every Proton owner are not satisfied with their car, so I have the rights to assume that you are one of the person who did not maintain your vehicle properly.
    Another thing, what do you mean with pampered child? Please defined the means. What I can see that the other ‘national car makers’ benefited the most with the NAP. Because, they just rebadged the car and called it their own; while Proton need to set up their R&D facilities and each models, the cost of R&D cost can escalate up to RM 500 million. If Proton wants to take short cut, they can just use the same strategy as 20 years ago by copycat other car design.
    5. Kepada EpitJebat, saya mengaku, pada pengamatan saya, suatu ketika dahulu, memang model Proton mengalami masalah kualiti; kali terakhir rungutan yang saya dengar ialah ketika model Gen 2 dikeluarkan kira2 6 tahun yang lepas. Namun begitu, cubalah lihat keadaan pada waktu sekarang, janganlah menganggap pengalaman yang buruk yang lalu sebagai platform untuk melemparkan pandangan skeptikal terhadap produk Proton. Tamadun kita tidak akan maju dengan hanya memandang ke belakang, tetapi akan bertambah maju jika mengambil pengajaran daripada pengalaman masa lalu dan memandang ke hadapan.
    Mengapa Vios harganya murah? Kerana jumlah pengeluaran yang amat besar hingga memurahkan kos pengeluaran kenderaan. Dalam bahasa Inggeris terma ini dipanggil amortization. Lagi banyak model dihasilkan, lebih murah kos pengeluaran kerana kos membuat acuan model tersebut telah dapat dikurangkan. Sebagai contoh dan analogi, fikirkan begini, jika satu acuan, bernilai RM 5000, dan model tersebut hanya dapat dijual sebanyak satu unit yang bernilai RM 10,000; untung pengeluaran adalah RM 5,000. Namun begitu, sekiranya saudara dapat menjual dua kenderaan, maka untung pengeluaran adalah RM 10,000. Lebih banyak model yang dapat dijual lebih banyak margin yang dapat diperolehi; iaitu harga jualan tolak harga kos acuan. Maka dengan itu, sekiranya saudara inginkan harga Proton menjadi lebih murah, lebih baik saudara berkempen terhadap pembelian produk2 keluaran Proton kepada kawan2 dan keluarga saudara. Masalah dengan Proton pada ketika ini ialah jumlah jualan yang pada pandangan saya, masih belum mencukupi untuk menjadi pemain global.
    6. Dear Ir Syahrizan, regarding the tin milo issue, I think maybe you can check the New Car Assessment Programme (NCAP) results for all new Proton models (Gen 2, Neo, Savvy; and you will be suprised with the outcome of the results.
    7. To S. Tan, I think why don’t you yourself form a consortium to buy Proton. Just buy Proton and at the same time you will also have access to their state of the art production line / facilities. Let see how good you are in handling the automotive business.
    What Malaysia need right now is a somebody who can give ideas for the goods of the nation, not another ‘politician’ who can only becoming sceptical to whatever introduced by government. Another thing, even though you have done extensive analysis, you forget something, if Proton die, the vendors will also suffered; and this means that some small and medium enterprises will also on a big loss. Why? because they have already at loss of a volume of 250,000 cars per year from Proton in order to sell their products. and eventually, who will suffer? Us again because we have to purchase spare parts at higher price. Normally, all the national car manufacturer in Malaysia utilizes the same vendor from what they call as Vendor Development programme. So, if Proton already die, it would impact towards the escalation of the spare parts price to the other manufacturer. I don’t know, maybe S. Tan, you don’t own any national car, so it doesn’t bother you and you will not care. But I DO care because i own a national car.
    8. Finally, in order to improve; these are the things that Proton need to do in order to develop themselves:
    a. To minimize the effect of plasticky interior in the models and variants
    b. To think more deeply in rebranding and promotion of the cars; put something that really can make people remember. A good analogy is the manner that Digi imaging themselves by portraying the Yellow Mascot.
    c. Increase the production of the cars to a million cars a year, then only we can compete with Kia as starter.
    9. Sceptical views are not appreciated. If my fellow readers think that things need to be improved, then please do suggest. Take charge.
    10. Thank you for reading my message.

  29. Ayahanda Tun,
    May I …..
    //By Jo on November 20, 2009 3:19 AM
    Lets all face the facts, it would have been a better idea not to have started proton in the first place. It has just been a total waste of money for the last 20+ years.//
    After 20 + years, Proton cannot be closed down ….. Many genuine investors have invested in setting up Proton’s show rooms, moreover, there is a market for Proton.. In order to be fair to Malaysians and States, Proton is not a National Car, Proton is the 1st local car assembly manufacturer, and Perodua is 2nd to Proton.
    Hence, no more monopoly power of using the name of “National Car” to make the Socialists lazy and sombong.. by oppressing business opportunities in all states of Malaysia.. Proton cannot perform, work hard lah, everyone in Malaysia is working hard .. why should Proton management no need to work hard by controlling PM and DPM of Malayisia. Don’t forget PM and DPM are for Malaysia, not for UMNO and Malays ….
    Good day Ayahanda Tun.

  30. Lets all face the facts, it would have been a better idea not to have started proton in the first place. It has just been a total waste of money for the last 20+ years.

  31. Proton is moving too slow in terms of improving new models. What i want to suggest is get some new and charismatic car designer that really can design a car model and not just by copycat other manufacturer. I know someone who can really design. Gen 2? Saga? its like we are being force to buy them.

  32. Salam
    Tun yang di hormati
    TUN sebagai pengasas dan penasihat Proton…
    Minta TUN tolong semak semula organisasi Proton sekarang ini….
    1- Kaji peranan dan sumbangan director yang ramai ada di Proton sekarang…gai 20000 ringgit keatas…macam tak buat kerja je…bayar gaji mereka jutaan ringgit sebulan….tak nampak Return Of Investment pun (ROI)hasil sama je macam pengurusan CEO dulu yg takde ramai Director dan GM….
    2- Kaji semula gaji executive yg dh 15 ke 25 tahun berkhidmat…3000 ke 4000 je…walhal kumpulan ini yg byk selesaikan masalah…
    3- kaji semula tenaga kerja (operator) yg dah 15 ke 25 tahun bekerja…gaji masih 1500 ke 2500 je…golongan ini paling besar menjana hasil untuk syarikat…
    4- jurang gaji amat jauh antara pekerja pengeluaran dengan Snr Mgr, GM dan director…mcm langit dan bumi…
    5- mcmana pekerja nak tingkat produktiviti mereka kalau meraka hanya di gunakan sahaja dan di diskriminasi oleh konsep pengurusan sekarang…
    TUN….minta TUN tolong tengok dan semak dan kaji semula organisasi dan skim upah pekerja Proton jika nak lihat Proton terus berdaya maju di arena antara bangsa…

  33. salam
    Yg di hormati TUN Dr M…
    Tun..sebagai penasihat dan juga pengasas Proton…mohon sangat sangatlah Tun Semak semula konsep pengurusan Proton sejak kebelakangan ini…kelihatan agak haru biru…
    1- terlalu ramai Tuan Director yang baru masuk dengan gaji 20000 ringgit ke atas…jutaan ringgit nak bayar gaji director ini…
    2- semua Tuan Director ni kelihatan masuk dan kerja tak sehebat mana pun…masalah Proton masih sama jugak walau sudah 2 tahun berkhidmat…ada Tuan Director ni hanya pandai cakap….on paper hebat…actual implementation gagal…hasil takdak…apa mereka salam
    Yg dihormati TUN Dr Mahathir…
    Tun…sebagai pengasas dan penasihat Proton…mohon sangatlah Tun semak semula konsep pengurusan Proton sejak kebelakangan ini…kelihatan agak haru biru…
    1- terlalu ramai director masuk Proton dengan kadar gaji 20000 ringgit ke atas…
    2- semua director ini masuk dan kerja tak sehebat mana pun…masalah Proton masih sama jugak walau sudah 2 tahun mereka berkhidmat…ada ynag pandai cakap..hasil takdak…apa mereka buat…? amat menyakitkan hati melihat…
    3- di tambah dengan jawatan general manager dan senior manager dengan gaji 10 ke 15000 ringgit…pun sama…tak jugak selesaikan masalah…
    4- gaji executive yg dh lama kerja 20 ke 25 tahun pun dok takuk tu jugak…3000 ke 4000…kumpulan executive ini yg banyak selesaikan masalah yang major…
    5- gaji pekerja / oparator yg dah lama berkhidmat 15 ke 25 tahun…masih takuk tu jugak…2000 ke 3000 ringgit…nak naik gaji 50 ke 60 ringgit setahun terpaksa lalui penilaian dan tapisan yang amat ketat….walhal golongan pekerja ini yg paling byk selesaikan masalah Proton dan menjana hasil terbesar untuk syarikat…kenapa di diskriminasi…?…jurang gaji antara pekerja dan pengurusan amat jauh…bagai langit dengan bumi…
    6- unsur unsur menekan terhadap pekerja yg dh lama berkhidmat amat jelas….semacam ada satu muslihat untuk suru pekerja lama ni berhenti…
    7- ada skim kebajikan / cendera hati untuk pekerja pun di tarik balik….walhal dh lama praktis…alasan nak kos down…amat menyedihkan
    Tun…harap TUN semak semula polisi pengurusan baru ni….dulu masa pengurusan Tengku Mahaleel …GM tak banyak pun…manager pun tak ramai…hasil sama jugak dengan management sekarang….lapisan antara pekerja dengan CEO dulu tak jauh pun…hanya 3 lapis sahaja…sekarang ni pekerja nak sampai ke MD ada 6 lapis peringkat pengurusan…macam bina tembok pemisah lagaknya…

  34. Oh please. It speaks for itself.
    1. The quality of Proton cars is not equal to the price. Try showing me proof that it is and I will take you down any road, any Proton car owner and I’ll ask them what they have to say.
    2. After sales service? More like a police interrogation on how you spoilt your own brand new car.
    3. It may seem trivial to some, but try to use your Touch n Go everytime your window wont open. And the klick klack noises that accompany your car after 2 months on the road. Not to mention the time we have to take off work to go get it fixed and the amount of money we have to spend extra.
    4. 25 years? 25 years of doing what? Our engines are still guzzlers. The handling is still bad. The car is fragile.
    5. Why protect Proton? A pampered child becomes a spoilt child. And again…at a huge monthly cost to the people.
    6. To all the racist bigots out there..DO NOT make this an issue about patriotism and race. A bad car is a bad car. If Proton does not improve, only the rakyat suffer. Our cars are bad but they are the only option for us lower income people. That’s the only reason we buy the Proton. But we end up having to spend more on maintenance in the long run.
    Hands up anyone who has NOT had a major complain or inconvenience with their Protons withing a year.

  35. salam tun
    proton mmg kurg kualiti
    bkn xde kualiti lgsg
    klu da owner pki cam naik kete lembu
    mmg la jahanam
    knp saga 1st model ade lg yg pki
    sbb di jg rapi oleh owner
    kete import klu xservis
    mkn minyak itam gak sok2
    proton pon 1 hal gak
    nak cover rugi
    jual kete mhl2
    pdhal kete taraf kancil je
    airbag xde
    abs lg la
    harge cam vios
    kan ke mlampau 2
    pehak atasan pon 1 hal
    ade phd it
    keje jurutera kete
    mmg lingkup la jd nye
    2 sbb sng kn tpu ngan vendor n STAFF
    staff plak 1 hal
    xabes2 mrungut psl gaji
    da xde pe2 sijil
    xyah la nak mrungut gaji kecik
    pas2 lps gram kat kete
    maka terhasil lah kete cap ayam
    patut nye kerajaan da xyah tolg proton
    biar dorg naik sndr
    br dorg tau
    sush ke sng nak maju

  36. Asalamualaikum Tun & bloggers,
    Sadly it seems the message I was trying to convey are manipulated by some

  37. Salam untuk Tun dan semua,
    Please do not miss WARA of November 8 posting. Excellent.
    I agree 101% with you. You are a “wira” to me.

  38. Greetings Tun,
    I think the first point everyone will agree on is that the quality of the Proton is well..pretty down the drain. And the only reason anyone buys it is because it’s cheaper that most cars out there.
    I myself own an Iswara and a Waja. Everyone knows how bad the engine is. And the electronics? Everfailing power windows comes to mind.
    And yes, I do know the general employees are paid a pittance. They aren’t treated or paid any better than a low level Bangladeshi (a semi-skilled Indonesian demands at least RM35 a day).
    Proton. At what cost to the rakyat? Ask anyone what they think of the quality and you will find more than a few cursing our national pride. Getting a Toyota Vios or a Honda City will save us money in the long run. Sturdy construction and fuel efficient.

  39. Dear Dr. Mahathir,
    you state “All countries including Britain, Germany, Japan and Korea protect their car market.”
    At least in the case of Germany this is not the case. As per 1 Jan 2008, 49.3 million motor vehicles were registered in Germany. Out of these, 41.2 million were passenger cars.
    Germany is home to some of the world’s most renowned car producers (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Porsche). Despite an ample choice of cars of local brands (the above list to be complemented by Volkswagen and Opel), Germans are not inhibited by any government regulations to purchase cars of any foreign brand they wish. The result of this absolute absence of protection of domestic passenger car producers is a market share of 36 % of foreign brands.
    In 2009, the government installed a car scrappage scheme (known in the U.S. as “cash-for-clunkers”). Anybody scrapping a car which was a minimum of nine years old and for at least 12 months in his possession and replaced it with a new car, received a government subsidy of 2,500 Euro. This was not restricted to cars of German brands. The measure resulted in a huge upsurge of new cars of foreign brands: about 52 % of the 1.5 million cars purchased under this scheme were from foreign brands.
    This is the exact contrary of the protection of a car market.
    By the way, between 1995 and 2001, Proton cars were offered on the German market. Sales figures were around 2,000 cars per year only, representing a market share of 0.06 % only. Proton therefore withdrew from the German market. The sight of a Proton on a German road is a greater rarity than the sight of a Ferrari.

  40. Give protection is okay, but over protecting is what killing it. There are time we must let go and focus on thing that we good at. Seriously, tell me is proton have any future? Are we going to protect it for the next 100 years?

  41. Salam…
    your last comment keep me wondering if you want to wash your hand away from this problem.
    unfortunately, in today’s newspaper… it stated that the minister himself get opinion from proton and perodua before creating the NAP!… anything you might want to clarify?
    anyway… despite many comments from proton’s supporter. almost all are without any fact to support. and i believe many others who doesn’t support proton is not because they are less nationalist but they feel obligated, when majority of rakyat have to carry this heavy ‘burden’ for the past 25 years and many2 years ahead.
    so… kindly answer my question below:
    1 : why we have to pay car price almost double? is it has something to do with proton inefficiency or incompetent or lack of mass volume that had caused them to sell higher to cover their R&D??
    *compare the price with other country.
    2 : proton can’t compete with price (because it doesn’t have huge volume) AND proton can’t compete with technology (until now the cam profiling technology has never materialized except for ‘sticker’ only. this is already consider standard technology for some other makes). so HOW CAN PROTON COMPETE?
    3 : proton hardly enough money to produce standard model replacement. so WHERE PROTON CAN GET MUCH MUCH MORE MONEY TO DO R&D? is it from newly launch ‘tabung automotif’ after squeezing more money from rakyat?

  42. When the government implemented NAP, I was doomed. My second hand car lost almost 10 to 15 thousands of its current value. Surprisingly, the market price for imported cars slightly decreased. I’m not going to buy or sell any car after I’m sure what’s going on. I hate being in the dark.

  43. Tun et al
    I did write an elaborate response to Sidek , but did not get published…possibly got lost in the 100s of responses that Tuns blogs attracts….
    anyhow, here is a condensed version:
    1/ Sidek, appreciate your well constructed argument. My take on the whole Lotus and Augusta deal was while it was poised as potential for proton to gain technological advancements and design, net gain both intellectual property and know how was not adeqate for proton to become best in class. Furthermore, it caused proton sharevalue to drop as well its appeal internationally is not one I would say is a success …the data speaks for itself…
    2/ Wajaperak, thanks for visiting my blogspot. Yes I have not written MUCH about Tun Abdullah…but then my views of Tun Abdullah is that he is sincere and has good intentions…if I did write about that, the likes of you would cqll me apple polisher la …this and that…so no need to attract negative attention…
    3/ JJJ, you say I am rude….I think about how I refer to Tun, and the only thing I have consistently said is Tun M is a hypocrite. I dont call Tun na,s, I use his honorarium…so tell me, is there another word that describes hypocrite without it sounding rude to you? Tell me what it is…I might be less rude then…But I am not going to try to find prettier words just to appease those of you who cant take a spade being called a spade
    And if you want to call me arrogant, that is fine. But also accept the view that I think youre naive and not willing to research and just agree blindly…

  44. Salam Tun,
    Saya merupakan bekas pelatih praktikal di Protn.
    Selama 6 bulan mencari pengalaman bekerja di Proton saya dapat melihat sendiri cara kerja dan budaya di Proton. Saya dapat merasakan terdapat banyak kelemahan dari segi pengurusan atasan. Disebabkan faktor ini saya mengganggap amat sukar untuk Proton berjaya dan bersaing dengan syarikat kereta lain malahan dengan Perodua sendiri. Walau Proton dilindungi kerajaan namun sikap pekerja Proton sendiri dan pihak atasan yang tidak memberikan komitmen atau boleh dikatakan tidak menyayangi Proton amat menyedihkan malah akan menyebabkan Proton terus di takuk lama dan mungkin juga tidak akan wujud lagi Proton di persada automotif ini. Tun sebagai penasihat diharap dapat menyelidik malah membeerikan nasihat terhadap pengurusan Proton dari dua segi yang saya nampak amat penting iaitu pengurusan kewangan dan prngurusan pekerja. Saya baru sahaja tamat praktikal di Proton. Apa yang saya amat nampak terjadi di dalam Proton dalam ‘ekonomi proton’ yang tidak baik terdapat pengurusan kewangan yang tidak cekap. Sebagai contoh melakukan renovation atau baik pulih yang tidak perlu dalam sesebuah department yang menelan belanja yang besar sehingga hampir 100k. Sedangkan keadaan ekonomi Proton yang tidak baik malah keadaan pejabat tersebut sendiri tidak memerlukan renovation. sEkiranya Tun di dalam pejabat itu sendiri semestinya terkejut untuk apa ubahsuai dibuat untuk apa renovation dibuat. Jika dilihat di pejabat kerajaan mahupun syarikat swasta yang lain yang dimiliki oleh kaum Cina sebagai pihak pengurusan tidak semudahnya pembaziran berlaku seperti itu. Mereka duduk di atas kerusi dan meja yang bertahun tidak berganti. Menggunapakai komputer lama dan peralatan lama namun kerja tetap efisien. Tetapi di Proton dalam masa 6 bulan saya menjalankan praktikal sudah 2 kali renovation dan pengubahsuaian pejabat dibuat yang bagi saya tidak perlu. Siapakah yang meluluskan belanjawan ini Tun? sudah tentu pihak atasan itu sendiri. Hanya meletakkan ‘sign’ diatas kertas tanpa menyelidik perlukah belanjawan tersebut diluluskan. Selain itu pihak atasan bersuka ria di atas kewangan Proton yang tidak seberapa. Contohnya perlukah mesyuarat atau perbincangan yang hanya melibatkan pihak atasan Proton itu sendiri dibuat di luar kawasan sehingga menelan belanja puluhan ribu ringgit sedangkan ia boleh dilakuakan di dalam syarikat. Jelaslah pembaziran berlaku apabila mesyuarat yang boleh diselesaikan dalam masa 1 hari hanya di dalam Proton tetapi dibuat di pusat2 percutian dengan belanja penginapan lebih dari 1 malam malah membawa keluarga bersama sambil bercuti menggunakan belanjawan syarikat. Amat kasihan bagi pekerja bawahan atau pekerja kilang. Gaji mereka tidak dinaikkan, bonus yang tidak dibayar tetapi pihak pengurusan berseronok dengan kewangan syarikat. Pelbagai lagi ketidak telusan dalam Proton berlaku yang meletakkan Proton di takuk seperti ini. Tun,saya memohon maaf kerana membuka dan memperlihatkan budaya kerja di Proton yang negatif. Sebenarnya saya amat sedih dengan pengurusan Proton yang mana kerajaan sentiasa melindungi dengan pelbagai bantuan. Dahulu sebelum saya menjalankan praktikal di proton saya amat berbangga terpilih untuk menjalankan latihan di situ. Tetapi sepanjang 6 bulan tersebut ia membuat saya terkejut malahan rakan praktikal lain turut memberikan komen yang sama. Ini kerana bukan sahaja kami tidak dilatih seperti yang sepatutnya untuk mencari pengalaman tetapi pekerja di situ sendiri banyak yang datang hanya makan gaji buta. Ini kerana terlalu ramai pekerja di ambil tetapi kerja tiada. Dimanakah silap ini Tun. Diharap Tun dapat menyelidik ketidaktelusan di Proton dan sekiranya perlu biarlah proton berdiri di atas kaki sendiri tanpa bantuan kerajaan. Dengan itu Proton mungkin lebih bersaing.

  45. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman saya dgn izin….
    Many Proton apologists respond to criticism on Proton by condemning the critics not the issue. They spew unhelpful insults and try to shame the critics using race, religion, nationalism and patriotism. They hound you out of the country, demean your identity. They ignore the economic, commercial issues.
    This type of response is typical of communist countries propaganda. These people would make perfect citizens of North Korea, China (Mao Zedong era), East Germany (pre unification). Kim Jong Il (Hermit Kingdom) will be pleased to exchange 100 of his dissidents for one of you! Perhaps this is the most stark achievement of Proton?
    Remember whether you are proud or arrogant about Proton!
    Nobody is advocating Proton to close shop per se. We are asking for more free market. Proton must learn to compete just like all other M

  46. Under the shadow of protectionism, the needs to become more competitive and self-innovation has been ignored when it was over-protected.
    I suppose it wouldn’t do any good to a country when most revenues were made from internal resource.

  47. Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    Now it’s clear that Indonesia and Malaysia would remain as friends.
    But I hope that Malaysia should treat Malaysians as Rakyat Malaysia…
    The comment by …
    //By ghedot05 on November 9, 2009 12:15 AM
    Saya adalah salah seorang bekas pekerja proton…
    saya rasa terhina bila ada segilintir rakyat malaysia yg mengutuk kereta proton..mereka tidak tahu pengorbanan pekerja2 proton…
    untuk pengetahuan semua gaji operator proton yg bru hanyalah RM600-650..+ elaun makan dll lbh kurang rm7++ kot…yg bekerja da 10 thn pon basic gaji bru RM1000….jd sama2lh kita membantu proton….
    dlm masa yg sama dpt membantu kwn2 kta yg bekerja d proton…jika proton tutup ramai yg akan menganggur…fikir2 lah…..jika da mampu jd IR apa salahnya membantu kwn yg gaji x seberapa utk memberi keselesaan org lain…//
    Today, in Wilayah Persekutuan, KL, the basic salary for a cleaning lady (Indonesia) is RM700 + EPF hired by private company and it’s higher than the operator proton… The management style in Proton is they oppressed their people of same country since they do not make noice. Nama national car, tetapi gaji dan allowances are less than the Indonesian labour, is this what Malaysians want??? Paying us with peanuts and expect us to work hard and have staff attidute???
    Take care Ayahanda Tun.

  48. Good morning.
    I’ll go straight to the points.
    What’s with Proton’s quality, Tun? What’s wrong with the cars? Why aren’t the cars getting better even after 25 years? [We can all stop being hypocrites and admit that Proton’s crap when it comes to quality]
    One interesting fact is that, Malaysians still buy Protons even if they’re aware about its ‘not so amusing’ reputation. Why? It all comes down to the price. It’s cheaper compared to imported cars.
    BUT, the question here is, is it really cheap? Are the cars worth the money paid? That is an important question Tun.
    I admire the way you think about the need of protection. I agree on that too, Tun. But what I don’t understand is that, why are Proton cars still expensive? [considering the quality]. Don’t you think Proton should be more considerate about the people when they do their pricing decisions?
    You see, I strongly agree that we should enter the car making industry and I applaud you Tun for making that happen. But if other countries [this is in reference to Ir Syahrizan’s claims about Thailand and Indonesia, which I don’t know whether it’s true or not, just would like to expect the worst], can produce better quality cars, and sell it at better prices, why can’t us?
    There can be many factors to this, I understand. Perhaps the cost of production is higher [or whatever], but don’t you think the people ‘up’ there in Proton should look into this? Shouldn’t they be working on this?
    Sometimes I do wonder whether Proton is still relevant for the country. I KNOW it generates revenue for Malaysia, but if the way it makes its profit is like subtly cheating Malaysians, then what for?
    Or maybe I’m not looking at the bigger picture.

  49. Tun,
    When was first proton car was build and sell at market,we should protect our proton.I agree with it but not all.Bec the problem is after more than 10 years,proton was lost direction.Proton only focus certain market and car was not build for better quality and better technology.It maybe cheap and but it was not guarantee the proton was safe from any accident.Proton was having difficult time which almost purchase vw at few years back.Proton was weak at management and also lack R&D for new market and new technology.
    Proton may look got improvement at this few years after launch gen2,pensona, and mpv.But it cant be long.
    Proton should open more new market and make more R&D for better technology.

  50. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Kiriman saya untuk tajuk ini dgn izin….
    1 M’sia is a trading nation, our GDP is mainly trade.
    In Asean we are the most dependant on external trade (after S’pore) . Only free trade will give us a fair chance to penetrate global markets. Proton is a Satan to free trade and will give us hell in WTO, AFTA.
    2 M’sian population is among the smallest in Asean (compounded by segregation into non bumi).
    Therefor we are the smallest market also. With such a small market to offer the world and from which to grow, we are foolish to dabble in protectionism. Even Indonesia (10x pop), Thailand (3x pop) refrain. China and India are even opening up.
    Proton failure to get anywhere(export) after 25yrs proves this. You protect your market, that is all you will have!
    3 It is already 25yrs! If you can’t do it in 25yrs, you can’t do it even if we give another 25yrs.
    We can’t beat Thailand Indonesia when they were lying down (1985 M’sian production, market and capacity best in Asean). Can Proton beat them when they are standing up? (Thailand 1.4mil production, Indon 600k)
    Korea and Japan industry took off in less than 25yrs. Proton will enter Guinness book of records for the longest time to reach 20 % export of its production.
    4 No Proton does not mean no industry.
    It does not mean loss of 10k jobs. Let the other local players develop the industry in a new direction. There will be a new demarcation not devastation of our auto industry. Proton exists because of the auto industry not the industry exists because of Proton!
    5 Jack of all trade master of none.
    It may be better off to specialize in components than be the proud maker of a car that the world does not want. We can be a world leader in specific automotive R&D, engine manufacture, transmission, suspension technology etc. To do this we need global market and partner. This is by opening up our market and removing protection for Proton. Proton is the stumbling block to this. Jgn terlalu hidung tak mancung, pipi tersorong sorong.
    Why did we buy Lotus, a failed seller of cars? Because they have one core competency, engine! Proton, jgn kail sejengkal nak tangkap ikan paus! Nanti hanyut di laut dalam.
    It is no shame to learn to make good parts first before learning to make the whole car.
    6 Proton will not roll over and die!
    It is not so fragile that it will collapse immediately once protection removed. It will struggle but it will find its niche. But it will save taxpayers further loss of investment and time.
    7 Stake of honour and pride.
    Some people equate an industrial venture to honour of a race, religion and country. They villify critics as traitors, unpatriotic, ungrateful, jealous, malicious intention etc. They label people (as if naming Proton models) with no sensible argument. A convenient way to brush off detractors.
    Be reminded, one of the seven deadly sins is PRIDE!
    I observe the supporters of Proton here are mainly Govt and Proton employees. The govt employees can afford to gamble on with Proton as they are holding an iron rice bowl. Whatever happens to Proton, auto industry and economy, they will not lose their job or increment.
    People in private sector reap the most benefit if Proton succeeds(exports) via the downstream activities. But they also bear the highest burden of a fallout from Proton (as monopoly champion) in the form of a lagging industry (overtaken by others), weaker economy (lesser investments) and the resulting lost income and job opportunities.
    So whose stake is higher whether Proton succeeds or fail? Who stands to gain or lose most? They are jealous, malicious?

  51. Tun yang dihormati,
    Saya menulis lagi pasal Proton ni.
    Maaflah kerana menggunakan blog Tun sebagai ‘tempat mengadu’ dan juga bahasa yang kurang sopan dalam sesetengah perkara yang saya tulis dalam komen saya terdahulu.
    Sebenarnya saya dah adukan kepada Proton beberapa masalah yang saya hadapi dengan kereta Proton yang saya miliki, namun secara umumnya respon adalah tak memuaskan malah menyakitkan hati.
    Kebanyakan perkara yang saya tulis dalam komen terdahulu adalah berdasarkan pengalaman dan pandangan peribadi sebagai pengguna yang telah dan sedang menggunakan jenama Proton dan juga pengeluar kereta yang lain.
    Komen saya kali ni akan lebih berkisar kepada attitud pekerja.
    Saya tak tahu mengenai attitud perkerja di dalam kilang pengeluaran Proton, tetapi apa yang akan saya tulis berikut adalah berdasarkan attitud pekerja di pusat servis Proton.
    Kalau tak silap saya Pusat Servis Proton di Mutiara Damansara tu di kenali juga sebagai ‘Platinum’.
    Berdasarkan pengalaman saya, nak beri rating ‘Gangsa’ pun kena fikir dua kali.
    Cukuplah rasanya jika saya kongsi hanya 2 sahaja pengalaman saya (tak perlulah kesemuanya saya ceritakan disini):
    – cara mereka menyelidik aduan saya seakan soal siasat polis kepada penjenayah yang saya lihat di TV. Lepas tu, kesimpulannya ‘tak de masalah kepada kereta’.
    Adakah Proton cuba mengatakan saya membuat aduan palsu, atau attitud pekerja yang membuat pemeriksaan yang bermasalah?
    – tak menepati janji, contohnya kalau mereka dah janji seminggu alat ganti akan sampai, saya kena tunggu sampai 3-4 minggu barulah dapat khabar berita.
    Laris sangat ke Proton sampai spare part pun kena tunggu berminggu-minggu, atau pekerja buat tak endah aje?
    Proton ada buat poster yang mempamerkan alamat emel untuk dihubungi jika ada sebarang aduan yang hendak dibuat. Termasuklah saluran kepada pihak yang tertinggi – “I’m all ears” tema yang digunakan kalau saya tak silap.
    Saya pernah hantar emel, tapi sampai hari ni tak de respons.
    ‘Bapa borek, anak rintik’ ke Tun?
    Kalau macam tu baik jimat duit jangan buat poster.
    Saya tabik kat Tun kerana membaca komen-komen bloggers, tak macam orang kat Proton tu.
    Langkah Tun menjamin pekerja Proton tidak akan kehilangan kerja dalam usaha ‘membangunkan semula’ Proton adalah tepat bagi menjaga moral pekerja.
    Tapi, mereka yang perlu diambil bekerja adalah mereka yang benar-benar hendak berkerja.
    Kepada yang mempunyai masalah attitud, perlulah diberi jaminan untuk diberhentikan kerja.
    Tun, kalau kaki dah busuk sebab kencing manis, bagi menyelamatkan nyawa pesakit potong sajalah kaki yang mereput tu.
    Tun lebih arif dalam bidang nak merawat pesakit.
    Salam Tun.

  52. salam tun dan semua,
    Re: proton gen2
    saya beli kereta gen2 awal tahun 2006. tak sampai 3 bulan dah bunyi2 di bahagian bonet dan yg paling teruk bahagian pintu~ susah nak tutup sampai kena HEMPAS…baru bole tutup. berkali2 hantar di main proton service (tepi kesas highway), tapi masalah masih tak boleh selesai. sama saja… sampai saya fed up nak hantar.
    ekzos pula, lebih kurang 23,000km (tak sampai setahun) dah pun reput. bila hantar proton servis nak claim warranty, tak dapat. katanya dah lebih warranty period (20, 000km)… masalah pintu & “bunyi” masih tidak selesai sampai sekarang.. saya dah fedup!!
    awal tahun lepas (2008), bila hujan saja bergenanglah air di lantai kereta. saya fed up nak hantar repair kerana bosan dgn proton..byk masalah2 lain tapi tak perlu saya nyatakan.tapi apa daya saya..saya telan hanya Rakyat…tiada kuasa
    proton takkan mampu saingi kereta2 luar dari segi kualiti. saya rasa tidak setimpal dengan harga dan kualiti kereta proton. disebabkan dasar terlalu “melindungi” proton, menjadi punca proton tidak kompetitif dari segi kualiti. kereta2 luar di malaysia terlalu mahal disebabkan oleh cukai2 import yg tinggi sehingga rakyat tiada pilihan.
    siapa yang teraniaya?…sayalah salah seorang…
    sudah lebih 20tahun proton di persada industri automobil, jenama Proton masih lagi tidak boleh dibanggakan…harga tidak setanding kualiti…
    justeru saya bernekad inilah kereta proton pertama dan TERAKHIR…

  53. Salam sejahtera Tun,
    Things I like about Proton cars are its economical value and it is comfortable to move from point A to point B for day to day usage.
    The establishment of Proton company has brought more benefits than harm. Every Malaysian can own a car, a car we can be proud of because it is “Buatan Malaysia”. In addition, Proton has bring more job and business opportunities to Malaysians.
    However, recent events have affected Proton. Based on my understandings, Proton is facing sales problem. The reasons may be the customer is not very satisfy with the quality. But I always believe that you get what you pay for.
    Sadly, I have to admit that most people buy Proton cars because of it’s economical price tag, not it’s fame. However, it is not a bad thing after all. This shows that Proton is established to fulfill people’s need of transportation, unlike those luxury cars that fulfill only the elites.
    Since the fuel price is soaring, recession is going on and global warming has became a major issues, why not Proton concentrate on building fuel efficient and economical cars?
    As far as I’m concerned, Proton has its own remarkable engine, which is the CAMPRO, 1.3 and 1.6. I believe Proton can benefit from these engines. I suggest that Proton build cars based on these 2 engines instead of building cars with bigger cc that is not only polluting the air but utilizing more spaces and need to compete with many major auto companies such as Toyota and BMW.
    If Proton would like to build bigger CC and premium cars, I suggest Proton may follow Toyota’s footstep, shifting it’s premium cars to another brand, which is LEXUS.
    I hope that my opinion can contribute to the recovery and growth of Proton.
    Thank you.

  54. Engineers play with data and statistical facts, not by measly talk and force people to believe like what politician always do. I sense very right revelation Ir. Syahrizan had told us and I believe many Malaysian be of the same mind that Proton was doing bad in quality ever since it was established 25 years ago, but some were blinded with slender nationalism and living in defiance. It is not about knocking down proton. It is about us, the middle class worker who bought substandard proton products, who spent one third of our salary, who pays the bank for 5 to 9 years, but only to find out power window did not work. It is very annoying. I

  55. Ayahanda Tun,
    In order to be fair and equal to all States under Federal Constitution (1959 & 1969) in terms of politic, economic and social landscapes, I think it is time for our Federal Government to start implementing an Open National Automotive Policy (Open NAP) to prevent exploitation of politicians in the highest echelon level to use NAP as a tool to oppress State’s competiveness and wealth distribution.
    Proton can be declared either as the National Car:-
    1. To be used in all Federal and State Govern-ment levels.
    2. To be a consumer base car with National Branding.
    In the Fusion (Globalise) world, we must always bear in mind that “money for value” is the best alternative in moulding Malaysia competitiveness and attractiveness for foreign and local direct investments. We know that the current NAP has nothing to do with Tun Dr Mahathir because he is not in the Governmet now.
    In today’s People Republic of China market place, the normal Chinese are given an option whether to buy a fully assembled Toyota cars imported from Japan (the price per car is higher due to import tariff) OR a 100% locally assembled Toyata car (the price is lower due to no import tariff). But please bear in mind, China has huge population. However, in Malaysia due to low population and huge forrest reserve lands, the Federal Government should decentralize the NAP as a NAP policy open to the States to eradicate poverty in state levels.
    The 1 Federal Government cannot force the States Executives and Legistrature to accept the current NAP since this policy will only made some socialists (tanpa kerja kuat pun boleh kaya lah) proud which would split Malaysia into many2 pieces if the Federal Government does not act now.
    I am very happy that China and Malaysia have signed up the MoU in regulating banking and investments to attract stable and long term FDI into the Country. I, as a Chinese and human being, am dissapointed that only YB OngTK (non-bumi) was there to welcome Mr Hu JinTao. I am sure they are many Chinese an other non-bumi Ministers in the Cabinet would like to join this event. It looks like Ketuanan Melayu is exploited again in the layman’s Fusion World for 1 Malaysia, 1 Region, 1 World… If the 1 Federal Government insists to adapt this outdated tradition, Malaysia would be ended up one day as The United States of Malaysia (or Malaysian Malaysia) whereby the international, neigbouring and local competitions and economies of scale with in the World, Region and Country would eat up our Monarchy System (Ketuanan Melayu) … which is in the process of transforming through multi-racial political parties in order to realise ASEAN as a Powerful Region like EU!!!
    Take care Ayahanda Tun.

  56. Sideks
    I appreciate the argument you have put across – and I can tell you have put quite some thought to it.
    Firstly on the counter arguments you have raised – purchase of Lotus and Augusta and rationale behind it.
    It was indeed the intention to purchase these companies for their intellectual property. And if I was part of Proton Executive team, I might have voted the same way their senior execs voted to buy a company that has it’s roots into manufacturing vehicle and technology on the basis of gleaning the technology.
    And you know what, for a good measure, Proton could have made back whatever it spent (directly and indirectly).
    But has Proton proven it has indeed been more profitable or at technological advantage for having taken such a strategy. I dont think that is evident.
    What is evident is Proton share prices did drop at the time of purchase, and then what dropped further was the ability to generate sustainable interest in the brand of the car.
    Has incorporating Lotus and Augusta technology, has it made the car run on a lot less and a whole lot better? Is there data to prove this?
    And by acquiring the intellectual property of these 2 brands, has it made proton reach for excellance and become the best in its’ class?
    I guess we have the the false and we have the truth — so what is the truth?
    On the argument of Protectionism, Tun gave his views of how it’s no different to the US, Japan and other countries who practise it.
    I agree we need to make our national products priority. But that shouldnt be done on the basis that we can create a product that has no consistent quality assurance but be able to sell more just because the law influences it.
    In proton’s case, to create a false interest in the brand, the legislation controls the tax schemes that gets imposed on non-Malaysian made vehicle to Malaysian made.
    So, what we have done now, we “force” the individual to purchase the locally manufactured car due to the loading on foreign cars. But has it actually put us in stronger position? The APs have shown how it can be misused and misapppropriated? So what do people do know – they beat the system. So, did we really have a clear strategy of how we were going to make Our National car the National pride?
    One the question of what makes a proton attractive to purchase – from the data that is available, proton has a 2/3rd market share amongst the lower and middle class (and I am being “generous” with this assessment, it’s a lot lower for the upper middle class).
    So, has the brand really created a true nationalistic value or attraction for Malaysians in whole?
    And finally, by inflating the price of the proton, and by inflating the price of the non-protons, don’t we have the false economy of scale, that Tun has implied?
    So, I ask the question again – we have the the false and we have the truth — what is the truth?
    While we are promoting our National Car and pride, shouldn’t we also be looking deeply into putting controls around environmental degredation by increasing the population of cars on the road?
    Hence my point to Tun who is now advisor to Proton, that the core interest should be in making the brand name more “Green” and efficient, and not be focused on pure profits and sales volume.
    Lastly, I thank you for your professional approach in challenging my views. You sir (or Madam) are mature in that you dont resort to scolding or distorting my comments.
    WajaPerak –
    I agree my views to Tun differ on most issues. But just because Tun gives his perspective and comments, are you saying I should just accept it verbatim? Yes, he is the country’s former PM, and I respect him for that. But does that mean, I must just accept his views without questioning it? How does this compare to Tun’s own view that it’s best not to accept fact blindly?
    It’s naive for those of you who think I criticise Tun when I refer to him with his honararium, never slander him by using vicious references.
    Yes, I have constantly refered to Tun as hyprocrite – There is a reason to that. And that reason is I DO think Tun is a hypocrite. Now you might say that is a rude comment – but pray tell me then, how should I refer to someone who does one thing but says something else? Is there a more polite term of reference. If there is, pray tell and I will use it.
    But as Tun himself advises all his subjects and successors “Practise what you preach”, it’s important he needs to keep to that core value. Else, isn’t the term “hypocrite” appropriate? Let’s call a spade a spade…shall we?

  57. TUN…
    saya ada dua proton.
    1- Proton Iswara A/B 1.3 model 1996 … sampai sekarang isteri saya masih memandu kereta ini untuk mengajar di sebuah sekolah di SK Putrajaya. tak ada rungutan pun cuma sekali sekala kereta ini sakit dan batuk2.. maklumlah dah tua, hantar ke (clinic)workshop.. baiklah.. isteri saya tak pernah merungut cuma dulu kereta ini sering kepanasan .. air kurang selalu… dah bawak ke workshop anak2 muda melayu yang baru belajar baiki kereta.. dah ok.. bawak juga ke workshop china tua yang workshop cuma kecil tapi dah lama buat bisnes.. cuci tangki air.. cantik je jadinya. so saya takde complaint langsung…. yang penting kita harus tahu saat nak servis.
    2- Persona Persona 1.6 model 2007 (beli secondhand)… kereta ini ada tarikan tersendiri pada saya.. xde masalah langsung.. cuma suspension nya lembut sikit bila kat selekoh kena slow sikit. tapi jalan lurus MEX highway nak balik ke Putrajaya dari KL setiap petang .. boleh lah bawak 140-150 km hahaha.. jangan marah TUN. Lantak lah orang nak cakap kereta Proton takde kualiti ke apa ke.. yang penting kita kena tahu kekuatan kereta proton.. malah kelemahanya juga. so pandai pandailah.
    Sebelum ini saya pakai Wira Sedan 1.5 (M).. cuma power window je ada problem.. tu pun selalu baiki tak kisah berapa sen sangat. pandailah jimat nak baiki kereta.. bukan nya beribu ringgit macam kereta mewah. Saya di marahi oleh pomen saya bila dia tahu saya trade in kereta ini untuk ambil persona.. dia tahu condition kereta saya..( sorry saya tak hantar kereta ini ke EON Servis).. saya lebih percaya pomen Cina saya di Kampung Baru,Kuala Lumpur.. setiap kali cukup tempuh kereta saya untuk diservis .. dia akan call saya.
    Semalam anak perempuan kecil saya bergaduh tentang Persona dan wira saya tu.. kakaknya bertanya pada adiknya.. Adik suka kereta wira ke persona? si adik cakap Wira dan dia orang bergaduh tentang kereta itu.. sikakak pulak suka persona.. lantaklah.
    Bagaimanapun saya harap TUN dan semua orang disini.. kita patut terima rungutan dalam isu ini untuk membaiki mutu kereta Proton.. masih ada cacat cela. Ambil rungutan ini sebagai rungutan membina .. baiki lah untuk kesenambungan PROTON. Untuk pihak pengurusan PROTON ambillah rungutan disini untuk membaiki kelemahan PROTON dan kereta Proton. Set up task force bincang setiap rungutan disini..selesaikan .. mereka sayang kereta proton.. itu pasal mereka membuang idea dan rungutan mereka disini.

  58. Salam
    Minta kebenaran untuk saya memberi pandangan.
    Ramai yang bertanya mengapa harga kereta Proton di pasaran luar negara lebih murah jika dibandingkan dengan harga kereta Proton di pasaran tempatan Malaysia ini.
    Sebagaimana saya faham antara faktor-faktor penyebab perbezaan harga itu wujud adalah:-
    1. TIADA sebarang Duti Kastam (i.e. Duti Eksport dsb.) dikenakan ke atas pengeksportan kereta (rujuk Customs Duties Order). [Pengeksportan ini bermaksud juga ke Langkawi dan Labuan]
    2. Untuk kereta pasaran tempatan pula, Duti Kastam (i.e. Duti Eksais dan Cukai Jualan) adalah dikenakan dan menjadi hasil Persekutuan.
    Sila pergi ke link di bawah untuk cara pengiraan Duti Eksais dan Cukai Jualan
    3. Struktur duti kastam negara pengimport kereta itu sendiri. Jika negara pengimport tidak mengenakan protective tariff yang tinggi (tax free atau mengenakan cukai import atas kadar lebih rendah lagi dari jumlah Duti Eksais dan Cukai Jualan dibayar bagi motokar pasaran tempatan, maka kereta di sana akan lebih murah dari negara pengeluar sendiri, Malaysia.
    Selain daripada faktor-faktor di atas itu ‘trade penetration into foreign market strategies’ memainkan peranan juga. Pengeksport sanggup meminumkan keuntungan atau rugi sedikit (dengan memberi harga promotional) demi memastikan keluarannya dapat diterima oleh pengguna-pengguna negara pengimport. Apabila keluarannya diterima (seperti kereta jenama Jepun tu di Malaysia dan seluruh dunia) oleh pengguna di negara pengimport itu maka harga promotional itu boleh dinaikkan secara berperingkat.
    Andainya kereta proton di luar negara itu lebih mahal atau sama harganya dengan kereta Jepun bagi kumpulan kapasiti silinder yang sama di pasaran luar negara tu, maka market Proton hanya akan tertumpu kepada pasaran tempatan yang terhad dan terpaksa pula bersaing dengan kereta-kereta Jepun dll yang dipasang dalam Malaysia sendiri. Ditambah lagi desakan dari negara-negara pengeluar kereta utama dunia terutamanya Jepun dan Korea supaya AFTA disegerakan oleh Malaysia, maka satu hari nanti tutuplah kilang proton kita. Apabila kilang proton tutup, kita pun tahulah akibat lanjutan daripadanya.
    Proton juga mahu meniru stail marketing syarikat-syarikat gergasi kereta Jepun dan Korea itu. Contohnya: Wujudnya Honda atau Toyota assemblers di Sweden, USA dan di Thailand juga. Kita juga import kereta CBU dan motosikal (Honda ex-5, Kawasaki er6 dsb) dari Thailand ini bagi jenama tersebut disebabkan kos produksinya murah ekoran kos buruh yang lebih murah jika dibandingkan dengan Malaysia.
    Mula-mula kita eksport Proton dalam CBU, kemudian bila jenama dah established dengan wujudnya penambahan permintaan di negara pengimport itu, Proton akan mengeksport plak keretanya dalam bentuk CKD dan dipasang dalam negara pengimport. Jadi pasaran Proton tidak terhad.
    Jika kita googlekan harga-harga pasaran Proton di negara-negara pengimport itu (jika tak silap 18 negara pengimport) sebagai perbandingan, adalah diakui terdapat perbezaan harga yang ketara di negara-negara pengimport itu sendiri. Sila bandingkan pula harga Proton di UK dan Pakistan yang terdapat perbezaan walaupun murah sedikit jika dibandingkan di Malaysia.

  59. /// By mofaz0880 on November 9, 2009 8:32 PM
    I would like to know, as i’m wondering why a Waja was sold at about 37k in Saudi Arabia, but 64k in Malaysia..? ///
    Isn’t it obvious? That is the only way Proton can sell in overseas market – by subsidizing them with Malaysians’ hard-earned tax money.

  60. Dear Tun, salam sejahtera harap sihat sentiasa. Minta izin menjawab pengulas di sini….
    Many Proton apologists respond to criticism on Proton by condemning the critics not the issue. They launch unhelpful insults and try to shame the critics using race, religion, nationalism and patriotism. They hound you out of the country, demean your identity. They ignore the economic, commercial issues.
    This type of response is typical of communist countries propaganda. These people would make perfect citizens of North Korea, China (Mao Zedong era), East Germany (pre unification). Kim Jong Il (Hermit Kingdom) will be pleased to exchange 100 of his dissidents for one of you! Perhaps this is the most stark achievement of Proton?
    Remember whether you are proud or arrogant about Proton!
    Nobody is advocating Proton to close shop per se. We are asking for more free market. Proton must learn to compete just like all other M

  61. Salam Tun.
    AP memang boleh improve taraf peniaga bumiputera tetapi segelintir sahaja. Pemegang AP selalu bercerita besar tentang kejayaan syarikat masing2 & menyalahkan oversea students yang menjual AP mereka kepada peniaga asing di Malaysia. Tetapi jika mereka yg membeli AP dr students, mereka tak akan membuat bantahan ataupun bising di khalayak ramai.
    Proton memang boleh improve sekiranya mereka tingkatkan kualiti & teknologi produk mereka. R&D yg beratus2 juta ringgit annually, tidak pasti untuk perbelanjaan yg mana. Design & teknologi tulen yg dibangunkan oleh jurutera tempatan tidak langsung diketengahkan. Sebaliknya, Proton membuat jalan senang dgn ‘menghidupkan’ engine yg sudah ‘dibuang’ oleh pengeluar kereta asing/partner dgn harga yg murah & upgrade sedikit design yg sedia ada & MASIH LAGI tetap membayar royalti kpd pengeluar engine/designer. Cubalah tanya kpd staff Proton sendiri.
    & staff Proton sendiri tidak langsung menggunakan kereta Proton ketika melawat Lotus di UK. Mungkin belanja sewa kereta yg bernilai berpuluh ribu itu (utk seminggu) dikira termasuk dalam kos R&D Proton.
    Sudah sampai masa kita paksa Proton berdikari tanpa perlindungan kerana ia akan membuatkan ia meningkatkan kualiti, teknologi & innovasi kereta Proton sendiri. Saya yakin rakyat Malaysia akan menyokong pengeluar kereta tempatan. Jgn biarkan Proton menjadi seperti NAZA.
    Kpd Shahri Zan, baik jgn gunakan Ir. di depan nama anda. Untuk nampak diri anda cerdik dlm blog ini, ia hanya Memalukan golongan professional engineer sahaja. Dan dari cara anda menulis, saya tidak yakin anda dlm golongan Ir. Kesian kepada anda & keluarga anda yg sekarang ini hidup serumah dgn anda.

  62. Dear Tun
    I think some protectionism is required obviously for a nascent industry like the automobile industry during the initial phase. However, it has gone of for too long at the expense of the rakyat.
    The price of cars overseas is less than half of the car we pay in Malaysia. This affects the livelifood of families because transportation is a prerequisite in this modern world especially in Malaysia in which public transport is appaling.
    Thus, the heavy burdened imposed upon ordinary citizens reduce their monthly disposable income greatly and we find families having to pay their hire purchase cars up to 7-9 years and it takes up to 30% of their income. This is rediculous. Compare this to the first world country, in which they pay less than half of what we pay. Are we saying that the families in Malaysia are wealthier than those in the developed world in which we are deemed fit to pay 2x the price they pay for the very same thing. I would have thought that we should be paying less than what they are paying because we are poorer than them.
    Yes, this is a source of income for the government, but this money is better spent on children education, insurance, a place for shelter, savings for age old or clothing and food. This money is not worth spent on a depreciating asset such as a car. The government can source out income through other means rather than imposing such an injustice to its own rakyat.
    This is my view.
    Thank you for your time.

  63. Salam sejahtera kepada semua para budiman,
    Untuk mengelakkan buruk sangka sekaligus menghilangkan keraguan mengenai kronisme dalam pembekalan produk 3rd party kepada Proton, saya rasa perlukan penjelasan daripada pihak Proton sendiri. Mungkin pihak Proton boleh menyenaraikan senarai nama vendor serta jenis produk yang dibekalkan kepada Proton beserta alamat internet@URL nya. Ini perlu dilakukan supaya rakyat mendapat informasi yang lengkap dan telus. Jika ada sebarang maklumbalas, rakyat atau pembeli boleh menyuarakan terus kepada pembekal tersebut.
    Adakah kita pasti didalam Proton tidak terdapat “musuh dalam selimut”? Berapa banyak pekerja Proton atau pekerja pihak vendor yang menukar produk berkualiti yang telah dibekalkan kepada barang yang tidak berkualiti? Sabotaj secara halus ini haruslah dihentikan segera.
    Sebagai rakyat Malaysia, saya rasa berbangga jika sudilah pemimpin kita menggunakan Proton versi Eksklusif yang setaraf mutu dan kualitinya dengan kereta mewah daripada negara luar. Kenderaan tersebut juga boleh dijual kepada rakyat yang berkemampuan dan berkehendakkan kenderaan mewah. Divisyen pembuatan kereta tersebut boleh diletakkan di bawah Lotus untuk enjin dan suspensi serta badan dan komponen kita boleh upah tukang-tukang profesional yang mahir samada daripada luar atau dalam negara. Ini supaya satu hari nanti kita boleh melahirkan tukang-tukang yang bertaraf profesional. Harga pasaran boleh diletakkan setanding atau murah sedikit daripada kenderaan mewah luar negara. Perkara ini perlu supaya anak bangsa kita suatu hari nanti akan mengidamkan kereta buatan tempatan bukan lagi kereta-kereta mewah yang di import daripada luar.
    Saya juga berpendapat yang kita perlukan kursus-kursus khas dalam bidang pendidikan untuk belajar mengenai teknologi moden seperti contoh pembuatan komponen daripada carbon-fibre, integrasi sistem komputer dalam kereta(navigasi,paparan pemuka digital,bluetooth,GPS dll) teknologi enjin hijau, cara-cara penghasilan serta pengeluaran komponen plastik dan lain lain. Pendaftaran bolehlah dibuka kepada semua lapisan masyarakat yang berminat tanpa batas usia. Galakkan juga boleh diberi untuk membeli mesin-mesin pembuatan skala kecil atau “customised” produk.

  64. Dear Tun,
    I think you are morally incorrect by not telling the true story of Proton. Proton definitely a failed project and it can never success in the future by continue the past and current pratices.
    You certainly smart enough and know how to defend Proton, Why not you think more from moral point of view? Do the right thing, at least still you contributing something for Malaysian ….

  65. Salam Tun,
    I would like to add something which I forgot to add in my earlier comments. I use to own a BMW 5 series. Nothing to shout about. It spend most of the time in the worshops rather than the road (where its suppose to be) and I had to sell it dirt cheap what Malays say “timbang kati”. Oh no, I bought brand new of course, in the end the money I spend on buying the car and its maintanance would have helped me to own a rent a car company with a fleet of cars.
    So for those who praise foreign cars heaps and bounds, I feel so sorry for you.
    Finally this is what BMW stands for:-
    Banyak Makan Wang, Banyak Masuk Worshop, Bring More Worries, Burn My Wallet.
    The only good part is Bring More Women. But then not worth the money spent on the car.
    So what am I driving around now, my trust 11 year old PROTON WIRA 1.5 saloon. Like my mamma always say, a car is only to get you from point A to point B. I love that lady.

  66. Salam Tun,
    May this comment reach you in the best of health that the Almighty may permit. Blessings to His Beloved Prophet, Prince of Mankind Muhammad SAW.
    Actually what I wanted to comment is more on the comments made by (Ravi) – rarunasalam.
    Firstly, let me put it that I’m not an apple polisher as I know Tun intimately but unfortunately, Tun doesn’t know me.
    I’m very much into what was written about the acquisition of Lotus and Agusta. Proton needed R&D and Lotus has brought about a lot of R&D to Proton. Ravi, you cannot see from the angle of P&L alone. By buying Lotus, it was a springboard for Proton into much needed R&D as Lotus had one of the best centres in Norwich. All Proton cars were refined by them.
    Just look at recently, TATA has bought Jaguar & Land Rover, from being the ‘servant’ as India was once a British Colony, it has transformed into a powerhouse and now is a “Master” to the British. TATA was once producing lorries that it copied from Benz. But look at what has happen due to the acquisition and its transformation. It has now produced the cheapest car in the world – NANO.
    Then Ravi, mentioned about Agusta. Agusta was once a renowned bike manufacturer in Europe. It produces engines far more advance than the Japanese. It had the small engine technology. Small engine was first introduce in Europe. Ford produced FORD Ka n SWATCH produced SMART cars (which were eventually bought by Benz). That was what the market was moving and still moving. Look at the merger of Renault – Nissan, so Proton needed to move into that market segment. So it took Agusta. Unfortunately, Tun step down and the bright son inlaw had other idea, and Augusta was sold. Whose lost? Only us and Proton.
    Looking at Proton, you must look at the value added that it had created. Yes the CAPEX was high, well isn’t all industries are unless you want cottage industry as promoted by our ‘beloved’ flip-flop 5th Premier, even then there are CAPEX.
    Proton has created so much jobs within Proton itself. It has produced engineers and spurr PERODUA. Do you think Daihatsu, owned by TOYOTA the biggest car manufacturer in the world would want to invest here if there is no Proton? Come on Ravi, be honest to yourself.
    Look at the surrounding areas and the industries that Proton helped to grow, from battery to seat manufacturer. Not to forget the “Ah Bengs” who only passed the maximum of SRP (in those days) that could modify cars from engines to bodykit, that even would put the engineers of Woking, UK to shame.
    All these cannot be quantified. So please Ravi, do not look at the prespective like the Honourable Opposition who cannot see anything good other than their inflatted egos.
    Anoter point Ravi made was about QC. I agree to certain point that area there were weaknesses but with the new intro of SAGA the QC seems a lot better. FYI, Tun when he received the 1st SAGA it was the same quality built as put on the road. No difference. FYI, Tun Perdana also never had any bullet proof glass or anything special when he was the premier. His car was maintained by SPANCO just like any other government cars.
    Sorry to say but I don’t work for Proton just an avid reader. I subscribe to what Tun had advocated, knowledge and reading.
    For my friend Ravi, I hope that you would appreciate that the world is becoming smaller. We cannot sit in our shell forever. What happen to the spirit of conquering the world like Panglima Awang Hitam or Black Henry who helped Magellan to circumnavigate the world.
    Look at China and where they are today. Nanyang Automative bought Rover, UK. Look at India and where they are today. TATA bought Land Rover and Jaguar. We were once ahead of them but we are now far behind them, thanks to policies by the previous Premier and the small mentality that we indoctrinated by him and the opposition alike. To borrow the words of a ‘wise’ Oxford graduate, we must leave our ‘siege mentality’. God alone knows what that is.
    FYI, TATA has even offered to help finance Ferrari in the F1. They want the technology and know how. There is a market for supercars, as you can see even Nissan has moved into. Many would know the makes oof Enzo Ferrari, Bugatti Veyron and McLaren F1 but do anyone know there are also Veritas, Caparo and Devon. Thats is the way to move forward, you have to buy into something.
    Let us move forward as ONE for the betterment of our beloved nation.
    My comments are not to riddicule anyone but I only have my Beloved Country and its people at heart. I’m sure many of us do.

  67. Tun,
    Apa yg diperhatikan dalam komen-komen yang dihantarkan melalui blog ini; kebanyakannya tidak faham tujuan PROTON ditubuhkan.
    Visi Tun ketika mengilhamkan projek ini tidak banya orang faham dan mengerti akan maksudnya (atau sengaja buat tidak faham).
    Visi Tun ialah ingin melihat anak bangsa maju agar lihat berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan bangsa-bangsa lain yang telah maju di dunia
    Dengan menyediakan prasarana yang lengkap dengan kemudahan pusat R & D, adalah bertujuan untuk menjana dan menanamkan minat di kalangan anak tempatan mengubah paradigma kepada BUDAYA berfikir yang inovatif dan kreatif sebagai satu amalan.
    Bercakap pasal budaya, tidak keterlalaun dikatakan bahawa orang kita malas berfikir(terutama orang Melayu), suka kepada perkara negatif tentang apa orang lain cakap, suka menyalahkan keadaan dan membesarkan perkara remeh-temeh.
    Seharusnya kita amat malu apabila ada orang berkata bahawa budaya orang kita malas berfikir, terutama orang Melayu.
    (Pernah saya terdengar orang berkata bahawa jika nak beli otak untuk replace pilihlah otak orang Melayu kerana masih banyak ruangan kosong. Jangan pilih otak Jepun atau Cina(memory full).
    Penyediaan kemudahan prasarana seperti Proton ini sebenarnya mempunyai visi besar yg bukan sekadar hanya untuk mengeluarkan kereta sendiri, tetapi lebih dari itu.
    Negara kita mahu agar dapat mewujudkan ramai pakar-pakar dan perekacipta dalam bidang ini dan bidang lain yang berkaitan dengannya.
    Oleh itu satu langkah permulaan telah dirangka. Kerana itulah Proton ditubuhkan. Jika Proton dijual matlamat penubuhannya mungkin tidak tercapai.
    Negara kita satu ketika dulu tidak ada langsung orang-orang seperti Mr. Honda, Mr. Toyota, Mr. Suzuki, Mr. Hitaci, Bill Gate dan sebagainya untuk dibanggakan (sebagai inventor) yang dapat membantu mengembangkan industri negara.
    Maaf Tun,
    Yang ada hanya lah orang seperti Ahmad Nawab, M, Nasir, S. Atan dan sebagainya (yang juga boleh dibanggakan). Kerana hanya budaya ini saja yg kita mampu.
    Sampai bilakah perjuangan kita akan selesai…???

  68. Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad.
    Saya ingin menyatakan pendapat saya:
    1. Bagi golongan muda yang berpendapatan rendah seperti saya yang baru sahaja mendapat pekerjaan (walaupun tidak setimpal dengan tahap pendidikan), sentiasa mengharapkan agar pihak yang berkenaan menaikkan taraf mutu perkhidmatan awam. Terutamanya keretapi. Kerana mobiliti rakyat lebih mudah dan lancar dengan adanya sistem jaringan keretapi yang lengkap dan menyeluruh.
    2. Pertambahan bilangan kenderaan bermotor terutamanya kereta yang begitu banyak amat membebankan sistem trafik terutamanya di bandar-bandar utama di Malaysia (di kampung-kampung ketika cuti Hari Raya).
    3. Lagipun, pembelian kereta (menggunakan bahan bakar petrol) dengan hutan selama 9 tahun amat tidak praktikal untuk penggunaan dalam tempoh masa 22 tahun lagi ketika bekalan bahan api fosil semakin berkurangan disamping harganya juga akan mencanak naik. Diharap, pada masa itu Malaysia melalui Felda Holdings ataupun Sime Darby sudahpun mencipta petrol daripada kelapa sawit.
    4. Adakah Proton akan membuat penyelidikan penggunaan enjin yang menggunakan bahan tenaga yang boleh diperbaharui untuk jualan kepada golongan marhaen?
    Apapun, ini cuma pandangan peribadi daripada saya(pekerja dengan gaji bulanan RM843.06).
    Berikut adalah bilangan kenderaan di Malaysia sehingga tahun 2008:
    Motorsikal = 8,487,451
    Motokar = 7,966,525
    Awam = 154,524
    Perdagangan = 909,243
    Lain -Lain = 454,158
    Bilangan pemandu di Malaysia sehingga tahun 2008:
    11,227,144 orang
    Bilangan penduduk di Malaysia sehingga 5 September 2008:
    27,730,000 orang

  69. Dengan Izin Tun..Terima kasih..
    Ravi a.k.a rarunasalam
    [[Friday, May 29, 2009
    Chedet on Extremism – A guide to writing Comedy…]]
    I took this out of context from your blog ( Why Tun alone ?? )
    You believe highly in yourself.In Medical term this is call self esteemed which is good.But you overdo yourselves by degrading Tun Dr Mahathir our Stateman and now Prof_Ridcully..This is called plain arrogant that is good too… for your ego..
    But to me, now you asked to be contend..Now I am contending you..
    I let the expert of respective fields deal with you in regards of
    your point of view regarding all issue that you take pain in writing to Tun.
    ( We are in pain reading them..Believe me…:( )
    I only wants to contend the manner you degrades Tun…
    1.Of being hypocrite.
    Look’s who talking? You said expm blog spot..But only Tun Dr Mahathir is your cannon fodder..What happened to your comment’s on ? Tun ? Abdullah Argh Mad Badawi ?..Silence on his part meaning you are the
    Devil In Silence..Why do you agrees on Augusta MV sales for just 1 Euro ?…I repeat..1 Euro..
    2.Of having the right to complaint.
    Yes you do have the right.But here is Tun Blog.Have you ever asks permission to enter his house? His domain ?..No..Instead without removing your shoes you came barging in and demands accountability..
    Tun is a nice man.He just glanced at your shoes and still grants you this space..And yet what do you do? Checked your status ? keep demanding accountability in Tun part..
    And sir..your part is?..
    3.A simple Thank You..
    In our culture,appreciation is part and parcels of good manner.Eventhough I disagrees with Lim Kit Siang and Anwar Ibrahim, I did not ‘desecrates’ their blog with my caustic comment’s..Learn from Hanan..You’ll get a point or two.. you know what is the similarity between plain sand and computer? Pencil and diamond ? And you a like pearls here in Tun blog?
    Pencil and diamond share’s graphite as their molecular structure.Pencil remains pencil due to incomplete ‘triangle shape’ that diamond posses.It determined the beauty and the hard composition of diamond.A diamond is such a beauty and valuable.Pencils remain pencil even though their share’s graphite as their core being.
    Silicon Valley in California America was once plain valley of sands..Over time they ‘evolves’ and become the hub of prominent American Industries.The whole world always refer to Silicon Valley.From plain sands,the silicon in them evolves into computer chips..From computer you will have so many thing’s we cannot have them by being plain sand..
    The word is ‘evolvement’.Proton needs to starts somwehere.Hopefully it will evolves itself beautifully from ugly duckling to beautiful swans..
    Tun have initiated this among many other’s..Sure it have it’s imperfection..Instead of just complaining..What is your constructive suggestion’s??
    And you Ravi sir is like a pearl here in Tun blog..This is a question Jon asks Garfield…And Garfield..Do you know how pearls formed in the Oyster ?..Howzat?
    Enjoys sir..the pearls of Tun blog..
    Terima kasih..Tun

  70. Ybhg Tun,
    Setelah membaca beberapa tulisan pelanggan blog ini terpanggil saya menulis semula.Sebenarnya saya menunggu-nunggu Tun akan menyentuh tentang sistem penyampaian kerajaan dan isu politik semasa,banyak benda yang saya nak sentuh di situ berkaitan PTK,kenaikan pangkat dan macam-macam lagi. Nampaknya belum ada lagi.
    Tun, saya amat menyokong pandangan seorang pengunjung blok yang menyentuh antara penyumbang ketahanan sesebuah kereta ini ialah cara kita memakai dan menjaganya. Walau apa jenis kereta pun kalau kita guna main hentam keromok ja, kereta yang tahan akan jadi tidak tahan.Saya teringat cerita seorg kawan tentang tabiat pemandu di organisasinya,katanya pemandu ini pemandu bosnya,bila sahaja kereta organisasinya sampai ketanganya ( di pandunya ) kereta tersebut pasti masuk workshop selepas di kembalika. Saya tanya kenapa begitu,pemandu ini apapun dia jumpa lubangkah,batukah,nasib bukan orang, dia lanyak sahaja. Kereta yang dia guna terdiri daripada kereta-kereta buat jepun katanya.Tun, kalaupun Proton mampu di bina dengan ketahanan lebih baik daripada jenama luar negera,kalau tabiat pemandu macam yang di kata di atas, benda-benda kurang sihat akan ada juga.
    Tun yang baik hati, semangat kebangsaan ( patriotik ) di kalangan rakyat bukan mudah di perolehi 100% daripada semua rakyat sama ada ia berpendudukan masyarakat majmuk atau bukan majmuk.Pasti ada yang mengkeji dan memaki hamun negara dan kepunyaan sendiri.
    Tun, sentuhan-sentuhan negatif daripada mereka yang nakal harus juga proton terjemahkan kepada positif. Maknamya kalau ada kebenaran teguran itu, proton kena ambil perhatian dan buat pembetulan.
    Itu dahulu buat kali Tun. Saya menanti-nanti Tun akan sentuh sistem penyampaian dan yang ada kaitan dengannya.

  71. Dengan Izin Tun..Terima kasih..
    [[Assalamualaikum Tun]]
    Nice opening.
    [[As i’ve said before in my previuos posting, i’m 100% agreed with Ir Syahrizan]]
    1000% too is ok.It is about agree to disagree.
    [[To the ass kisser out there]]
    Now you become ugly thus compelled me to respond.
    [[this is not about patriotsm. This is about cut throat system on it best way that have been sucking million of RM from Malaysian]]
    This is not the point of contention but rather how you contend them.
    masochist – noun
    1. Psychiatry. the condition in which sexual gratification depends on suffering, physical pain, and humiliation.
    2. gratification gained from pain, deprivation, degradation, etc., inflicted or imposed on oneself, either as a result of one’s own actions or the actions of others, esp. the tendency to seek this form of gratification.
    3. the act of turning one’s destructive tendencies inward or upon oneself.
    4. the tendency to find pleasure in self-denial, submissiveness, etc.
    You derives pleasure of feeling supreme being and inflicting pain to Tun and his band of supporters..
    In my course of job, I have catalouged people like you and Ravi.You can says I am a real profiler in Ministry of Health.We identify and documented you and your like.It comes handy later on by the police and other security personnel.
    You need help in treatment.Your writing is the end effect of your characteristic attitude that has determined your aptitude.
    It’s ok to be rude but being a masochist is a serious kind of mental illnes..Come to our Instituition and gets proper help and treatment..
    [[So Lu Pikir La Sendiri]]
    You should not be left wondering and thinking of your ownself..It is not healthy..
    [[72HAZARD Seremban 091109]]
    Self admission is good.Now for the proper treatment..
    Terima kasih Tun..

  72. Salam Tun,
    Di sini saya ingin bertanya adakah benar khabar menyatakan pengeluaran kereta Proton di bawah kawalan kerajaan yakni kawalan dari segi kapasiti enjin? Sehingga ada perkhabaran terdapat model-model prototype Proton yang dibina sebelum ini dengan enjin berprestasi tinggi tidak diluluskan untuk berada di atas jalan raya dengan alasan tidak bersesuaian dengan kereta sehingga kapasiti enjin tersebut dikurangkan bagi membolehkan ia diluluskan untuk berada dijalan raya.
    Jika benar ini berlaku mengapa perlu dikurangkan kapasiti enjin nya, bukan kah lebih baik jika Proton membuat penambah baikkan dari segi kualiti keselamatan supaya kereta yang dibina dapat menampung kekuatan enjin berprestasi tinggi. Tidak terimpikah Proton untuk menghasilkan ‘prestige performance car’ seperti pengeluar kereta eropah. Kapasiti Proton untuk membina jentera yang boleh berada seiring dengan Mercedes Benz,BMW dan AUDI boleh terlaksana kerana keupayaan Proton dengan pembabitan anak syarikatnya di eropah yakni Lotus. Apakah dengan pembelian Lotus hanya berpaksikan kepada keuntungan dan peluang untuk membuka pasaran di eropah sahaja? Mengapa tidak kita belajar dari mereka bagaimana mereka dapat menghasilkan jentera yang berkualiti. Mengapa tidak pada peringkat ini kawalan kualiti di ambil format dari Lotus.

  73. Kepada Tun, terima kasih kerana berani melahirkan Proton. Out of nowhere, negara kerdil Malaysia ini berada sepentas dengan Ferrari, Mercedez, Honda, etc.
    Kepada Proton, don’t smile at these comments here. Please be a bit responsible in managing the company.

  74. kenapa buat double standard utk kereta proton? kereta dalam negara kurang bermutu berbanding yang dieksport.
    kenapa harga proton di arab lebih murah berbanding di malaysia?
    adakah proton cuba mengimbangi perbelanjaan eksport dengan pendapatan domestik?
    lampu kereta PROTON x capai standard keselamatan, xde fog/rain lamp.
    banyak tanda tanya…
    harap Tun dapat pulihkan PROTON secara drastik. Bagi saya, harga tinggi bermakna kualiti tinggi. Saya yakin Tun boleh buat sesuatu.
    Yang dah berlalu, bawalah ke muka pengadilan Yang datang ambik pengajaran..ingat asal usul dan halal haram…

  75. A’kum Tun
    Hidup Proton!
    Proton macam kereta lain juga, tidaklah sempurna sangat… orang kita ni macam nak sempurna itu ini… yang pasti Proton tetap ada yang bangga!

  76. Assalamualaikum wbr Tun,
    I remember reading an article sometime ago in a newspaper where some high official from Proton had lobbied the government to implement a law that would require car owners (if I am not mistaken, 5-10 years old car) to undergo puspakom inspection to determine its road worthiness. This was according to them common practise in countries like Japan, Singapore amd many others. And they further claimed that these 10-year-old cars that were not road-worthy had contributed to the sharp rise in road accidents and fatalities in the country.
    My perception of this was that the recently introduced NAP regulation, where making it a requirement for all 15-year-old-car to undergo Puspakom road-worthiness inspection was a proposal coming from proton

  77. salam again TUN…
    keep it up bro ir syahrizan.
    i will follow wat u say coz i think proton must be have criticised/complainment person to make it ” berjalan betul”.
    pro n kontra seiring..

  78. Salam TUN…My perdana v6 got gearbox problem..perhaps proton can lower as much as possible to rebuilt or replace for the new one gearbox..poor me tun..also ABS brake got problem…proton oh proton

  79. YABhg.Tun,
    saya dalam proses membeli sebuah Proton Persona. Kali ini adalah kali ketiga saya membeli kereta nasional. Terima kasih kerana mengilhamkan pembuatan kereta Proton dan menjadikan ianya satu kejayaan.
    Saya hairan kenapalah ramai juga rakyat Malaysia yang tidak sayangkan Proton. Mereka hanya pandai memberikan komen yang tidak membina. Pedulikanlah mereka itu.
    Sekian dan terima kasih.

  80. Assalamualikum…Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad..
    Saya amat berbangga dengan pencapaian Tun semasa menjadi perdana menteri Malaysia. Saya ucapkan terima kasih kepada Tun. Pada penilaian saya Tun telah berjaya memodenkan Malaysia.
    Tun…Kenapa perlu 20++ tahun untuk meningkatkan kualiti 1) power window 2) central lock. Bayangkan hanya untuk meningkat kualiti 2 masalah yg simple ini memerlukan 20++ tahun. Berapa tahun lagi diperlukan untuk membangunkan industri automatif Malaysia..??
    Hanya Tun dan top management Proton sahaja yang tahu ape masalah yang berlaku di dalam Proton selama ini.

  81. Assalamualaikum Tun
    Saya ingin berkongsi pendapat yg basic ttg keadaan Proton sekarang. Utk pengetahuan Tun, saya adalah salah seorang pioneer engineer di Proton semasa zaman Dato Wan Nik, tetapi meninggalkan syarikat semasa Mr Iwabuchi. Namun begitu saya masih dlm industri kereta, DAN SAYA TIDAK MAHU MELIHAT PROTON MENDAPAT KEJIAN DARI PIHAK PENGUNA. Saya ingin meluahkan pendapat saya ttg beberapa issue ttg Proton kini.
    1) “attitude” staff
    Dizaman saya, kami tidak pernah memikir bila gaji akan masuk, tiada rungutan sekiranya terpaksa bekerja lebih masa. Saya masih ingat bagaimana saya dan jurutera2 lain terpaksa bekerja selama 3 malam berturut2 (kerja/makan/mandi/tidur) di proton hanya utk memastikan Proton menang pingat EMAS yg pertama d UK.
    Semua jurutera masa itu mahir dlm ‘area’ masing2. Jika jurutera itu dlm Body Shop, dia akan mahir mengunakan spot gun, jika dlm painting, dia akan mahir ttg quality cat, dan jika dlm trim and final, dia akan mahir ttg parts quality, dan juga pemasangan.
    Jadi jika terdapat apa apa masaalah, dgn cepat masaalah itu dapat di atasi kerana ‘root cause’ nya di kenal pasti.
    Sekarang, mutu juruteranya lain. Turun ke production floor pun jarang dan jika turun pun dia akan turun dgn file terkepit dicelah ketiak, tak mahu tangan kotor. Bagaimana nak mengenal pasti masaalah jika process pun tak berapa pasti, tools pun tak pernah pegang, dll.
    Masih teringat saya akan kata kata Mr Kato..”seeing is believing”, “an engineer must wash his hands at least twice a day”, “there r 2 type of people : one who sees rubbish 20 feet away..goes to the rubbish and pick it up……the other sees rubbish 2 feet away…ignore it, and walk away”
    2) Masalah components dari vendor
    a) Dahulu, vendor dan jurutera Proton adalah business partners. Bersama belajar perkara yg baru. Tetapi sekarang sudah lain: bila jurutera2 ni memakai uniform Proton, akan menyelinaplah perasaan “I am Proton, you are vendor…..I am clever, and you are stupid” Jadi jika terdapat quality problem di pihak vendor, vendor tersebut TIDAK akan memberitahu Proton kerana takut di belasah. Kalau dahulu, vendor akan segera memberitahu Proton jika mereka menghadapi masaalah…kerana mereka tidak akan di belasah tapi mereka tahu yg Proton akan bekerja sama utk mengatasi masaalah tersebut. Malang nya sekarang ‘kerjasama’ tersebut hanya dapat dilihat di karaoke, padang golf (di malaysia/thailand/indonesia)
    b) Setiap tahun Proton akan mewajibkan “cost reduction” Jika gagal, Proton akan mencari vendor baru yg boleh memberi “cost reduction” itu. Adalah lebih baik sekiranya Proton meminta cost reduction dari segi VAVE, dan bukan dari profit margin. Untuk memastikan ‘cost reduction’itu diberi, dan terus menjadi vendor, sub standard material akan di gunakan. Malangnya pihak proton tidak pernah membuat audit ttg material yg di guna kan utk component.
    c) Vendor juga tidak ‘berani’ untuk membuat investment yg tinggi untuk model2 baru. Mengapa? KIta ambil kegagalan JUARA. Untuk model tersebut, ramai vendor telah membuat investment yang besar kerana telah dijanjikan volume yang tinggi. Tetapi bila model itu gagal, pihak vendor meminta Proton utk membayar 100% tooling cost (saperti yg telah di persetujui pada mula project JUARA) Apa kata pihak Proton? “we can agree on sharing the tooling cost, and if you insist Proton pay all, then your opportunity for new project will be will be black listed”
    d) Pengurusan PROTON. Sejak pertengahan 90an, terdapat puak2 didalam Proton. Kalau dahulu….1 Proton…tetapi tidak lagi..bila ini terjadi, jika apa jua masalah yg terjadi, akan terdengar kata2 saperti ” biarkan aja…itu responsibility Si Anu…kan Si Anu org CEO/MD” Itu kata2 org lama. Org baru pula akan berkata serupa cuma di tukar ke..”kan Si Anu org lama..kita tgk jauh mana pandai nya dia” Akhir nya, masaalah itu tak di selesaikan sepenuh nya.
    e) Pengurusan PROTON. Tiada communication antara R&D, Group Purchasing dan QA. Misalnya, pernah terdapat satu perkara lucu dimana vendor telah diminta oleh R&D utk membuat perubahan pada component, dan bila di hantar, QA reject. Bila ditanya kepada QA mengapa reject, QA akan kata ‘ tak ikut specification’ Bila diberiathu R&D yang suruh buat perubahan, QA akan jawap “kami tak tahu..kalau begitu u jumpa R&D je lah”

  82. Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I would like to know, as i’m wondering why a Waja was sold at about 37k in Saudi Arabia, but 64k in Malaysia..?
    I think proton have been sucking our hard earned money in terrible way. imagine that i had to take a loan for 9 years for a local car, in Malaysia, while i should be able to settle that loan in 3 years if i buy malaysian made car oversea…
    a famous malay proverb; “Anak kera dihutan disusukan, anak sendiri di buaian mati kelaparan!”
    i’ve been driving proton cars for 6 years, currently a 2 years-old waja. I do think Waja is a good car but the price tag is exorbitant! i think proton should take a different approach. Sell their car locally at fair price, which means if a Waja priced 37k outside, then why not they sell it 37k also in Malaysia?.. i don’t really bother about import cars, but let us have good quality local cars at fair price. you would see sales of proton cars to rise, and finally we could achieve the economy of scale.

  83. Salam khas buat YBhg Tun dan semua yang lain
    Mengenai kereta keluaran tempatan terutamanya proton jika dibandingkan dengan kereta luar negara sememangnya ada perbezaan. Ini memang tak boleh dinafikan Yang sebenar berlaku adalah dari pemilik kenderaan itu sendiri. Saya telah menggunakanjenama proton dari awal tahun 1990an lagi hingga sekarang. Saya tidak menghadapi apa apa masalah yang dikatakan “major maintenance” dan tidak pernah mengubah apa apa yang sedia ada di dalam kereta proton. Pelbagai model sudah saya gunakan. Kualiti ini ada satu perkara yang subjektif dimana pemilik seharusnya menjaga kereta bukan sekadar menukarkan minyak pelincir atau penapis setiap 5000km atau 10000km, ianya merangkumi pelbagai aspek termasuk cara pemanduan, penjagaan tayar dsbnya selain dari “routine maintenance”. Ini kerana setiap peralatan yang digunakan ada tempoh masa tertentu, bila sampai tempoh, alatan tersebut perlu diganti. Jika tidak boleh akan mengakibatan peralatan yang lain turut rosak.
    Dari situ, jika senggaraan kereta secara betul dan tepat maka masalah yang timbul akan berkurangan. Lagi satu sindrom di bengkel yang tak “bertauliah”, ” Ah…proton biasalah” tetapi itu adalah modal bagi tujuan mendapat upah yang lebih tinggi. Pemilik kenderaan sendiri mengharapkan bengkel ini memberikan pendapat bukan mendapatkan atau menambahkan pengetahuan bagaimana untuk menjaga kenderaan masing masing. Iya proton murah…rosak jual saja. Beli yang baru…
    Tetapi apa bila mereka menggunakan kereta impot dari luar negara, tahu pulak menjaga kereta masing masing. Kenapa? jawapannya..kerja senggaraan mahal dan mencecah ribuan ringgit.
    Pihak kerajaan juga patut membuat penilaian kenapa ada aduan produk keluaran proton yang saya rasa mungkin lebih tinggi dari awal proton ditubuhkan. Adakah kerana AP yang terlalu banyak dikeluarkan serta ada kereta impot yang lebih murah dari produk keluaran proton? jika ada dan sememangnya ada. Maka sukarlah proton untuk bersaingan dengan produk impot yang mengakibatkan jualan produk proton menurun tetapi kos operasi tinggi dimana proton mempunyai tanggungjawab sosialnya yang tinggi terhadap pekerja2, vendor2 dan negara.
    Dalam masa yang sama, pihak pengurusan proton jugak seharusnya mengambil aduan aduan yang dilontarkan yang ada juga logiknya sebagai agenda memperbaiki kualiti pengeluaran terutamanya bahagian penyelidikan dan pembangunan supaya semua produk keluaran proton berkualiti. Mungkin proton patut mengadakan seminar percuma kepada pelanggan proton tentang cara penggunaan dan senggaraan yang betul. Insya Allah mungkin dengan seminar sedemikian, boleh mengurangkan bilangan kemalangan di jalan raya.
    Saya sebagai rakyat Malaysia berbangga dengan kereta proton. kenapa tidak? kalau kualiti tidak setanding dengan produk luar negera, mengapa ada produk keluaran proton dijalan diluar negara Malaysia…
    Kepada Ybhg Tun, saya mengucap setinggi tinggi perhargaan atas pengorbanan Tun selama ini. Hanya Allah sahaja yang dapat membalasnya.

  84. Hello Tun,
    After 25 years of protectionism, Proton still produces super low quality cars. Do you agree Proton failed miserably? It took only 15 years for Kia to be what they are today

  85. Dear Tun,
    For all we know, maybe the root cause of the problem lies with the Procurement Division of Proton. Rakyat who paid a lot of money to Proton would like to be assured that the cost paid to Vendor commensurate with the quality of deliverables. Further, how do we know that such immoral practice as what happen elsewhere (for example inflated price due to graft, favoritism without qualification and etc) does not exist. My worst nightmare is having to find out that the money I spent for Proton is not 100% effective.
    Whatever it is, result has not much improved since the first time I use Proton 10 years ago. I saw some increase in quality in Perodua. The question is why cant Proton? what is the root cause? how to improve? Are they really uncapable of competing? Japanese may find it ok with protectionism because their national car is way ahead in terms of quality and is value for money.
    p/s: we are already poor in terms of living standard. Please help Malaysian live a better live

  86. Salam Tun,
    Sorry lari tajuk. Nak minta komen Tun berkenaan penangkapan bekas mufti Perlis kerana dikatakan pendapatnya tidak selari dengan ulama “traditionalist@conservative@antique”. Mungkin Tun ada pandangan tersendiri yang boleh dikongsi…

  87. Assalamualaikum Tun,
    As i’ve said before in my previuos posting, i’m 100% agreed with Ir Syahrizan.
    To the ass kisser out there, this is not about patriotsm. This is about cut throat system on it best way that have been sucking million of RM from Malaysian.
    So Lu Pikir La Sendiri.
    Seremban 091109

  88. Dear Radzi,
    Saya setuju. Sini saya nak share sedikit experience with all:
    1. Sebagai pengguna Streamyx, kita mungkin menyedari bahawa kita membayar terlalu banyak untuk kelajuan sekadar 1mbps. Bayaran RM88 sememangnya sangat tinggi berbanding negara lain. Mungkin ramai yang mampu membayarnya, namun jika kita fikir secara terbuka, ianya lebih mahal dari bayaran bulanan sebuah motor untuk pinjaman 3 tahun !
    2. Saya ingatkan dalam tulisan ini, kita sememangnya tidak boleh membandingkan kelajuan antara negara kita dan negara Eropah, Jepun mahupun Amerika Syarikat. Namun persoalannya, adakah perkhidmatan yang kita dapat setimpal dengan apa yang kita laburkan ?
    3. Mengambil contoh penggunaan internet, telefon dan satelit TV. Sejujurnya sebagai seorang yang pernah tinggal di Eropah lebih 5 tahun, saya berasa agak terkilan dengan suasana di Malaysia. Saya akan huraikan satu persatu, termasuk huraian kenapa benda ini boleh terjadi.
    4. Bagi kita pembaca blog dan pengguna internet, saya hanya akan menguraikan mengenai internet, telefon dan satelit TV secara am dan bukannya mendalam. Di Perancis, kos internet yang Wan pakai ialah 29.99euros sebulan. Ianya termasuk internet dengan kelajuan 28mbps, telefon tanpa had (unlimited calls) ke seluruh Perancis dan 48 negara lain, dan juga pilihan siaran TV lebih daripada 200 channels. Anda kurang yakin dengan dakwaan saya ini, sila lawat website Free, dan guna translator jika anda tidak boleh berbahasa Perancis.
    5. Jika ditukarkan 29.99euros kepada Ringgit Malaysia, ianya adalah RM139. Namun saya lebih gemar berbicara dalam konsep kemampuan membeli. Kita anggap 30euros bersamaan RM30. Gaji minimum di France ialah 1330euros dan gaji minimum di Malaysia ialah (anda isikan sendiri)

  89. /// By JaneTI on November 8, 2009 4:51 PM
    1. When I was a student in UK ( during your time as pm ), the british liked proton. Why ? Good value for money and good after sales service. The export quality proton was much attractive than for the Malasia market. ///
    Jane, I think you know the real answers. Some people in Britain liked the Proton because it was dirt cheap – the export models were heavily subsidized. The Malaysian taxpayers are paying the British to buy the Proton. And you had the answer – the quality of the export model is much higher than those for local consumption. BTW, the export to Britain numbers in the thousands only – nothing to shout about.

  90. Ir Syahrizan,
    NAP was established in the year 2006 after Ybhg Tun left the office. The policy was intended to liberalise the car industry in Malaysia. A lot of APs approved to bring in foreign cars into the country. It was not good for Proton’s sales as it went down. No protections to Proton. The trends still going on until today.
    Older Malay generations have high standards of mentality and civilasations before the British came. They even built ships to sails through oceans, also being good architects to design the perfect rumah kutai (only they who always say that Malays lived in attap and bamboo house) etc. They even created a lot of proverbs which even todays generations could not created such as “melompat sahaja ikan sudah tahu jantan betinanya”, “kera dihutan disusukan, anak sendiri tdak dibiarkan and etc.
    I think you know the meaning of ” Marahkan anak sindir menantu”.

  91. Salam Tun,
    Pandangan saya,
    Sebenarnya bukanlah terlalu sukar untuk mereka yang bertanggungjawab, untuk memaju dan mendewasakan Proton. Cuma ada tiga langkah sahaja iaitu :
    1)Menerima kenyataan bahawa kita telah melakukan kesilapan (admit that we have made a mistake).Jika langkah mudah ini tidak dapat dilakukan, proton tidak akan berubah… NEVER.. dan kita akan sentiasa berada dalam “state of denial”.
    2)Selesaikan masalahnya (langkah yang paling panjang dan penuh rintangan).
    3)Jangan ulangi setiap kesilapan yang pernah dilakukan.
    Untuk langkah yang kedua, masalahnya perlu difahami dahulu, iaitu, Proton sebagai sebuah “manufacturing company” tidak mempunyai “manufacturing culture” yang perlu ada pada sebuah syarikat pembuatan, lebih-lebih lagi untuk syarikat sepenting Proton.Budaya industri pembuatan ini perlu difahami, dihayati dan diamalkan oleh keseluruhan organisasi Proton dari puncak tertinggi hingga keakarnya iaitu buruh yang berkerja diaras paling bawah dalam organisasi.Ini adalah hasil pengamatan saya daripada melalui media massa dan jugak lawatan saya ke kilang Proton di Shah Alam beberapa tahun lepas. Memang Proton mengamalkan pelbagai sistem pengurusan dalam menjalankan operasinya, tetapi sistem pengurusan hanyalah satu garis panduan sahaja dan ianya menjadi tidak bernilai sekiranya dilaksanakan sebagai syarat persijilan secara alah kadar sahaja.
    Dalam industri pembuatan ada 3 perkara utama yang wajib difahami, dihayati dan diamalkan, iaitu kualiti, kos dan delivery(penghantaran).Saya nampak ini tidak dititikberatkan dalam Proton, kalau ada pun, ianya tidak menampakkan sebarang kesan kerana Proton masih gagal menunjukkan kehebatannya jika dibandingkan dengan syarikat automotif lain.Saya ingin menyentuh lebih terperinci mengenai 3 dasar utama industri pembuatan tersebut.
    Amat jelas bahawa maksud kualiti tidak difahami oleh organisasi proton(atau tidak ingin difahami), termasuk Tun(maafkan saya). Saya katakan begitu kerana saya dapati bahawa Proton ini amat kerap dipuji oleh organisasi Proton(atau mereka yang terlibat dengan Proton) itu sendiri (termasuk Tun dan orang-orang besar Proton)dan mengatakan bahawa kualiti kereta Proton itu baik, tinggi,hebat dan setanding dengan kereta import dan sebagainya.Ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa organisasi Proton tidak faham apa itu kualiti dan kalau mereka faham pun mereka tidak mengamalkannya. Mengikut definisi, kualiti bermakna “kepuasan pelanggan”( customer’s satisfaction). Semua orang boleh mengaku produk mereka baik, cantik, hebat dan sebagainya. tetapi penilai sebenar adalah pelanggan dalam kes ini adalah pembeli kereta Proton.Adalah amat jelas pelanggan Proton tidak berpuas hati dengan apa yang mereka beli. Tidak dinafikan bahawa ada juga pembeli yang tidak langsung menghadapi masalah dengan kereta Proton mereka, dan masih baik keadaannya walaupun sudah berusia puluhan tahun. Tetapi ‘quality is about consistency’ where some defects are measured in parts per million (PPM) dari sepuluh pemilik Proton, jika seorang mengadu mengenai kualitinya, itu adalah sangat buruk, 100,000 per 1 million. Ini tidak berlaku pada saingan tempatannya iaitu Perodua. Kenderaan perodua bukanlah high end product with latest technology, cuma kualitinya lebih konsisten antara satu dengan yang lain, itu sahaja bezanya.
    Saya akan sambung jika berkesempatan.
    maafkan saya.

  92. salamun ‘alaikum chedet
    – rata2 pemilik kenderaan berusia amat marah dengan polisi baru NAP.
    – kemarahan pertama berjaya diredakan apabila ianya ditarik balik.
    – It seems that theres a ‘flip flop’ decision making style, but backed up by saying “rakyat diutamakan”
    – ini bermakna sewaktu ini diputuskan & diumumkan, rakyat tidak diutamakan.
    – rakyat malaysia sudah pandai, tidak seperti dahulu. cuba utamakan Allah swt, baru Allah swt mudahkan. ini tidak, utamakan poket UMNO.
    – eventhough Najib naik, itu tidak menjanjikan apa-apa, lebih-lebih lagi apabila hak rakyat tidak ditunaikan. Allah swt maha mengetahui.
    – pemimpin-pemimpin yang ‘dipilih’ (mind you, not terpilih) perlu hentikan agenda memimpin sambil membina perniagaan untuk masa pencen mereka.
    – rata-rata forum yang mengumpulkan peminat kenderaan satu malaysia & membincangkan polisi-polisi baru NAP amat tidak bersetuju dengan keputusan kerajaan. ramai kata “ini semua kerana proton!!”
    – penghapusan import barang-barang terpakai dihapuskan by 2011? bad decision.
    – rata-rata pemilik lesen besi buruk bukan sahaja cina, tapi perlu ada pemilikan bersama bumiputera. sekiranya ini tidak benar, malah rata-rata pemiliknya orang cina, maka ini salah siapa?
    – modal yang besar dilabur, bermula dari penyewaan atau pemilikan tanah untuk ruang perniagaan sehinggalah pada kemasukan kontena barang-barang terpakai pelbagai jenis & model kenderaan.
    – perniagaan ini banyak melibatkan hubungan dua hala berlainan negara, in our case, most of it comes from japan. Bukanlah mudah untuk membina hubungan perdagangan ini, lebih-lebih di jepun bukan orang malaysia sahaja yang berminat untuk membeli. Kuasa memilih menjadi isu juga, jepun pun pandai pilih bulu. Apa yang ada, nak tak nak perlu ambil.
    – pelik juga jepun ni, dahulu bukan main benci cina.
    – ramai anak-anak melayu menceburi bidang ini tetapi sekadar membeli secara pukal dari pemilik kedai potong. yang mana ada modal lebih, banyaklah barang-barang yang dapat dibeli, vice versa.
    – ada yang berjaya buka kedai, ada yang beroperasi dari rumah, ada yang berkongsi dengan rakan-rakan tapi yang pasti minat mereka pada perniagaan ini sangat mendalam & mereka komited kerana potensinya sentiasa ada setiap kali kenderaan-kenderaan baru diperkenalkan lebih-lebih lagi yang mirip pada model-model di jepun.
    – ada sahaja alat ganti terpakai yang boleh dibawa masuk, dijual lebih murah dari alat ganti baru. Kedai sparepart cina ada masalah ke nak barang? i doubt so. malah bila orang melayu datang beli banding orang cina, lain harga diberi. Sakit hati kan dengar?
    – disini kerajaan silap kerana tidak memberi sokongan moral atau kewangan kepada anak-anak muda tempatan ini, tetapi sebaliknya sebarang program-program yang ditaja atau diwujudkan oleh kerajaan sedikit pun tidak menarik minat anak-anak muda ini malah banyak disalahguna oleh pelbagai pihak yang kebanyakkan gilakan ‘soft loans’ dari kerajaan.
    – Mereka yang gila ini boleh dilihat setiap kali perhimpunan umno diadakan. muka yang sama sahaja, that if you notice 😉
    – hari ini mereka-mereka yang benar-benar berusaha ini sedikit sebanyak dapat menyara hidup & keluarga tanpa mengharapkan bantuan kerajaan. tapi hari ini juga NAP umumkan nak hapuskan pengimportan barang-barang ini by 2011? patutlah ramai ura-ura ingin lihat kerajaan baru.
    – kerana itu manusia perlu dididik dengan Al Quran & sunnah Nabi saw, bukan dengan harta benda ekonomi kekayaan.
    – hidup di dunia ini tidak pernah mudah, namun yang maha memudahkan Allah swt.
    – perlu ikut tertib, tiada jalan pintas, jangan beli jiwa orang melayu, atau cina atau india dengan duit. penyelesaiannya akan bersifat sementara, lambat laun masalah berulang kembali.
    – cut off golongan marhain yang hidup senang lenang, pakai proton pun tidak pernah, malah sibuk menggali kekayaan negara. sudah-sudahlah tu bagi datuk sana datuk sini, semua itu membebankan kerajaan, malah sedikit pun tiada manfaat pada agama.
    – Allah swt maha adil, yang mengadu kesusahan kerana dasar kerajaan pasti akan dibelanya, kerana mereka ini rakyat & majoriti mereka ini islam..

  93. Dear Tun and everyones,
    The United States had mass-produced cars since 1908 with Ford’s T Model, which is more than a hundred year ago , and YET , they still keep on regulate their Car Markets and Industries from time to time to ensure their local made cars are safe from Japanese and European intruders as they said. Why didn’t you all ‘clever-people’ call it protectionism?????
    Has been making automobile and motors for hundred years supported with popular campaign such as “I would rather eat shit than ride a Jap’s Bike” …… and still a giant need to protect their baby/infant and yet everybody is happy about it… especially the inferiority-complex-minded people from the east, who just came from study abroad out of his amazement towards the west achievements and then merely know how to condemn his own country’s efforts to acquire and to master in the automobile and engineering.
    We, Malaysian has just ventured in this sector quite 3 decades ago , not a century like the others, and of course some kind of protection is needed and it is being practised by all the players in the sector. So why make-noise??? The foreigners are just laughing seeing Malaysians condemning their own products…so pity to all small hearted citizens we have here….. Wake Up !!! it’s a long march, we must run , cannot walk… dont you think a Mercedes Benz does not having any problem with the power windows?? Can you distinguish between an accessory and an engine…
    Fairuz bin Kamarulzaman


  95. Salam Tun M,
    Saya amat berbangga dan amat bersyukur kerana menikmati kehidupan di MALYSIA tanah air tercinta. Apa yg Tun M mulakan telah saya sebagai kaum muda rasai, Jutaan Terima Kasih kepada Tun M
    Baru-baru ini saya ke Galeria Perdana Langkawi, di situ saya terpegun dengan pengikhtirafan dunia kepada Tun, alangkah berjaya nya dan Maju sekira terdapat Pemimpin serta idealogi seperti Tun.
    itu saja, wasalam Tun Bapa Permodenan

  96. Tun
    care to elaborate on your point 3/ pls?
    Lets just look at Proton at National level – your Government and subsequent has kept Proton National Car price lower than other/foreign manufactured cars. Your legislation and constraints imposed on other cars, saw and continues to see Proton outselling others 6-1 in Malaysia.
    So, I am not sure what you based the comment you made on? Sorry, you lost me there…
    In terms of Proton penetration in South Africa, Australia, UK – well, care to explain what that strategy was? Did we have a strategy of which target market we were aiming it at?
    With the obvious disadvantage that there was no ability to “force” foreign nationals to buy OUR car, I presume Proton had to only resort to good marketing programs. Did we have them?
    Alternatively manufacturing vehicle of great quality and safety standards, would have also helped with the cause – did we build such track record?
    Look at the company and it’s decisions – care to explain how the acquisitions with Lotus and Augusta has affected the bottom line? I thought these acquisitions were meant to improve the company’s leveraging power for both technology and embarking on improved designs. Instead, it had an impact on Proton’s P&L.
    Tun, the kind of management you put during the early years of Proton (and EON) had their work cut out for them. Now, the management needs to get of their bottoms and make the label more appealing, cost attractive and sustainable.
    People need to know if they buy a proton car, they can run it with more energy efficiency.
    People need to believe if they buy a proton car, they will be safe in it.
    People need to be encouraged that if they buy a proton car, they are buying reliability beyond the 1st owner. That’s what will make it’s resell value attractive as well.
    Lastly Tun – I think about what you (Tun) gets when you get a Proton car – it gets customised for a VIP.
    Every inch of it is inspected for good workmanship and increased perfection.
    However, for the person on the street, what they get is a production plant object, one of many thousands manufactured, and then it’s over to Service and Warranty.
    Yes, this is no different to the Toyota’s or Hyundais however these cars have a reputation that Proton has a long way to getting to.
    So, work on the reputation, remove all protectionism and get management who are serious to build a NATIONAL CAR. The strategy for next 5 years, should not be based on seeing immediate increased sales, but improving and increasing consumer confidence.
    It should be based on true R&D, not short cuts or cost cuts.
    It should be looking at publishing true benchmarks of proton against it’s competitors of the same class. Lets’ see data of how Proton stacks against it’s competitors (UNTAINTED data of course, with it being published by a complete independant party)
    Are you as advisor open to taking the strong message to the board?
    Lets see us put the money where the mouth is..if there is sincere talks about turning Proton to profitability.

  97. Salam…tun..
    Saya adalah salah seorang bekas pekerja proton…
    saya rasa terhina bila ada segilintir rakyat malaysia yg mengutuk kereta proton..mereka tidak tahu pengorbanan pekerja2 proton…
    untuk pengetahuan semua gaji operator proton yg bru hanyalah RM600-650..+ elaun makan dll lbh kurang rm7++ kot…yg bekerja da 10 thn pon basic gaji bru RM1000….jd sama2lh kita membantu proton….
    dlm masa yg sama dpt membantu kwn2 kta yg bekerja d proton…jika proton tutup ramai yg akan menganggur…fikir2 lah…..jika da mampu jd IR apa salahnya membantu kwn yg gaji x seberapa utk memberi keselesaan org lain…

  98. Asalamualaikum Tun yg diHormati.
    Saya cuma kirim salam saja & harap Tun dan Isteri Sehat selalu.
    Proton tak mahu komen lagi , ramai pakar pakar yg mahir.

  99. Salam kepada Tun yang dihormati,
    I am not against the government stance in protecting Proton or any local industry for that matter, in fact as you rightly said, all car manufacturing countries do protect their industry one way or another. However as mentioned over and over again like a broken record in this blog (it gets worst in other automotive forums elsewhere), is the issue of reproducible quality. As one viewer points out, buying a Proton car is like trying out your luck ie whether one gets a problem free car or a problem full car. Interestingly, the earlier Proton Saga that I bought after graduation back in 1993 is still in good shape (for its age). My first question is why? I have to admit, I am not an engineer by training, but my guess is that the parts used for the earlier models were mostly imported and perhaps, just perhaps the work ethics in the assembly line was different (perhaps the ‘Dasar Pandang Ke Timur’ work ethics played its role at that time?).
    Reading through many-many forum threads and blogs, my conclusion is that a lot of the car buyers/owners are left frustrated by:
    a) Lack of quality and reliability of Proton, which lead to the second issue which comes naturally next which is;
    b) Lack of choice of other brands due to high pricing (imagine a ‘kosong’ Toyota Vios type J cost more than RM75k).
    Dear Tun, it offends me whenever my colleagues or people in general looks down on Proton as if the vehicle were assembled with a ‘tidak apa’ attitude—“skru kat dashboard loose la—tak paaaa, nanti bunyi skit ajaaa…”, and that’s exactly what you get and accepted as ‘normal’ in a Proton car.
    As an advisor, I hope Tun would really emphasize on this, don’t just learn the technologies from the others but learn and practice their work ethics as well.
    Another point to note is that, up to Proton Saga range, I have to say is very competitive, but beyond that with the likes of Gen 2, Persona and even our ‘vintage’ Perdana, this is where you find many buyers face the dilemma and not really consumer’s first choice (perhaps chosen due to it’s relatively cheaper pricing).
    I think the only way for Proton to survive is to be relevent and maintain it’s relevence with the current consumer needs globally. There is no need to have 2 seperate assembly line, one for export quality and another for local quality. I think all Proton marques should have a single standard of high quality vehicle which have the relevent current technologies (requiring 20 engineers to develope turbo diesel engine over a period of 10 years is not the answer), material, design up to range of vehicles. Only then,the issue of quality and reliability is tackled, the pricing can be made to match with imports (after all we’ve been paying 200-300% more all this while) and there will be no issue of global market penetration (‘the car is made for the whole world’).
    Finally,I don’t know, but I just got this funny feeling that the government would probably benefit in ‘many’ ways if Proton can sell their cars with the same price between Semenanjung Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak (1Malaysia philosophy?). One thing for sure, it will be a hard act to follow by other brands.
    Thanks for your time and semoga sihat sejahtera.

  100. Salam Dr,M
    The federal government has just announced it will not give any financial support to states under opposition control. So now, not only are they breaching the Petroleum Development Act 1974 and the 1976 Agreement that Petronas signed with all the states, but they are also breaching the Federation Agreement as well.”
    Since the Federal govt discriminate the opposition states citizens, might as well we don’t pay tax to our fed govt. Pay to state govt and I believe we are self-sufficient.

  101. Salam Sejahtera Tun,
    I believe that everyone knows that most of the middle class people works for the bank in Malaysia. The first thing any Minister’s will say when ever there’s any price hike is “OURS IS STILL THE CHEAPEST IN THE REGION”. They like to compare the price of the goods by converting to Ringgit. But why can’t they convert the salary.
    Eg: An Engineer in UK can earn 5000 pounds as a basic salary. How much is it in RM? Yet they can afford to buy BMW / Merc in cash.
    But we in Malaysia have to borrow from banks just to buy a “CAN of MILO with 4 wheels”.
    All the Proton owners knows that these cars does not worth the money we paid but do we have any choice?
    Why EON impose so much of taxes when those cars is MADE IN MALAYSIA.
    Just imagine a bank was able to emerge from all the interest that was collected from the car buyers.
    My question to Tun: Why didn’t you control the price to the minimum to safeguard the Rakyat’s money. Why did you allow certain peoples to become Millionaires with the AP.
    Thank you Sir

  102. assalamualaikum chedet
    – in somehow in someway, i do agree a lot with ir syahrizan.
    – & chedet pun tidak jawab semua persoalan dia.
    – & chedet pun kata sila adu pada gomen on recent policies.
    – bijak chedet letakkan persoalan pada bahu yang memerintah.
    – pada yang kurang bijak, habis sokong chedet, kipas besar pula tu.
    – sekali sahaja saya beli proton, thats it. mahal & tak berbaloi.
    – kenderaan saya sekarang pun rm156 sahaja sebulan, itu pun jenama jepun. tidak lama lagi habis la kot bayar, inshaAllah.
    – saya tidak nampak kejayaan dalam proton, sekadar ada & menyusahkan rakyat. harga mahal & berjangkit pada kenderaan jenama lain tapi still benefits for those yang bertuankan umno?
    – sekarang ni saya yakin someone at somewhere sedang fikirkan bagaimana untuk benefit poket masing-masing dalam business baru automotif, enjin kenderaan hybrid berasaskan petrol & elektrik. sila masuk umno & rebut peluang ini. benar?

  103. Respected Tun,
    I hope you are in good health. Just to share my humble opinion and experiences.
    1. When I was a student in UK ( during your time as pm ), the british liked proton. Why ? Good value for money and good after sales service. The export quality proton was much attractive than for the Malasia market.
    2. My first Proton ( wira aeroback ), when I was still in government service ( mau jimat maa..) I have to admit the power window was a problem. The car is still very much ” alive ” until now, my brother is currently using it.
    3. My second Proton, one which I am using now in Sarawak, Proton Saga.Why? Since I am still unsure how long I would serve in Sarawak, I see no point buying an expensive car. I wanted to buy a Kancil which is cheaper but my husband prefer a bigger car hence the Saga.
    4. Yes, it does have a problem too. The engine was knocking especially in the morning. They admit there was a problem with it’s”IBF?”,sorry about my ignorance with anything engine. They were a little slow in replacing it. I harrassed the service centre to change it quickly , they changed it and they apologize for the delay.Now there’s no more knocking and my petrol usage improves too.
    5. My point is, the vision does not end with Tun alone. Everybody in the organisation have to work hard so that the vision becomes a reality.
    6. To those who are could afford expensive car… nobody is stopping you. It’s your money. For 1 rich person there are hundreds or thousands of not so rich. Masses means a lot. Tun knows this.
    7. I wish Proton all the best. I hope they will improve their quality control and make sure they monitor their vendor and service centres. Do not just rely on the tag ” National car “. Make it a product that customer wants to buy for its quality , value for money and good after sales service.
    8. Until then, take care Tun berdua. May ALlah bless you always.
    9. Salam hormat.

  104. Salam Tun, with your permission, I would like to call on those who constantly look for fault in anything Malaysian and glorify the British so much, please pack your things and head for 10 Downing Street and ask the uccupant to give you citizenship and all the rights and perks you had as a Malaysian. Quite a number of Malaysians did that and were told to go fly kites.

  105. Salam Tun,
    membaca blog Tun setelah beberapa bulan menjalani kehidupan yang sibuk adalah sesuatu yang menyegarkan.
    1. Saya berada dalam industri automotif . Pelaggan syarikat saya berkerja berasal dari Jerman dan Jepun
    2. Kapasiti kami rendah kerana CKD yang sedikit.Mungkin strategi . saya tidak mahu ambil tahu.
    3. Apa yang saya tahu daripada pengalaman kerja+ pembacaan , Malaysia manpu menghasilkan 1 juta kereta setahun. daripada angka ini, Proton boleh hasilkan 500 ribu setahun .
    4 . dengan pengeluaran kereta yang tinggi , ia akan merancakkan rangkaian perniagaan yang terlibat dengan automotif.
    5. keluarlah dasar wajib kereta berapa tahun sekalipun , selagi pengguna masih perlu membayar harga yang sangat mahal seperti sekarang , dasar itu akan gagal.
    6. Di Jepun , gaji operator pengeluaran adalah 6 kali ganda dari Malaysia. Mengapa?
    7. Mudah. Pengeluaran kereta tinggi.Pekerja cekap.Komponen bermutu tinggi.
    8. Saya baru beli Persona 3 bulan yang lalu , tapi saya tidak terfikir untuk memperkenalkan kepada kawan2 saya.Kualiti tidak sepadan dengan apa yang saya bayar.Saya menyesal tidak mendengar nasihat ayah saya.
    9. Mungkin saya patut beli kereta yang kilang saya pasang …masih ada jiwa Malaysia walaupun jenama luar ( barangan tempatan sudah banyak dipasang )

  106. Salam Tun,
    Minta pendapat Tun berapa lamakah lagi dasar protectionism ini perlu ada?
    Ini kerana pengorbanan rakyat Malaysia terlalu besar. Dari segi kewangan, rakyat menanggung beban berat.
    Jika beli PROTON, nilainya tidak value for money (comparative to quality). Jika beli kereta import, perlu bayar eksais duti.
    Namun perngorbanan yang lebih besar, banyak nyawa pemandu PROTON melayang di jalanraya kerana ciri-ciri keselamatan tidak dititikberatkan. Selalu lihat di media kereta PROTON mudah terbelah dua, remuk dan hancur jika terlibat dalam kemalangan. PROTON pula, setelah sekian lama, tidak berusaha meningkatkan kualitinya kerana tahu rakyat biasa tidak ada pilihan selain membeli PROTON kerana harga kereta import secara relatif amat mahal.
    Minta pendapat Tun dan bloogers jika saya salah.
    Sekian. Terima kasih.

  107. Salam Tun semoga Allah panjangkan umur.
    Saya dah baca semua pro dan kontra tentang kereta nasiaonal kita.Pada pandangan saya,kita masing-masing ada pandangan sendiri.Perasaan saya apabila saya memandu kereta jenama nasional saya rasa BANGGA.Saya telah melawat kota London,Geneva,New York,Quebec dan Oslo.Penduduk di situ selalunya berbangga dengan apa sahaja kepunyaan negaranya.Kenapa rakyat kita susah sangat nak puji sesuatu kepunyaan kita.PELIK.Di tempat kerja saya para pensyarah berbangga dengan Mercedes C200 lama tetapi saya berbangga memandu kereta Viva model baru yang comel.Minyak cukup jimat.

  108. Tun,
    Izinkan saya menjawab tulisan beberapa penulis mengenai masalah power window sama ada melibatkan kereta Proton atau Perodua.
    Seorang penulis menyalahkan pendawaian elektrik sebagai punca masalah power window tersebut.
    Sebenarnya saya telah berpeluang untuk menyelidik sendiri masalah power window tersebut apabila saya memutuskan untuk membeli alat ganti berkenaan bagi menjimatkan kos dan memasang sendiri alat itu pada kereta saya.
    Harga sebuah alat power window yang lengkap dengan motor dan sebagainya jika dibeli terus di kedai peralatan kereta luar adalah kira-kira RM190 sebuah.
    Setelah memasang alat baru tersebut pada kereta saya, saya telah berpeluang membuka alat lama yang rosak untuk melihat sendiri apa punca kerosakan alat tersebut.
    Tun tahu apa yang saya lihat?Masalah kerosakan alat power window itu berpunca hanya kerana satu alat kecil sebesar batang mancis api telah patah disebabkan diperbuat daripada plastik.
    Saya tertanya tidak kah Proton atau Perodua boleh menggantikan alat ini yang diperbuat daripada plastik dengan yang diperbuat daripada logam?
    Cuba bayangkan pengguna kereta terpaksa membelanjakan RM190 (mungkin lebih jika dipasang oleh penjual asesori kereta} untuk membeli satu set alat power window yang lengkap hanya disebabkan satu batang plastik yang kecil ini patah.
    Pengguna juga tidak mempunyai pilihan selain terpaksa membeli satu set alat power window yang lengkap kerana kedai alat ganti kereta tidak ada menjual komponen alat ini secara berasingan.
    Saya masih mempunyai keyakinan terhadap kereta nasional kita jika perkara-perkara ini dapat diatasi dan pengeluar-pengeluar kereta nasional termasuk para mekaniknya menunjukkan minat yang mendalam untuk memperbaiki mutu kereta berkenaan.
    Mungkin ada penulis yang mengatakan kereta import juga mempunyai masalah yang sama.
    Jawapan saya ialah jangan pedulikan kereta import sebabkan kita lebih mementingkan mutu kereta nasional kita.
    Saya juga setuju dengan pendapat umum Tun, bahawa pembeli dan pengguna kereta tidak seharusnya dibebankan dengan cukai yang keterlaluan hanya disebabkan kita mahu melindungi kereta nasional kita.
    Akhir kata Tun, jika pembeli perlu dibebankan dengan cukai yang tinggi kerana terpaksa membeli sama ada kereta import mahu pun nasional, ia mestilah berasaskan `wang untuk mutu dan keselesaan utama untuk pembeli kereta’ kerana rakyat kita juga berhak mendapat peluang yang sama seperti rakyat negara asing membeli kereta dengan harga yang berpatutan.
    Salam Tun.

  109. salam buat Tun,
    Dear Ir. Syahrizan,
    6. I am not responsible for the recent National Automotive Policy. I am not in the Government now. Please make your complaints to the Government.
    harap-harap orang-orang kerajaan membaca blog Tun,Mustahil mereka tidak mempunyai internet samaada dirumah atau pun pejabat…jika mereka tak mampu TM selaku glc yang hebat(Bagi mengelakankan operasi potong wayer)
    turunkan lah yuran yang berbagai-bagai tu…termasuk yuran talian tetap yang disediakan dari zaman pejajah lagi dikenakan pada pengguna (RM 26.00)nak dapatkan talian internet 1mb pun kena bayar yuran sampai RM77/88 + RM 26.00 dah berapa?semua tawaran penyedia internet mempunyai agenda tersembunyi sehinggakan kakitangan mereka pun keliru untuk memaklumkan kepada pelanggan.
    saya berharap tuhan dapat melahirkan sekurang-kurang 10,000 lagi manusia yang hebat seperti Tun di Malaysia.Hanya orang kita sahaja yang boleh menjaga bangsa dan ugamanya.orang lain sememangnya tak boleh diharap dan negetif…semua yang kita buat tiada yang betul…kalau mereka dapat peluang membuat dana barulah banyak yang baik…contoh EONBANK dulu siapa punya,sekarang siapa pula yang punya….
    kemerosotan Protan selepas bila…..

  110. Tun,
    I am sure Ir. Syahrizanv love Malaysia and respect you and I am also sure that his comment hurts many people because it is true. We should look at ir. syahrizan comments positively as I am very sure he is trying to improve Proton and have no other reasons. Some say he is emotional but whatever he is, he is very right about proton management. We should ask what is proton? Is the project to help Malaysian or it is swindling the people? Are we paying the right value for proton cars?
    For those who think that to respect Tun is only to write or say positive comments are wrong. A wrong will always be wrong no matter you are old or young. Debate is good for improvement. A not working power window will always be a fail power window. Comments should improve the system but in Malaysia any failure is part of being Malaysian and the people just suffer and make no sound but I think the era is coming to an end. Now Malaysians want more accountability. Look a AirAsia, they were a lousy airline (always late or delay) for the first few years in operation and look at them now. They have gone international and that is what Malaysians expect from Proton. Can Proton live up to Malaysians expectation? Can proton stop using the easy way out by politicize the issues and for once commit to improve and apologize for been not up-to-standard? I guess they will not because no matter what happen they have their illegal rights and the backing of the Govt.

  111. Assalamualaikum Ayahanda Tun.
    Saya cukup teruja dlm komen Tun tentang proton sebelum ini.Saya bukanlah pemilik kereta jenama proton tetapi ingin juga beri pendapat serba sedikit kerana orang tua saya masih memiliki proton waja 2004.Kalau dilihat dari banyak sudut tertentu memanglah banyak nak dikomen seperti seseorang tu.HM.hM.Di malaysia cukup beruntung kita ada produk kereta tersendiri,imej,gaya,keperluan dan kualiti.CUma ingin di tegaskan di sini mungkin taraf hidup di malaysia belum lagi meningkat seperti di jepun,german dan negara pengeluar kereta yg lain.Di luar negara kereta berjenama honda,BMW mungkin lebih murah berbanding di Malaysia kerana mereka tidak mempunyai produk tersendiri.
    Saya setuju kita harus menjaga produk negara kerana ianya byk berkaitan dgn ekonomi,cukai,imej etc.Cuma negara perlukan lebih banyak saingan dari segi automotif.Kalau nak diikut dari 25 tahun kita boleh berbangga dgn pencapaian proton cuma tidak boleh terlebih berbangga kerana sepatutnya proton menggunakan masa ini menghasilkan keluaran yg lebih baik.Kerajaan tak patut di salahkan dan tidak patut di tukar hanya kerana kereta yg di hasilkan proton atau perodua tidak menepati citarasa pengguna.Saya suka kereta keluaran proton cuma kalau teknologi di pertingkatkan kualiti luar dan dalam di naikkan lagi ianya akan menjadi pilihan.Tetapi gaya hidup rakyat malaysia yg membebankan pengguna itu sendiri.Tak Mampu nak Beli..Belilah Jugak.
    Tidak salah beli proton kalau itu yg mampu cuma cara pemanduan kita sendiri yg menampakkan proton itu tidak berkualiti.Semasa di frankfurt kereta2 buatan mereka memandu ikut had peraturan juga walau ada ABS,EBD, etc.”Tinted” tingkap yg di larang di Malaysia juga tidak perlu.Mungkin itu penyebab power window cepat rosak.Perodua Myvi Isteri saya tidak di gelapkan cerminya..Tidak pula Rosak sejak 2006.Cara penggunaan itu penting.Belilah kereta Mahal manapun kalau dah di lenjan hari2 tekan sampai 140 jahanam lah.
    Betul kata MD proton “Sebilangan Rakyat Malaysia nak yg kualiti tapi taknak yg mahal.” Tapi bagaimana dgn sebilangan yg tak kisah walau pun mahal tapi nak kualiti??RnD proton perlu di pertingkatkan lagi.Kepada Proton kembali kepada perjuangan asal the Vision And Mision Proton di tubuhkan.Kalau setakat nak keluarkan kereta untuk rakyat mampu beli keluarkan juga kereta yg terlebih Mampu di beli.Janganlah seperti Model Perdana digunakan sudah lebih 10 tahun di jadikan sikit kualiti V6 jual sampai hari ini.2010 baru nak ganti model Perdana saya dengar kalau jadi..Bukankah terlalu lama.KErajaan pun kalau 6 tahun memerintah dgn Gaya yg sama Rakyat mintak tukar inikan pula kereta.
    Buat Ayahanda TUn.Teruskan perjuangan komen anakanda jgn di ambil out of context yg mana anakanda tahu ayahanda Tun takkan buat begitu.CUma komen Ir tu mungkin hanya nak melepaskan geram sebab dia beli proton dan pakai rosak.Itu je..kemudian mintak macam2.Pada saya mintaklah dgn kerajaan perbetulkan keadaan.Mintak tukar kerajaan pun belum tentu Proton lebih bagus.Politik jgn di campur adukkan dgn anak bini ataupun syarikat.
    Yg terus Setia bersama Ayahanda Tun.

  112. Salam
    Kepada Tun dan para pembaca,
    Ini adalah pandangan saya berkenaan perkara ini.
    Proton suatu ketika dahulu menjadi kebanggaan, namun ketika ini, rakyat memandang jelik akan proton. Sebagai penyokong industri automotif negara, saya berpendapat bahawa pandangan semua pihak perlu didengari dan diselesaikan.
    Proton yang dahulu menjadi kebanggaan kini menjadi cacian rakyat yang teringin menggunakan kereta keluaran honda, toyota, nissan, mitsubishi, renault, mercedes, bmw dan lain2 dengan harga yang murah. pada mereka, proton tidak setanding dengan kereta2 ini. Apa yang mereka faham ialah sekiranya tiada proton atau tiada dasar protectionism, kereta2 itu adalah mampu milik.
    Lihat saja perbandingan yang dibuat untuk isu ini. Thailand dikatakan lebih baik dalam industri automotif. Malaysia terkebelakang? benarkah begitu? Tahukah bahawa sekiranya Proton tiba2 ditutup, bayangkan berapa banyak pekerja proton dan vendor2 proton menganggur? perkara2 seperti ini tidak dilihat dengan teliti sebelum di luahkan.
    Saya berpendapat bahawa perkara ini berlaku kerana:
    1. Kepercayaan yang diberikan oleh pengguna tempatan terhadap proton telah dikhianati oleh proton sendiri. Protectionism terhadap proton tidak mengapa tetapi sikap protectionism proton terhadap vendor2nya (masalah biasa seperti power window) menyebabkan kualitinya jatuh. Tidak mengapa kalau keluaran pertama begitu tetapi kenapa keluaran2 lain mempunyai masalah yang sama. Alhamdulillah kini masalah tersebut boleh dikatakan telah kurang ketika ini. Syabas pengurusan baru proton. Satu lagi masalah yang biasa adalah pam minyak (fuel pump). Terkejut juga saya bila dimaklumkan oleh foreman bahawa ia adalah masalah biasa.
    2. Kurangnya rasa atau sifat kepunyaan (sense of belonging) rakyat terhadap produk keluaran proton. Contoh terdekat adalah Ir Syarizan yang lebih menggemari kereta keluaran luar yang padanya lebih baik kualitinya. Ini juga adalah tanda2 bahawa tahap nasionalisme rakyat semakin berkurang. Mungkin kerana terdapat terlalu banyak kereta berstatus nasional. Masalah ini juga berlaku kerana vendor2 proton ini tidak menggunakan tenaga tempatan. (saya pernah buat lawatan industri ke satu vendor proton dan dapati pekerja2 nya adalah dari luar). Involvement rakyat terhadap produk proton adalah kurang.
    3. After Sales service yang sgt2 tidak memuaskan. Tak payah tgk jauh, bandingkan dengan perodua sudah. Pun begitu, saya rasa Proton seharusnya belajar dengan Modenas tentang hal ini.
    Untuk bertanding dengan produk keluaran syarikat lain, pada saya proton telah bersedia. Saya harapkan agar segala usaha proton untuk menempuh pasaran tempatan dan dunia berjaya sehingga menjadi setaraf atau lebih baik dari yang lain.
    Untuk berjaya kita perlukan keyakinan, semangat, usaha dan sokongan. Sebagai seorang bakal pemilik kenderaan (setelah grad dan dapat gaji nanti) Proton akan menjadi pilihan saya kerana ia adalah tanda bahawa saya cintakan negara saya. Biarlah apa orang kata.
    Pun begitu, saya berharap sangat agar kualiti produk keluaran proton meningkat dari semasa ke semasa.
    Ps: Saya cadangkan agar vendor dashboard dibantu untuk meningkatkan lagi kualitinya. It’s not because of the material. It’s because how it was manufactured.

  113. Dear Ir Shahrizan and all who own Proton cars.
    Just want to share some experience about Power windows. I used to drive a BMW 325i and guess what, problems with power windows barely 6 months. Now I drive a Landrover TD4 and last month got to spend RM3500/- for repair my Power windows.
    My husband drove a Mercedes and everytime he pays the toll, he got to open his door. Yes right, Power window problems.
    My daughter owns a Proton Satria and no problems with Power window. Hmm…….

  114. Tun yang dihormati,
    Saya menulis lagi…
    Saya mengikuti hampir semua artikel Tun dalam chedetblog ni, namun tak pernah menghantar sebarang komen. Tapi bila sampai bab Proton ni saya tak dapat ‘berdiam diri’. Semuanya kerana saya pernah berbangga Malaysia mengeluarkan kereta nasional dan saya telah membayar ribuan ringgit dari usaha kederat saya untuk memiliki kereta Proton.
    Dalam komen saya yang lalu, saya banyak menyentuh tentang kualiti kereta keluaran Proton berdasarkan pengalaman saya menggunakan pelbagai jenis kereta selama ini.
    Saya lihat terlalu sarat komen dari bloggers yang Tun terima menyentuh tentang kualiti dan juga harga.
    Jualan cemerlang MYVI yang dijual pada harga yang tak berapa jauh bezanya dengan harga model tertentu Proton adalah satu lagi petanda aras keyakinan pengguna yang rendah untuk kereta keluaran Proton.
    Jelas sekali kepercayaan pembeli kereta terhadap produk keluaran Proton perlu dipulihkan dan sepatutnya menjadi antara Agenda utama dalam pembangunan semula Proton.
    Ramai yang menghantar komen (termasuk komen saya yang terdahulu) membandingkan Proton dengan kereta keluaran syarikat-syarikat lain.
    Saya yakin banyak kereta-kereta syarikat lain yang telah dibedah siasat di pusat R&D Proton, dan saya juga yakin banyak yang Proton kaji dan pelajari dari bedah siasat tersebut.
    Malah saya juga percaya ada elemen tertentu dari kereta syarikat asing yang telah cuba diterapkan Proton dalam model keluarannya, termasuklah mengguna pakai elemen tertentu dari Lotus.
    Tapi kenapa secara umumnya ramai yang masih merungut?
    Sebagai pengguna yang pernah memiliki Iswara, Perdana, dan kini Waja serta Persona, saya dapat rasakan peningkatan prestasi Proton secara keseluruhannya terutamanya dari segi suspensi dan prestasi enjin. Rekabentuknya juga sudah menampakkan kemajuan.
    Namun, kualiti pemasangan, pemeriksaan dan komponen kereta masih ditakuk lama. Khidmat selepas jualan (lebih berkaitan dengan attitud pekerja-pekerja) amat mengecewakan.
    Saya rasa saya faham kesan ‘economies of scale’ yang diterjemahkan dalam bentuk ‘kualiti tinggi pada harga berpatutan’.
    Kalau Malaysia mempunyai penduduk 70juta orang yang kita harapkan, ceritanya mungkin berbeza untuk Proton.
    Tapi kini penduduk Malaysia masih kurang dari 30juta orang. Maka pemilihan rakan kongsi strategik tidak dapat dielakkan.
    Untuk menentukan siapa rakan kongsi yang strategik, bagi saya Proton perlu terlebih dahulu menentukan arah tujunya sendiri terutamanya dari segi categori produk yang mahu Proton keluarkan.
    Contohnya, adakah Proton mahu fokus kepada model sedan sahaja, atau sedan dan MPV, atau 4WD, atau sebagainya.
    Setelah Proton menetapkan arah tujunya, Proton perlulah mengkaji rakan kongsi yang macam mana perlu di cari.
    Perlukah Proton mencari rakan kongsi yang mempunyai portfolio yang serupa?
    Atau, adakah lebih bermanfaat jika mempunyai rakan kongsi yang mengeluarkan produk yang berbeza?
    Kajian perlulah dilakukan bukan setakat di peringkat Proton dan bakal rakan kongsi sahaja tetapi perlulah lebih menyeluruh sehingga kepada OEM / vendors.
    Kegagalan melibatkan OEM dalam kajian yang dilakukan, mungkin membawa kepada pemilihan rakan kongsi yang membawa penjenamaan semula Proton semata-mata tetapi tidak membawa apa-apa faedah dari perspektif ‘economy of scale’.
    Jika ini yang berlaku, Proton akan kekal sebagai ‘kereta tak berkualiti yang dijual pada harga yang tinggi’.
    Pihak OEM untuk Proton juga perlulah ‘menyediakan diri’ untuk bersaing dengan vendors asing yang berurusan dengan bakal rakan kongsi Proton.
    Jika menghentikan khidmat vendor Proton yang sedia ada merupakan langkah yang terbaik untuk Proton (dalam konteks ‘economies of scale’), maka Proton perlulah mengambil keputusan ini walaupun saya sedar ia akan membawa implikasi yang lain.
    Antara aspek lain dalam pemilihan rakan kongsi adalah penetrasi pasaran yang bakal rakan kongsi miliki.
    Sudah tentu rakan kongsi yang hebat bakal membawa banyak manfaat, tetapi janganlah sampai Proton ‘dikudakan’ pula pada suatu hari nanti.
    Sering didengar kereta keluaran syarikat XXX menggunakan enjin syarikat YYY.
    Mungkinkah dengan menjadikan syarikat XXX sebagai rakan kongsi meningkatkan pencapaian ‘economies of scale’ sekiranya syarikat XXX menggunakan enjin Proton, terutamanya jika syarikat XXX tu mempunyai pasaran luas di negara-negara besar seperti China dan India.
    Terlebih dahulu Proton perlulah membuktikan kemampuan enjinnya. Semoga ini tercapai melalui pasukan F1 Proton.
    Tak semestinya pakai pemandu Malaysia untuk F1 Proton, asalkan dapat membuktikan enjin Proton sehebat pengeluar lain yang telah ternama.
    Saya bukanlah seorang jurutera dan pengetahuan saya mengenai industri permotoran dan teknolojinya adalah amat terhad.
    Saya juga bukan pakar bidang pemasaran.
    Maka apa yang saya akan komen seterusnya mungkin tidak relevan.
    Dalam usaha Proton untuk mengeluarkan produk pada harga yang kompetitif (sedangkan ‘economies of scale’ masih belum boleh dicapai secara keseluruhannya), Proton perlulah ‘fence’ bahagian tertentu di dalam pembuatan kereta.
    Contohnya, tidak kira apa jual model kereta yang dikeluarkan, ‘compressor’ yang sama mesti digunakan.
    Maka ‘economies of scale’ mungkin boleh dicapai bagi pengeluaran ‘compressor’.
    Begitulah dengan bahagian-bahagian lain, dan bukannya mengurangkan kos dengan menggantikan dashboard dengan plastik yang cikai dan nampak tak premium.
    Dalam komen saya yang terdahulu, saya ada cadangkan supaya ‘DNA’ tertentu dicipta untuk Proton dan pastikan ‘DNA’ ini ‘flows’ pada setiap model Proton.
    Saya dapati seakan sudah ada satu ‘flow’ di antara model Gen2 dan Persona.
    Namun bagi saya melancarkan Persona (pada harganya sekarang) selepas Gen2 dilancarkan beberapa ketika tidak membina ‘premiumness’ jenama Proton.
    Saya rasa kesannya mungkin lebih positif jika strategi pemasarannya berbeza.
    In the first place, Proton perlulah tentukan apakah DNA yang hendak dicipta dan diguna pakai.
    Ciptalah DNA ini dengan menentukan apa pembeli dan pengguna kereta harapkan dari kereta mereka dan apa yang membanggakan mereka terhadap kereta mereka.
    Tun, Proton sudah sampai ke tahap ‘Do or Die’. Maka sudah pastinya akan ada situasi ‘Proton has to bite the bullet’, terutamanya jika ada yang melibatkan kroni-kroni atau pekerja-pekerja yang mempunyai aspirasi yang sama untuk membangunkan Proton.
    ‘Just do it’. If it doesn’t happen now, it will never happen.
    Salam Tun.

  115. Assalamualaikum
    Dear Tun,
    1) Lampu untuk model terbaru Proton di beli dari kilang Sanyo AutoMedia beralamat di Prai Penang. Malangnya di beli tidak secara terus, ianya melalui laluan2 “bertol” yang menjadikan harganya berlipat kali ganda. Proton dan akhirnya End-users yang akan menanggungnya.
    2) Engineering Manager kat Sanyo AutoMedia adalah lulusan dari Universiti Jepun. Design Manager kat proton, (Beliau adalah bekas pekerja Sanyo AutoMedia) juga lulusan dari Jepun (Hiroshima University). Mereka berdua pun terkejut dengan urusan pembelian yang merugikan Proton sendiri dan akhirnya pengguna sebegini. Tapi mereka tak mampu berbuat apa-apa kerana keputusan orang2 besar yang berkepentingan.
    3) Tun pun tahu, Untuk Save Cost, ianya bermula dari bahagian Purchasing, kemudian ke bahagian / jabatan lain seperti Kualiti, Pembuatan, Maintenance dan sebagainya. Saya amat berharap Tun dapat berbuat sesuatu bermula dari bahagian pembelian / purchasing / Buyer.
    4) Kualiti? Ramai orang berkata jangan menilai sesebuah buku dari kulitnya. Tapi majoriti manusia melihat kulit. Memilih teman lelaki/wanita pun, luaran yang nampak dahulu. Tun sendiri pernah berkata, seorang yang baik mestilah juga kelihatan baik. Makanan yang sedap mestilah kelihatan sedap. Lihatlah bagaimana Biskut “Beras Panggang” Jepun yang dipanggil “Senbei” dibungkus. Harga bungkusan pun mungkin lebih mahal dari biskut itu sendiri. Kelihatan amat sedap untuk dimakan dan kita terpanggil untuk membelinya. Rasanya pun OK.
    5) Perkara Appearances / Cosmetics amat perlu di ambil perhatian oleh Proton. Power window juga termasuk dalam kategori Appearances yang menjadikan ianya hangat untuk di kritik dan di perkatakan. Soalnya, sampai bila ianya akan berterusan? QA / IQC kat Proton tak mampu detect ka? Tak kan tak ada Reliability Test? Claim Card kepada Supplier tak berbalas ka? Tak kan supplier dan Proton tak ada Improvement Plan selepas puluhan tahun?
    6) Pembuatan / Manufacturing? Belajarlah dari Toyota. Banyak buku tulisan bekas-bekas pekerja Toyota yang hebat2. Pelajarilah Toyota Style. Jangan pula meniru bulat2, Engineer (Ir??) kat Proton perahlah sikit otak untuk kesesuaian. Pekerja2 Proton di harapkan agar lawatilah kilang2 mereka. Toyota tidak pernah gentar dengan Syarikat2 kereta yang lain kerana saingan mereka yang terdekat dalam 10 tahun ke depan adalah Hyundai Korea. Bacalah komentar Presiden Toyota yang terbaru.
    Saya dan ahli keluarga terdekat menggunakan kereta2 Proton. Ayah saya baru saja mendapat Saga sehari sebelum Raya Idul Fitri yang lepas. Percayalah Tun, kami inginkan yang terbaik untuk Proton kerana akhirnya kami rakyat Malaysia juga yang mampu menikmati hasil kejayaan itu secara amnya.

  116. Salam Tun.
    It was a coincident that I was about to write to Ir. Syahrizan regarding what he wrote in your post earlier but because of my hectic studies and tests everywhere on the schedule, you made the reply first. So syabas to you Tun.
    Think kind of people wether he really have an Ir. or not deserve to have such special attention from you as what he produced in his comment earlier was unimaginably rude.

  117. Tun,
    Please comment about Proton Perdana Maintenance
    Pay RM180k to buy one car, pay another RM180k to maintain every year.
    Happen in BN government states.
    Is the Proton Perdana so lousy?
    Or the BN govenment so corrupt?
    Or Both?

  118. I tell you truth, I am with UMNO and will never go back to PAS or PKR. I have realize what the core of their intention, DAP is a dangerous enough tool.
    This country could end up being another Singapore, or US because of them. I do not if they notice, but they are selling this country just because they are successful, what about the other poor who needs help?
    Current UMNO is not as good, but I rather stick with the devil than destroying what our forefathers worked for. Their sweat, and their tears for nothing?
    I call upon every PAS, and PKR to think about the consequences of their decisions. I am preparing to migrate, somewhere out of this country if Lim Kit Siang, or Anwar is going to be the PM.

  119. Dear Ir. Syahrizan,
    I really pity you. You have so much hatred in you that it clearly overtakes the point you are trying to make.
    You must remember dear Ir Syahrizan, we do not need any intelligence to come out with emotional statement like yours.
    Now go home and put yourself together. Then come back as least as a man; if sounding intelligent is to much for you.
    Dah!!! Berenti nangis…

  120. Salam,
    Tidak menyokong kereta tempatan dianggap pengkianat. Mana punya belajar puak-puak ini. Masalahnya kereta nasional menyusahkan jutaan rakyat tempatan. Kereta sepatutnya murah!
    Dengan proton rakyat Malaysia terutama golongan berpendapan rendah terpaksa membelanjakan peratusan yang tinggi hanya untuk membayar kereta yang sub-standard. Tanpa proton harga kereta tidak perlu dicukaikan sehingga 300% hanya untuk memaksa rakyat sendiri membeli kereta proton kerana tiada pilihan.
    Rakyat Malaysia saja yang “gila” sampai sanggup membayar sehingga 9 tahun demi sebuah kereta. Sudahlah pengangkutan awam macam ….!
    Tak payahlah membawa isu jurutera Melayu, Melayu sini. Kalau proton tidak ujud Malaysia yang menjadi pusat pemasangan kereta ASEAN. Ratusan ribu peluang kerja akan ujud. Beribu SME/SMI akan membekalkan spare part akan dibina.
    Banyak lagi negara maju tanpa kereta nasional. Mereka juga tidak meletakkan maruah negara hanya kerana kereta nasional. Mana MINI, Jaguar, Aston Martin? Ada rakyat British bersedih apabila di jual. Ini bisnes, kalau PROTON perlukan sokongan syarikat lain, jual saja.
    Kenyataannya : PROTON masih ujud atas dasar menghisap darah rakyat Malaysia.

  121. Salam buat Tun….
    Tidak salah usaha untuk melindungi proton… Tapi biarlah kena pada tempatnya. Sampai bila rakyat harus dipaksa membeli kereta seperti ini…. Jika nak rakyat sokong dan beli kereta proton …proton harus berubah. Setiap individu yg terlibat dalam menghasilkan kereta proton seharusnya memikul tanggungjawab menjaga nama baik proton. Setiap tugasan hendaklah dilakukan dengan penuh tanggungjawab dan dedikasi.. Keikhlasan dlm melakukan tugas itu amat penting tak kiralah dlm apa jua bidang …
    Jika nama baik proton dan kualiti kereta dapat dipulihkan serta harga proton memuaskan hati pembeli tidak mustahil pembeli akan tetap menyokong proton. Kepuasan hati seorg pembeli itu amatlah perlu diambil berat oleh proton . Kalau boleh setiap pembeli disurvey selepas membeli kereta proton mgkn dlm tempoh 1 tahun selepas pembelian. Barulah proton dapat mengetahui pendapat org ramai yg membeli proton.
    Proton harus berani melakukan perubahan… Kepercayaan dan kepuasan pengguna harus diutamakan…. Sekian terima kasih

  122. Salam,
    ****Kepada Ir. Syahrizan********
    Saya dan tiada seorang pun keluarga terdekat terlibat dengan industri PROTON. Tetapi saya amat menyokong dan InsyaAllah akan terus menyokong PROTON walaupun kereta Proton saya asyik rosak “power window” seperti berlaku kat kereta Ir. Syahrizan.
    Kasihan kat Ir. Syahrizan,kena hentam habis. Ambil komen secara positif. Anda sekarang seorang “celebrity”. Saya nasihatkan saudara teruskan berkhdimat sebagai jurutera.Negara perlu jurutera hebat seprti saudara.Bukan perli ye!Beri sumbangan saudara dalam bidang saudara.
    *******Kepada Dato Najib:************
    Prestasi Dato Najib dan BNasional agak cemerlang sekarang ni. Rakyat bawahan ramai nak balik semula kat BNasional.Tahniah. Bukan mengampu sebab Dato Najib bukan kenal saya dan saya pun tak mahu dia kenal saya.
    Sebagai rakyat biasa dan berpangkat rendah ini (tak sehebat Ir.Syahrizan dan lain2!) harap wang rakyat dibelanjakan dengan baik. Kos pengurusan dan pentadbiran kerajaan perlu cekap. Lebihan kewangan harus disalur semula kepada rakyat, bukan membazir seprti air paip bocor kita lihat di tepi jalanraya. Kita harap semua jabatan kerajaan dan GLC maju ke hadapan. Semua ini banyak bergantung kepada pengurusan yang cekap seprti kata Tun mengenai Proton.
    Kebanyakan Jabatan kerajaan boleh katakan pencapaian memuaskan (tak teruk sangat)sebab depa selalu kena hentam kat TV dan akhbar.Selalu kena hentam polis dan JPJ!Kasihan kat depa!Tapi la ni prestasi depa pun dah meningkat.
    Tetapi tolong semak semula prestasi IPTA dan institusi2 penyelidikan di semua Kemeterian, terutamanya yang banyak peruntukan kewangan. Setiap wang ringgit dibelanjakan perlu ada hasilnya kepada negara. Kerajaan pastikan institusi ini berusaha mencapai KPI.Jangan duk main syok sendiri. Rupa2nya Malaysia ada banyak institusi yang “Hidup Segan Mati Tak Mahu”.
    Jika tak capai KPI, tukar saja pengurusan.Depa gaji tinggi,mesti berkebolehan tinggi. Buat style kelab bolasepak Inggeris. Tak capai prestasi, tukar manager!Kalau terpaksa ambil bukan Melayu jadi ketua, ambil lah! Asalkan majoriti kakitangan kerajaan masih orang Melayu dan bumiputera.Kelab bolasepak Inggeris sekarang pun ramai manager bukan rakyat UK.
    InsyaAllah, orang melayu akan maju ke hadapan, bila ada tekanan dan persaingan.
    Jangan marah ye! Untuk kebaikan semua rakyat Malaysia.

  123. Salam Tun yang dikasihi,
    Saya dah pakai kereta proton 7 tahun, siap kena curi lagi lepas 6 bulan pakai, tapi polis jumpa balik. Dan sampai skarang saya pakai kereta tu. Takde pulak dia bagi masalah, power window pun ok jer… Dan bibik indonesia mak saya takde plak bawak kete… harapnya lepas balik ke indon dia dapat bawak kete honda atau toyota…
    So saya tak nak complain macam orang2 lain sbb saya takde masalah ngan kereta saya tuh.
    Tapi saya tak puashati la ngan bank2 skarang. Banyak sangat yang depa charge kat customers… nak kuarkan duit sendiri pun kena charge.. sorry la lari dari topik..

  124. Assalamualaikum & selamat sejahtera Tun
    1. Harap Tun dpt jemput staff & vendor2 proton jadi exhibitor untuk aotomotive tech exhibition kat Amerika, German, Prancis, Jepun dan sebagainya. kkeluar duit sket takpe ,janji ada pulangan pada masa sama boleh compare kualiti vendor Malaysia dengan vendor2 luar sana.
    2. R&D proton xberapa menyerlah. harap staf2nya berusaha lebih sket.
    3. Harap Proton dah start berusaha untuk membuat kereta2 yang berkualiti tinggi dan sesuai untuk harga ratus ribu keatas. Sekarang nie makin ramai yang nak dan mampu mempunyai kereta tersebut. student2 universiti pun dah boleh pakai kereta lawa2.
    3. Harap proton dapat ambil kesempatan dalam perlumbaan F1 yang teamnya akan Malaysia taja tahun depan. jangan puas hati dengan jentera n body keta yang ada skrg.
    4. Semoga Proton akan terus maju dan menerajui industri pemotoran bukan sahaja di tanah air, malah menjadi antara pemain utama di antara bangsa
    5. Umur proton dah 23/24 tahun. dah sampai masa untuk act sebagai pemuda/ syarikat yang agak matang.
    Terima kasih dan moga panjang umur Tun yang dikasihi

  125. Assalamualaikum Tun!
    Berdasarkan dari komen yang dihantar untuk tajuk ini saya dapati memang kebanyakan rakyat Malaysia masih sangat menyokong barangan buatan Malaysia, cuma kurang senang dengan kualiti barang yang tiada peningkatan setelah sekian lama memberi sokongan. Saya harap pihak berkenaan di Proton membaca komen yang disiarkan untuk meningkatkan kualiti dan tidak berputusasa.
    Saya sendiri memang sentiasa menggunakan kereta proton dari kereta pertama lagi, sekarang saya gunakan kereta wira tahun 1997 sebagai kereta kedua untuk pergi kerja dan bergerak disekitar lembah kelang. Kereta masih OK lagi bagi saya yang tak mementingkan sangat anggapan orang samada saya ni orang berduit atau tak…. Kerena kereta dah berusia lebih 11 tahun saya akan rekod kan kos penjagaan setakat ini saya membelanjakan hanya RM3500 untuk tempoh 4 tahun, dimana sebahagian besar disebabkan pembaikan untuk satu kerosakan yang agak besar kerana terlepas pandang tempoh penggunaan

  126. Good morning Ayahanda Tun,
    The Star Online reported..
    //Saturday November 7, 2009
    Govt scraps end-of-life policy for vehicles
    KUALA LUMPUR: The Govern-ment has agreed to pull back the introduction of an end-of-life policy for vehicles, after taking into account the people

  127. Dear Tun,you main intention for the introduction of NAP was just a beginning for industrialisation.Regretably,the commentators only saw the tree and not the forest.Your sincere intentions are focussed by the selfish commentators on Proton.The spin off of the Proton Project created numerous types of jobs and business opportunities.That is the Mission of Good Governance.You walk the talk and flip flopping.Some commentators are just Mosquitoes.

  128. Dear Tun,
    Have you revisit your previous writing of lately? The Malay dilemma… I mean.
    Well the situation has not changed at all.. it is just modernised. Compositions and elements are still the same.
    Malay are malay they never change that much…

  129. Dear Tun,
    I think it is the best to protect our national car industry. This is absolutely government job. In fact, I was working in Japanese Company and been to Japan a few times. Majority cars over there is made in Japan. When I asked my colleagues, they mentioned the government is giving a tax exemption or less tax making the price more competitive compare to other import cars. If we want our industry to become as good as them, why not we do exactly the same as them?

  130. Dear Tun,
    Kereta adalah penggerak ekonomi rakyat dan negara selama tempoh hayatnya.
    1. Atas kertas – Engineer, designer dapat gaji
    2. Dalam Kilang – Pembekal, penghantar, pembuat dan ramai lagi dapat gaji
    3. Keluar Kilang – Kerajaan dapat tax
    4. Keluar showroom – Salesman/distributor dapat komisen, bank dapat financing interest/gazillion of other charges, pengeluar dapat income, insurance dapat duit (almost) free, JPJ dapat cukai jalan.
    5. Atas Jalan – JPJ/Polis dapat duit saman (bawak laju sbb kete laju), Majlis Daerah dapat duit parking/saman tak bayar parking, petrol station sure laku, workshop dapat duit repair/maintenance + tipu claim insurance, kilang tayar, insurance dapat lagi (yearly), JPJ dapat lagi (yearly), used car salesman dapat komisen (kalau jual) , duit tol hari2, mcm2 lagi la.
    6. lepas 10 tahun – jual besi buruk
    Yang saya dapat ialah dapat tanggung semua di atas. dan naik kereta seronok kesana kesini. Terima kasih.

  131. Salam kasih dan salam hormat Ayahanda Tun.
    Tun, now that the issue on Proton is coming a near posting end here, we conclude that if you are at the helm of Proton again any OEM players you may bring in would be good for Proton. Malaysians trust you better above any political party or system here. What we have been worried about is other hands at work, hand like the ones who beats David Cooperfield flat with the MV Agusta disappearing sale. But if you are the one who brings in the OEM, then it should be for the best of Proton. Maybe our fears have been unfounded. We know that. With a good OEM we may actually be able to resuscitate Lotus just as well. It is one big auto phobia here after the

  132. Tun,
    Protecting our car industry is similar to the west’s practice no doubt but we face a daunting task compared to those superpowers. USA, Germany, Japan or France has a powerful buying population compared to us. They also earn more money per capita.
    Our consumer population of 28 million or so is too small to sustain a heavy industry such as the automotive sector. On top of that our population does not see Proton as on par with the foreign ones that are not only supported by their domestic demand such as in Japan’s 100 over million population, but also a worldwide sales market of hundreds of millions.
    The battle against the rest of the world is too one-sided. Yes, we can protect but for how long against such a formidable force.
    I am afraid it will be a matter of time before we succumb to foreign pressure. We must have true innovation which today is non-existent in our country. Our universities are only concerned with ‘cari makan’ and not ‘cari ilmu’. Education is not free here and graduates and their parents only think about earning back their investments and not pursuance of knowledge for its own sake.
    In short we may be doomed. Change our paradigm or else.
    Redhuan D. Oon

  133. Dear all commentators,
    I understand why some of you complaints much due to the quality of Proton. Well, i own a Satria 2001 still doing well for squeezing our so called expensive busy roads and jams. Lucky me as i get the one with manual window, as for the engine no problems yet. Sorry to those unlucky ones. More electronics more problems in cars but the thing is, it may not be the case in Proton.
    Yes we are driving expensive cars which costs cheap and why is that. I hope Y.A. Bhg Tun would be able to furnish the costs of parts supplier to Proton publicly then maybe we know why. Always has been occurred in Malaysia where we pay hundreds of ringgit for a box of 30 ringgit screwdrivers.
    To Dearest Y.A. Bhg Tun, with all due respect i understand that there is protectionism in many countries but why are we paying such a low costs car for much higher price. I was wondering how much is a Proton Saga costs to produce. Aren’t we suppose to offer a slightly better price to our countrymen and that will be more difficult for the foreign cars to break into Proton market even at minimum trade barriers. Is Proton taking the advantage of protectionism to sell a low costs car at a higher price to the locals.
    What if Proton;
    1. Were to pay the suppliers what it should be paid and a more stringent quality controls on suppliers which due to a certain number of faults the suppliers should be called upon for a review. If repeats of faults from suppliers it should then be relieved from supplying? Unless certain suppliers are protected???
    2. Proton is to be privatised where it will be on it’s own so politics will not be able to affect the company itself (which is one of the main problems that Proton is facing now) and it should be performance based on staffs as low performers should be cut. We would love Tun to be the major shareholder if possible : )- sure the staffs will work hard just a stare from Tun will be able to put the CEO in cold feet hahaha…. but not sure it still works now but i’m sure Tun can do it.
    3. Have a more centralise systems and operations where the dealers or service centres can get a much better support and limit those 3S shops to certain strategic areas only as too many service centres is just useless and wasteful.
    4. Be more uptight on spending dun let management staff to fly 1st class on working trip or bunk in unnecessary luxury hotels. Heard Lotus is going into F1 where BMW and Toyota is pulling out. Wondering how we are funding it. Are we able to afford it what 1 Malaysia team. Public money ??? or Proton.
    5. Be more aggressive in branding the car rather thinking that Proton is already establish. Ask anyone here seen any Proton billboards on the road. Yes only one at Federal highway Sunway strtch. Pls spend some money on branding at least show Malaysians that Proton is still working hard to be a real car player???
    Well just some suggestions hope none offended…
    Proton should have these ingredients OR MORE:
    most important root out any corruptions in the company.
    company interest above anyone else.
    Thank you for listening if any. I hope Proton will do us proud and benefit Malaysians for once.
    Hopefully Y.A.Bhg Tun will be able to turn the company to it’s right path.
    Best Wishes,
    The Poor Malaysian

  134. salam ayahanda tun….
    harap sihat2 sekeluarga….
    saya nak sound mr engineer tu sikit je….
    halo mr engineer,
    baca betul2 ape yang aku nak cakap nih!
    tun dapat gelaran doktor kau belum lahir lagi kot…
    tun jadi penasihat proton, kau baru dapat engineer kau tu kot kan?????
    jangan nak duga lautan dalam kalau kail panjang sejengkal…..
    tak suke proton beli kereta lain…
    tak suka tun, tak payah nak sindir2 pulak…..
    masa tun makan garam, kau punya gigi pun silap2 belum tumbuh lagi…..
    *sorry agak emotional sikit…….
    anyway, tun teruskan dengan idea2 dan pendapat tun….
    hidup tun!!!!!!

  135. Salam buat Ayahanda Tun,
    1. Saya rasa Ir Syahrizan tak lama lagi cukuplah cerdiknya, tunggulah dia buat kereta yang terbang tanpa minyak, tanpa tayar macam tikar terbang dalam cerita P.Ramlee dan lepas tu dia bagi percuma kat rakyat Malaysia. Tapi dia kena ingat konsep termo-dinamik (yang saya dok juga hadap kat U dulu), kita kena bakar bahanapi untuk dapat tenaga. Duit pun sama,kita kena cukaikan (bakarkan poket..!) untuk memajukan negara. Kalau kereta murah macamana pun, jalan tak ada, alamatnya kereta tu bungkus sajalah kat belakang rumah atau tunggu dia terbang. Tu pun kalau mampu beli. Tanya orang kat Indo-China, berapa kerat yang mampu beli kereta andai kata harga Proton RM30k kat sana..?
    2. Pasal dasar perlindungan dalam NAP tu, sama juga dengan akta amalan jurutera kat Malaysia ni (yang ni relevan dengan saudara yang berstatus Insiniur, Ir).. Kalau tak ada sekatan dan perlindungan dikenakan, mana-mana graduan kejuruteraan dari entah mana-mana universiti atau negara boleh datang praktik kat Malaysia, rasa-rasanya Saudara ‘Ir Syahrizan’ dah lama jadi Pak Supir bawa teksi, sebab di sesetengah negara tu gaji ‘Ir’ kat negaranya hanya 10% gaji saudara. Hatta, kalau dia orang ni datang berkerumun nak jadi derebar kat sini, entah-entah kita pun orang tak nak ambil jadi derebar – gaji pendatang hanya 10-20% gaji kita..! Tengoklah pengawal keselamatan dari Nepal kat sini..! Dan cuba bayangkan kalau warga Bangladesh pulak diberi kebenaran jadi jaga dan gajinya hanya empat lima ratus ringgit sebulan. Tak percaya, suruhlah kerajaan cuba..!
    3. Kat Malaysia ni mudah. Kalau mampu pakai kereta buatan Barat, silakan dan bayarlah cukainya dan dengan cukai ni la disalurkan kat orang-orang kampung. Masalah ‘duit cukai’ tak sampai ke sasaran, itu masalah lain – kelemahan sistem penyampaian. Sedangkan kita, kadang-kadang mengelak dari bayar parkir perbandaran walhal kita guna ruang parkir tu..! Macamana majlis perbandaran nak bayar gaji orangnya..?
    4. Kita jangan selalu bandingkan dengan Thailand atau Indonesia. Buruk macamana pun negara ini, warga Thai dan Indonesia tetap melimpah masuk. Tak percaya, tanyalah pegawai imigresen. Tak menang tangan menangkap yang masuk secara haram. Malah duit ‘cukai kereta’ yang dikenakan kat kita tu pun diguna bagi makan dia orang kat pusat tahanan PATI. Singapura tak boleh kiralah, beli air dari Johor pun 3 sen saja tapi jual balik untuk unit isipadu yang sama berapa..?

  136. Dear Tun, salam mesra harap sihat sejahtera. Pandangan saya pada sebuah kiriman di sini…..
    A commenter here asked for Tun’s response to his question, which Tun graciously obliged. But he is turning Tun’s reply into a debate? Don

  137. Assalamualaikum Tun
    Saya berminat dengan komen ‘Ir Syahrizan’
    Sejak 1985 hingga sekarang proton tetap unggul sebagai kenderaan pilihan rakyat Malaysia. Hasil kerja keras dan sokongan pemimpin tertinggi, pekerja industri hinggalah kepada rakyat pengguna, syabas.
    Perbandingan yang cuba dibuat oleh ‘Ir’ tak cukup garam, kurang masin. Kalau pakai ‘title Ir’ tunjukkanlah dalil atau nas atau apa-apa sebagai rujukan atau panduan, jangan hanya macam ahli parlimen pembangkang yang paling lama dalam dewan rakyat, tahu ‘complain’ tapi cadangan tak ada.
    Setakat kerani di Indon boleh pakai kereta ‘Camry’ yang dihairankan oleh ‘Ir’, saya rasa pemandu teksi di Malaya telah menggunakan ‘Benz’ untuk menarik penumpang sejak tahun bila ye? ‘Ir’ belum lahir kot. Tak ada yang pelikkan. Tak tahulah ‘Ir’ rasa pelik.
    Kebanyakan orang kita lebih mementingkan ekonomikal berbanding kemewahan. Kalau setakat yang kaya bertambah kaya atau sebaliknya, itu memang adat dunia demokrasi, kita di sini bukannya menggunakan sistem ‘komunisma’ seperti dibeberapa buah negara yang mungkin ‘Ir’ tahu.
    Dari apa yang kerajaan sedang laksanakan adalah, untuk memastikan rakyat mempunyai tempat tinggal yang selesa, boleh menyara kehidupan diri dan keluarga disamping kesihatan terjaga untuk memudahkan urusan harian. Siapa yang berusaha lebih, pasti mendapat ganjaran yang setimpal.
    Proton merupakan salah satu industri yang telah membantu sebilangan kecil rakyat membina kehidupan. Walau tak ramai tapi tetap membantu. Syabas kepada PEMIMPIN yang telah meneroka industri ini. Tapi ‘Ir’ sedang meneroka apa sekarang?.
    Benarkah industri ‘automotive’ di Negara Utara dan seberang lebih baik dari Malaysia. Mungkin agaknya, kerana faktor bilangan manusia yang ramai serta kos yang murah. Kalau industri di Jepun dan Korea dibuat perbandingan, amat malanglah ‘Ir’, kerana mereka ada nama dan pasaran yang amat luas serta telah bergiat sejak kita belum merdeka agaknya. Kalau ‘Ir’ memang ada segulung ijazah, cuba merantau dan meneroka bidang kerjaya di Jepun atau Korea, saya rasa payah juga untuk ‘Ir’ menembusi, kerana mereka lebih mementingkan bangsa mereka sendiri dan kalau terpaksa mereka akan meletakkan beberapa syarat seperti perlu fasih delam bahasa ibunda mereka. Saya rasa ‘Ir’ faham maksud di atas, bahawa kita perlu mempertahankan produk kita.
    Cuba ‘Ir’ ketuk dengan jari ‘body’ mata belalang dan buat perbandingan dengan proton yang seusia dengannya. Jangan terkejut akan hasilnya. Proton boleh mengadaptasikan teknologi terkini tentang mutu binaan badan kereta termasuk cat, tetapi adakah rakyat/pengguna kita sanggup membayar kosnya?. Syabas proton dan pemimpin yang meneroka industri ini kerana membina kereta yang sesuai dengan taraf ekonomi rakyat.
    Kalau setakat ‘tin milo’ yang ‘Ir’ ketengahkan, saya rasa ia lebih baik kerana ada juga logamnya jika dibandingkan dengan kereta berlambang kuda yang menggunakan bahan asas dari plastik untuk binaan ‘body’ tetapi dijual dengan harga 7 angka. Saya rasa ‘Ir’ faham bahawa teknologi memainkan peranan dalam peningkatan kos sesebuah kereta disamping nama yang tertera pada kereta tersebut.
    Mungkin ada sesetengah pemimpin yang melonggarkan syarat kemasukan kereta dari luar, dan ini telah mengakibatkan kemerosotan penjualan proton beberapa tahun kebelakangan ini. Kalau ‘Ir’ nak tahu, jika kita selalu bawa masuk penyanyi ke negara kita seperti ‘beyonce’, ‘mariah carey’, ‘jenifer houston’ dan lain-lain lagi, saya pasti Datuk Siti Nurhaliza pun tak boleh cari makan.
    Saya rasa ‘Ir’ telah salah tempat dalam membuat komen kepada Tun Dr Mahathir bin Mohamed yang mana dunia masih lagi ingin mendengar pandangan beliau tentang masalah global walaupun telah meninggalkan pimpinan kerajaan. Dunia mana yang nak dengar pandangan ‘Ir’.
    Kalau setakat satu undi ‘Ir’ boleh menggugat kerajaan BN, saya rasa amat malang bagi penyokong BN. Saya nak tegaskan kepada ‘Ir Syahrizan’ bahawa kerajaan BN akan merampas semula semua negeri yang dipinjamkan kepada PR pada PRU13 dengan majoriti yang amat besar. Insyaallah

  138. Tun yang dihormati,
    Ramai yang dah cerita pasal masaalah kualiti kereta keluaran Proton. Saya bersetuju tak kurang dari apa yang bloggers dah tulis. Saya dan isteri dah memiliki 4 model Proton, dan kami juga pernah menggunakan 2 model Perodua, 1 model Ford dan 1 model Toyota untuk beberapa tahun.
    Power window, bunyi berdecit di bahagian dashboard apabila ada gegaran dari enjin yang dihidupkan, dan sebagainya sangat sinonim dengan kereta Proton.
    Tak pernah saya nampak pemandu kereta keluaran syarikat lain yang terpaksa membuka pintu di plaza tol untuk mengambil tiket tol kerana tingkap dah tak berfungsi. Tapi pemandangan sebegini sangat lazim dilakukan pemandu kereta Proton.
    Tak pernahkah pihak pengurusan Proton menyaksikan kejadian sedemikian rupa? Atau pun hanya buat tak nampak kerana vendor to kawan dia?
    Sebagai pengguna yanng pernah memiliki beberapa model Proton, saya dapat lihat melalui model Proton yang saya gunakan sekarang rekabentuk dan kejuruteraan Proton telah meningkat berbanding model yang terdahulu. Antaranya dari segi sistem suspensi dan rekabentuknya yang lebih menarik.
    Walau bagaimanapun, kualiti material dan pembuatan masih ditakuk lama.
    Kini saya lihat Proton cuba mengadaptasi sistem antarabangsa tertentu dalam operasi syarikatnya. Melalui pengalaman saya bekerja di syarikat-syarikat yang mengamalkan pelbagai sistem dan kualiti produk keluaran mereka, saya rasa Proton perlulah memastikan ‘budaya kualiti’ menjadi darah daging setiap individu di Proton terlebih dahulu sebelum sebarang sistem pengurusan kualiti diguna pakai. Jika tidak, sistem apa pun yang dipakai akan hanya cantik di atas kertas tetapi kualiti produk yang dikeluarkan masih tidak dimajukan.
    Spesifikasi vendor juga perlu diperketatkan. Kini kerajaan cuba mengetengahkan sistem tender terbuka. Di syarikat saya bekerja, tender terbuka memang diamalkan.
    Bagaimana agaknya pemilihan vendor dijalankan di Proton? Jika ada ‘cronism’, potong dulu bahagian yang ‘bernanah’ tu.
    Menurut pengamatan saya, banyak pengeluar produk hari ini yang mencipta suatu ‘DNA’ untuk jenama mereka; dan ‘DNA’ ini dipastikan pada setiap varian / model produk yang mereka keluarkan. Contohnya, lihat BMW 3, 5 dan 7 Series. Jika logo BMW ditanggalkan dari kereta mereka, kita masih kenal kereta itu kereta BMW. Begitu juga dengan Toyota Vios, Altis dan Camry. Seakan ada ‘flow’ di kalangan model-model tersebut. Kini saya lihat Perodua juga telah ‘mencipta DNA’ mereka. Banyak kelebihan yang saya lihat jika sesuatu jenama itu ada ‘DNA’nya yang tersendiri.
    Namun saya tak nampak ini berlaku kepada model-model Proton, di mana setiap model seakan terpisah. Kini masalah ‘power window’ telah jadi ‘DNA’ yang tak sepatutnya untuk Proton.
    Penglibatan orang politik dan orang kenamaan dalam urusan teknikal Proton patut dielakkan / dihadkan. Contohnya, rekabentuk kereta Proton patutlah ditentukan terutamanya berdasarkan kehendak pasaran. Dari segi kejuruteraan, biarlah jurutera Proton yang layak yang menentukan spesifikasinya.
    Tak perlulah Datuk ini, atau Tan Sri itu, atau pun Tengku XYZ yang tak terlibat dengan industri permotoran terlibat dalam proses ini. Kalau mereka perlu terlibat, cukuplah sekadar menentukan logo atau nama modelnya sahaja.
    Betulkah khabar angin keputusan memilih rekabentuk Proton yang sedang dibangunkan sekarang diberikan kepada individu atasan tertentu semasa lawatan ke UK baru-baru ni berdasarkan beberapa rekabentuk Perancis yang telah disenari pendek?
    Salam Tun.

  139. Dear Tun
    Looks like its open season for some “Ir” bashings. Well, he kind of invited it, don’t you think? The witless Ir is no match to the great Dr, in case he doesn’t know it.
    He is in some weird company, no doubt. Remember the other Ir who goes around insisting he is still the legit MB of a state in the country, despite having to return the precious Camry (his poor buddy had to return the “robe” he’d been wearing ever since he was bodily carried off into storage).
    Theres another Ir I heard aiming to be the head honcho of a GLC. That could be another non-event if ever it happens.
    Well, lets all the IRs in the world unite!
    Talk about the “tin milo proton saga”, I still remember in the mid 80s when proton just started out, how some kiasus went to town with the “sensational” news of seeing tin milo scattered all over the place whenever theres an accident involving the poor saga. A few years later these very same kiasus were driving around in one, and not a few of them sold loads of the cars like nobody’s business, making tons of money – having wangled a dealership or two for themselves. Those were the good ol’ days – for proton, tin milo or not.
    Whatever it is, I think proton cars now has gone beyond that stage quality wise. No doubt, a lot more need fixing…but 25 years of works should not just got thrown out onto the garbage heaps…(only tin milo deserves that) no matter what the dimwit Ir have to say about it. Lets not emulate the British, having sold their car industry lock, stock and barrel, they still call themselves “Great” Britain. Ah, to think that we once called them “tuan”!!

  140. Dear Tun, salam sejahtera harap sihat bahagia. Kiriman sekali lagi. Saya kira yg pertama tersesat bukan tersekat, tercicir bukan terusir….
    Britain Japan Korea Germany protected their entire local industry. M

  141. Assalamualaikum Tun Yang Amat Dihormati,
    1.Insyaallah,saya yakin Tun dapat mengembalikan kegemilangan industri Automobil Negara,dengan pengurusan dan kepimpinan baru.
    2.Masalah,adalah pekara biasa,kereta Jepun,Eropah yang dipasang disini pun ada juga masalah dari segi teknikal.Adalah tidak adil membandingkan industri automotif lain yang telah wujud hampir 100 tahun dan telah melalui pelbagai ‘trial and errors’dengan Proton.
    3.Memang benar Tun,buat masa ini kita masih perlu melindungi Proton.Contoh ,negara Korea di mana mereka melindungi industri automotif ,lebih 90% kereta di atas jalan adalah keluaran negara mereka.Proton juga memang sentiasa berusaha memperbaiki masalah teknikal yang timbul.
    4.Tahniah,kepada warga proton,terutamanya jurutera yang memang teruk bekerja.Saya berbangga,kita boleh ‘design and develop our own car now’.
    Akhir sekali,ingin mengucapkan setinggi-tinggi tahniah kepada Tun,atas penerimaan Anugerah Tokoh Takaful.Terima kasih,tidak terhingga kepada Tun di atas jasa Tun.Saya dan keluarga sentiasa mendoakan semoga Tun dan Tun Siti Sentiasa dilindungi dan dirahmati Allah.
    p.S. IR Syarizan,bersyukurlah kerana komen anda dijawab oleh Tun,janganlah emosional sangat.Nak tunjuk pandai untuk siapa?
    Kepada Baiyusheng:Anda pernah bekerja di PROTON ke?Ramai jurutera terdiri daripada warga Malaysia.

  142. Hi, Tun & Others
    I totally amazed by ur way creating this really open-minded discussion…This is reali gud..All of us able to share our opinion freely…No matter with or against urs..Its healthy..
    I simply not having the ample time to make lot of research or such naturally being reali knowledgeable in this BIG topic..But as a i go:
    1) Respect to ur courage to discuss this matter..Everybody seems to know bout proton n how far is ur responsibility,experience,capability & involvement…
    —-> We should have this kinda platform to express and share our opinions,feelings and idea..(though I’m no big fan of u…:))
    2) Anyway, at some point, we need to look at the result..25yrs might been said as too long..In the other hand…just young..etc…
    What’s proton target in the first place?? First 5 yrs?…the next 10’s?…the next decade?.the action plan..roadmap…
    —–> as a very influencial advisor, I do reali hope you can make it be able to be seen transparently..until up to extend which Malaysian(peoples) able to know & foresee the result…The result should not only figure of Sales of the year(tangible)…or simply how many can we can see on the roads:banyak-sikit(intagible I suppose)..we must consider the level of satisfaction of consumers in the sense of how proton (the car)give back the(people)value of what they have paid(price,quality,pride,etc)
    —–> So, lets say, Proton is failed(in 5yrs,10’s, and so on..)..How bad is that?.. What’s being wrong?..Have proton being Drastical?..I mean really drastic…Keep on failing the set target simply explain that the action taken is not enough,weak,not tackling the root-cause or there’s no action taken in the first place..
    —–> Proton is doing business..In business, customer satisfaction is the Top Priority!!..That’s basic..pls, again & again emphasize this to all proton’s big shots..Fail to do so = They are FAIL..(fail SPM’s candidate surely cannot enter the University right)
    Just some advise to our beloved “Ir”
    1) Nice job in bringing out the figure,numbers,fact & etc.Tun will be damn busy…mmm..+ ‘puzzled’ if he has to answer all you questions..haha.
    2) Anyway, sometime we need to play it nice bro..I agree, we need to bring along some ‘spirit'(emotion) along our words in order to be heard…But overcooked steak definately will taste bad, man..Dont let ur emotion drive u away..Stay cool n focus..Then those ideas will be BIG…Tun himself loves to critics..True Engineer doesnt talk like a politician/lawyer/Form 5 bad boy..:)
    3) Election?change govt?..r u sure that it will not be the same again..i wonder dude..
    1) Chill guys..there;s still hope…(I hope..sigh)

  143. Salamz buat TUN dan semua…
    Trend orang Malaysia ni semua nak terbaik.
    Harga pun nak ‘Terbaik’
    Beli la kereta macam mana pun rosak juga bergantung pada cara penggunaan.
    Rasanya salah satu masalah kereta keluaran Proton ni direka bukannya untuk penggunaan yang kerap.
    Orang kita ni nak pergi kedai belakang rumah pun kalau boleh nak bawa kereta.
    Memang tak dinafikan isu utama proton selalu masalah power window.
    Sebab tu bila beli kereta proton/perodua lain pun target window biasa je.
    Tapi takpe sebab kereta malaysia ni orang suka modified.
    Murah la katakan. (bila kira-kira balik silap2 kos sama macam beli yang import)
    Biasanya jarang kereta Perodua buat hal.
    Maklumlah bukan 100% sendiri buat.
    Yang proton ni pulak nak buat sendiri.
    Bila tak buat sendiri orang sibuk suruh buat rekabentuk sendiri.
    Bila dah buat kutuk lagi.
    Rosak ke tak rosak ke antara kena cepat dengan tak je.
    Bukan tak pernah pakai kereta jenama luar.
    Ada juga meragam kadang2.
    Kita nak sokong industri automotif ni ada la tahap sampai bila.
    Kalau nak selama-lamanya sokong tapi peningkatan untuk hal2 yang remeh ni tak ada susahla.
    Lumrah manusia tompok hitam atas kertas putih pasti nampak.
    Yang putih tu habuk takda.
    Selain tu banyak juga kereta-kereta luar ni curi rekabentuk sesama mereka.
    Tengok saja Honda, Toyota, Hyundai dan sebagainya.
    Maaf kalau sebut ada yang kata Toyota Camry ni amik rekabentuk asal Honda Accord.
    Tukar skit2 kat lampu, enjin nah jadi la mereka punya.
    Tak nampak ke persamaan saiz dan bentuk?
    Model baru?
    Banyak makeup je pun.
    Mungkin la ada perubahan kat enjin, gearbox, lampu.
    Proton pun dah mula kearah ni rasanya.
    Bila proton pula tiru kata la ‘proton ni suka ambil rekaan kereta orang lain’
    Sedangkan kereta2 luar yang kita banggakan pun dah mula bekerjasama.
    Mana taknya rekaan Myvi itu kalo diikutkan sama dengan Toyota Passo ataupun Daihatsu apa saya tak pasti.
    (maksudnya Toyota dengan Daihatsu ada kerjasama)
    Selain tu macam isu Proton Juara yang jadi kutukan majoriti umum.
    Walhal kereta tu milik Mitsubisi atas nama Townbox yang agak terkenal di Jepun.
    Salah proton juga ke?
    Bukan senang nak buat suma benda ni.
    Cakap mulut senang la~
    Macam buat rumah.
    Ingat senang2 je nak siap.
    Tak kira lagi nak perah otak rekabentuk sume.
    Pada saya, proton masih boleh dibanggakan cuma kualiti tu cuba seiringkan dengan rekaan.
    Memang tak dinafikan kereta luar lebih murah kalo tax tu takda.
    Bezanya mereka tu dah berapa lama buat kereta?
    Frame boleh pakai guna balik.
    Bukan kita tau.
    25 tahun ke berapa lama ke takkan nak bandingkan dengan toyota yang dah berapa lama ada kat dunia ni.
    Mungkin proton patut kluar satu model bersama dengan perodua?

  144. Salam Tun,
    I am not a big fan of Proton eventhough I have great respect to you, but I can easily regconized a “paper engineer” simply by reading his writing.

  145. Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Of course Tun Proton was your baby so you have to protect it. Doesn’t everybody? My late hubsband left me two cars Tun and I’ve been looking after them like my babies. They are just not cars to me Tun. They have gone thru the good times and bad times with us family. They may be old but still reliable and relevent to us especially to me, I guess you may say I’m being sentimental. I’m not ashamed to drive them around, maybe my grown up children may feel a bit embaressed but I told them that they are still useful and drivetworthy. Do you want to know them Tun? A 1985 made Mitsubishi Tredia 1.6cc and a 1987 made Toyota Corolla 1.6cc. Imagine how old they are now.
    I would love to own brand new cars but I couldn’t afford one Tun. I’ve no debts now and I don’t want to start one. I don’t want a trail of debts behind to my children. I told them if they want a new car they have to earn themselves. Now come these brainy-money-making people have this behind-closed doors meeting with the government (right or wrong?)and come up with ways to make money thru the people’s hardships like me, yes people first..first to be victimised. I can imagine now new puspakoms and bengkels will sprout out to make bisness and take advantage from this money-making idea.
    Not only the insurance companies are giving hardships for old car owners, now we have to be victimised again. Why don’t the government just panelised those reckless drivers with tons of unpaid surmons, make money out of them la. But no, the law abiding citizens get nothing, those who plunge the law get discounts!
    Dear Tun keep up the good work. What you are doing is not easy and it takes someone with great charisma to make people of the world to turn their heads and pin their eyes and stick their ears to you. I support your noble move to criminalised war. There are those who support and also those who do not. Do wars make money Tun? Let those war-money-making people die away and concetrate on a new breed of peace-not war-loving generation of people of the world. Shouldn’t this new generation starts from young Tun, maybe someone who has experienced the hardships from wars can give a talk to them in schools? Not all the young people can go to you Tun so why not go to them. The subject of criminalise war and peace be injected into their minds from young, right Tun.
    I wish that one day there will be 1World where everyone lives side by side peacefully. To make that happen all people in the world have to play a part and bury the greed for power forever. There is still hope for everybody.
    May Allah bless you and family always.

  146. Dear Ir Sharizan,
    I believe your are not an engineer or perhaps not even a malay as you claimed. Engineers have certain qualities that differentiate them from others. I am an engineer as well but I am disturbed by the way you commented on TDM’s PROTON. All I can say is LOOK YOURSELF IN THE MIRROR AND ASK YOURSELF AM I A LOAT MALAY? AM I A LOST MALAYSIAN? Just give a thought about it. I do not always agree with TDM in many issues but I would tell myself I am not perfect either. Get the message, Ir Sharizan?
    Thank you.

  147. Dear Tun,
    I would like to comment specifically on Point 3 in your article.
    First, I would like to quote the history of Toyota Motor Corporation from Japan after the second world war. General Motor (GM) from US was the big giant at that time, benefiting from the economies of scale that you mentioned. Toyota was a small manufacturer at that time, faced with the challenge of producing cars that could penetrate the market. However, Toyota revolutionises the industry by focussing on the management system, production flexibility, waste reduction in a system that they called as “Toyota Production System” (closely linked to lean manufacturing). Today, Toyota is the largest car manufacturer in the world. Economies of scale from GM was clearly not an issue for Toyota.
    There are several reasons why the sales of Proton went down. If an international consumer compares the car models available in the market, he/she can easily notice the price/performance advantage of other car models compared to Proton’s. Bearing in mind that those other car models are manufactured in countries with much higher labour cost (e.g. Japan, Europe, etc.) than that in Malaysia, these car manufacturers still manage to maintain their price competitiveness in the market.
    I believe the way forward for Proton should also lie in their production system and innovativeness. An efficient production system (process, management & people) coupled with customer-oriented innovation could help Proton enter this global arena, without the need of protectionism.
    Thank you. And my best regards to you and your family.

  148. Assalamualaikum dan slmt sejahtera 🙂
    seperti yang telah Tun jelaskan, negara lain adalah jauh lebih ‘kejam’… hanya buatan tempatan yang dibenarkan di jepun dan korea. setelah mereka memperoleh ‘economy of volume’ barulah pasaran mereka dibuka untuk kereta2 import. itupun, masih susah ditembusi.
    Adakah benar Malaysia terlalu melindungi Proton? jika benar, saya rasa takkan ada satu pun kereta asing di Malaysia sekarang ni!
    Ramai mengatakan harga kereta di negara lain jauh lebih murah, tetapi cubalah lihat pula kos sara hidup, kos rumah disana… kereta camaro di US mungkin sekitar 20-30k (RM60-90k?), tapi harga rumah pula 300-400k (RM1juta)… mana lebih penting? rumah atau kereta? biarlah kereta mahal, asalkan rakyat biasa mampu memiliki rumah sendiri di malaysia ni!
    Biarlah harga kereta import tu mahal, kalau mampu belilah, tapi kalau tak mampu, takkan nak salahkan kerajaan pulak?
    Biarlah harga kereta import tu mahal, asalkan rakyat biasa masih mampu membeli kereta tempatan mengikut citarasa masing2.
    Biarlah harga kereta import tu mahal, asalkan harga minyak tak melambung naik…
    Biarlah harga kereta import tu mahal, asalkan kerajaan masih prihatin, barang makanan masih murah di malaysia ni, dan rakyat jelata masih mampu meneruskan hidup.

  149. Salam Hormat dan Salam 1 Malaysia Yg Bhg Tun,
    Kewujudan kereta Nasional Proton adalah hasil usaha YG Bhg Tun semasa mengetuai Kepimpinan Negara (Perdana Menteri Malaysia ke 4 dari 1981 hingga 2003). Kita sebagai rakyat Malaysia sewajarnyalah berbangga dengan kejayaan Negara Malaysia mampu merekacipta dan menghasilkan kereta buatan sendiri, walaupun pada peringkat awal kita menggunakan serba sedikit bantuan teknologi luar dari Negara Jepun. Amalan bantuan teknologi luar bukan sahaja diamalkan oleh Negara Malaysia, malah contohnya Negara Jepun juga telah menggunakan kaedah yang sama dengan bantuan teknologi dari Negara yang telah maju dan berjaya dalam pembuatan kereta mereka sendiri. Saya telah melihat sendiri bukti bahawa Negara Jepun pada peringkat awal mengambil kira bantuan teknologi luar semasa saya menuntut di Negara Jepun.
    Kereta Nasional Proton mestilah mendapat perlindungan dari Kerajaan secara berterusan untuk menjamin sokongan dan kemajuannya sentiasa meningkat. Kereta Nasional Proton tidak wajar dipolitikkan oleh mana-mana pihak untuk menjadi suatu bahan mencari sokongan dan keuntungan politik. Ianya sudah menjadi aset Negara. Kerajaan dan rakyat Malaysia haruslah berganding bahu dengan jitu menjadi pelindung dan penyokong demi kemajuan kereta Nasional Proton.
    Sekian, terima kasih.
    Wassalam Yg Bhg Tun.

  150. Thanks a lot Saudara Ir Syahrizan, hope that our Tun should look into your following questions seriously:
    ” Your explanations are more explicitly on the Macro Scale of the economy, but one might wonder on what

  151. Salam Tun,
    Saya dah baca semua komen dalam blog ni.Kalau mampu belilah kereta dari luar negara.Kalau tidak beli aje le kereta KANCIL.Saya pakai KANCIL dah 5 tahun tak ada problem pun.Baca komen dia orang ni letih TUN.
    Salam hormat to all bloggers.

  152. Hi Tun…
    Wow… looks like all the Tun supporters flaming at ir. Syahrizan. Although I doesnt agreed with the way he explained somepoint but he got right at other points…
    I dun wanna compare Proton with foreign cars.. But take Perodua for example.. its quality are far more better than Proton. Very affordable, nice looking, durable, low maintenance… etc etc.. If u ask me to choose Savvy or Myvi, I’ll go for Myvi. Looking at the road facts, there’re more Myvi on the road than Savvy..
    Not that we dun wun to support Proton but look at its quality first.. For its engine, i have no issue becos it direct comes frm Proton itself but for other components, its really bad becos frm 3rd parties.. My mum’s Gen2 braking sound problem cant even solve by the Proton engineers dun even ask me to go chk with Ah Meng Workshop… My company car Waja steering wheel’s leather fading and koyak despite having waxing it regularly and properly.. nonit mention about other “Regular” problems… All this parts come from who?? From those whom charge rocket price but gave poor quality parts… which ir. Syahrizan refer to… cronies..
    Now even without Japan protection tongkat, Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi,Nissan… they all can survive… Can Proton survive without the tongkat? Comon when can Proton growup to be adult?? China is rapidly charging into motor industry and I’m sure it can beats Proton if Proton doesnt growup…
    If wanna really compare… just compare(Speed,quality,technology,desgin,etc) Proton Perdana V6 and the police latest toys Lancer Evo 10… both are same class.. U judge it which is better?? Price?? hahaha!!!… if its not the Malaysian tax duti, Lancer Evo X is far more cheaper than Perdana…

  153. Assalamualaikum Tun Dr Mahathir,
    Nasib baik proton dapat diselamatkan drpd pak bedolah kalau tak
    Hidup Tun!!!
    Hidup DS Najib!!!
    Hidup BN!!!!
    Semoga proton mengeluarkan banyak lagi kereta yang menarik perhatian
    golongan dan peminat kereta…
    Tun jangan layan langau ir tuu tun,
    Yang paling penting pembangunan industri & ekonomi MALAYSIA KITA!!!

  154. Salam Tun yang dimuliakan dan pembaca budiman.

  155. Why Proton have so much bad response whereas Perodua also a Malaysian make vehicle winning praise?
    People get angry when they are paying with their hard earn money for a car and get disappointed with the quality.
    As if poor quality isnt enough the have to pay higher price compare to a better imported make (Tun himself highlighted this)
    Is it true that Proton is highly price because of volume?
    I doubt, another e.g. one of Proton vendor TY, after 20+ year still paying royalty to the Taiwanese for some stupid rubber strip & bush and that goes into our bill, mind you rubber product which is suppose to be one of our major.(Anyone heard of Taiwan excel in rubber product)
    Apart from faulty window not winding, do you observe that our brand new few hundred buck tint after a few months are always scratch, thanks to the paid royalty rubber strip.
    Plastic visor done by some local small boys at bloody low price tukar tangan a few times to some big time Dato supplier and charge to us as accessories but at what price???
    My own experience, bought a satria for my wife, late delivery tak apa, 1st day window wound down can go up, send back to dealer, brought back cannot wind down. Send to Glenmarie, ok for 2 days, same problem, in & out 4X, technician there got angry and say “memang macam ini, tak boleh buat apa lagi”. Talk to manager, he said “leave your car here lah, siap kita call”. Wrote in to the Star, never ever got published. Isnt this great, they even control the press.
    Not so long ago, TCM could not launch a particular model becos the pricing too near Proton even with the extra duty & tax, have to launch a suppose to be more premium version at a higher price.
    Tun, you are looking at the ‘good’ big picture but we the small guys have to take a lot of shit from Proton.

  156. Jangan banyak komplen la Syahrizan.
    Tin Milo, Tin Milo.. Hang memang suka minum Milo kot.. Ke dr kecik hang memang tak pernah minum Milo???
    Ini lah salah seorang rakyat Malaysia yang tak pernah bersyukur.
    Semoga Allah memberkati hidup mu..
    Maaf Tun, geram la dgn mamat sekor ni..

  157. Askum Tun..
    Kepada yet18,
    Perodua mmg lagi berkualiti dari Proton. Tapi diingatkan.. Perodua xlayak jadi kereta nasional sgt..
    Perodua based dia Toyota, engineering dia, design dia bukan dari anak tempatan..terang2 mmg toyota punya chasis semuanya..myv,kancil..
    Sedangkan Proton keluarkan duit dia sendiri wat r&d utk hasilkan model2 baru..mungkin 1st dulu model Proton macam lah..dulu masih beginner, setapak demi setapak belajar dari org lain utk hasilkan produk sendiri..
    Diingatkan ‘Produk anak tempatan’..
    Setahu saya, banyak juta jugak spent utk wat exora..baru dia punya r&d..kita wat design sendiri beb, bukan amik kete org tampal lambang sendirik..
    JADI pengkritik2 tetap semua,
    patutkah kita juga yg anak tempatan blame usaha anak tempatan..
    Orang kata utk berjaya, jatuh bangun 2 perkara lumrah. Yang penting kegagalan dijadikan panduan..Jangan Xambil tindakan dari kegagalan..
    Klau dah rasa superb sgt mengkritik, cuba sumbangkan sesuatu utk negara atau paling tidakpun beri cadangan yg membantu.
    Kepada pengkritik proton,
    Cuba wat basikal, tgk jadi ke x…
    Kepada penghina dan pengkritik tetap bola sepak malaysia(alamak, da lari tajuk)..
    Cuba pohon jadi pemain bola utk negara, tgk malaysia boleh g piala dunia ke x.
    Apepn yg kita kritik..yg kita xsuka..itu adalah usaha anak Malaysia,
    sumbangkan sesuatu..bukan blame xtentu pasal..
    Ibaratnya..jgn jadi ‘menepuk air didulang, tepercik ke muka sendiri..’ malu nt..
    Saya harap Tun sihat jer..jaga kesihatan..nampak sibuk je akhir2 ni..Congrats and Good Luck utk semua yg Tun perjuangkan..saya sebagai anak muda sokong semua, kalau ada keupayaan, ingin rasanya menyertai semua usaha Tun, bukan dari jauh je macam ni..R
    Yg suka pikir..

  158. Askum Tun..
    Kepada yet18,
    Perodua mmg lagi berkualiti dari Proton. Tapi diingatkan.. Perodua xlayak jadi kereta nasional sgt..
    Perodua based dia Toyota, engineering dia, design dia bukan dari anak tempatan..terang2 mmg toyota punya chasis semuanya..myv,kancil..
    Sedangkan Proton keluarkan duit dia sendiri wat r&d utk hasilkan model2 baru..mungkin 1st dulu model Proton macam lah..dulu masih beginner, setapak demi setapak belajar dari org lain utk hasilkan produk sendiri..
    Diingatkan ‘Produk anak tempatan’..
    Setahu saya, banyak juta jugak spent utk wat exora..baru dia punya r&d..kita wat design sendiri beb, bukan amik kete org tampal lambang sendirik..
    JADI pengkritik2 tetap semua,
    patutkah kita juga yg anak tempatan blame usaha anak tempatan..
    Orang kata utk berjaya, jatuh bangun 2 perkara lumrah. Yang penting kegagalan dijadikan panduan..Jangan Xambil tindakan dari kegagalan..
    Klau dah rasa superb sgt mengkritik, cuba sumbangkan sesuatu utk negara atau paling tidakpun beri cadangan yg membantu.
    Kepada pengkritik proton,
    Cuba wat basikal, tgk jadi ke x…
    Kepada penghina dan pengkritik tetap bola sepak malaysia(alamak, da lari tajuk)..
    Cuba pohon jadi pemain bola utk negara, tgk malaysia boleh g piala dunia ke x.
    Apepn yg kita kritik..yg kita xsuka..itu adalah usaha anak Malaysia,
    sumbangkan sesuatu..bukan blame xtentu pasal..
    Ibaratnya..jgn jadi ‘menepuk air didulang, tepercik ke muka sendiri..’ malu nt..
    Saya harap Tun sihat jer..jaga kesihatan..nampak sibuk je akhir2 ni..Congrats and Good Luck utk semua yg Tun perjuangkan..saya sebagai anak muda sokong semua, kalau ada keupayaan, ingin rasanya menyertai semua usaha Tun, bukan dari jauh je macam ni..R
    Yg suka pikir..

  159. salam Tun,
    Even expensive cars have got problems.Even Toyota,the biggest car manufacturer in the world don’t always escape criticisms.
    Anybody care to name me an all round perfect utopian car?A car with zero defects or shortcomings whatsoever?
    The Exora has achieved a 4 star EuroNCAP safety rating.This ain’t be too bad,isn’t it?
    Proton has got a long way to go,much to improve.But I believe Proton is capable of producing good products as exemplified by Exora.
    Don’t be like the stupid racist baiyuensheng who blame proton = malay.Or ravi and many others.

  160. salam Tun dan semua
    Saya pengguna kereta proton juga. Baru pakai tak sampai setahun. Ada masalah jugak la. Tapi tak perlu la saya lepas geram hentam sana sini. Saya pun ada pilihan untuk beli kereta import mcm toyota vios atau honda city, tapi proton jugak saya pilih, entahlah.
    Cuma saya minta Proton tingkatkanlah kualiti. Kalau boleh tingkatkan kualiti dari segi pemasangan body kit yang mengganggu pemanduan (bunyi yang tak selesa),sistem absorber, enjin sudah ok lagi lagi lah enjin CPS yang baru ni.
    Saya minta Tun yang mempunyai pengaruh yang sangat besar pada masa dan ketika ini do advise pada pengurusan Proton mengenai perkara ini. Tingkatkan kualiti, tingkatkan kualiti dan tingkatkan kualiti. Hanya ini sahaja masalahnya pada kereta Proton. Yang lain tu semua jenis kerata pun alami masalah yang sama bila dah sampai usianya. Ini sahaja harapan saya yang mungkin mewakili sebilangan pengguna kereta nasional yang dibanggakan. Semoga Proton berubah.
    Pada Ir. Syahrizan, banyakkan bersabar. Harap Tun pun sama
    Terima kasih.

  161. Assalamualaikum, Tun.
    Just wanted to ask a few questions about Proton.
    1. What really drove you to establish Proton?
    2. What is the real reason that Proton can’t produce cars of the same calibre as the known brands? Is it the raw material like steel?
    3. Technology is ever-changing, yet why does Proton crawl slowly when other brands run? Is it the talent pool or is Proton just being complacent that NAP will ensure they will sell cars even if they don’t improve much?
    Thanks for you attention, hope to hear you reply.
    Best wishes,

  162. salam Tun,
    please provide your proof quick.We are waiting.And BTW can you please comment on the problems faced by Bumis in the private sector?

  163. Salam kasih dan salam hormat Ayahanda Tun. We are Motel 6 for these few days Tun. Many relatives hop-over en route for the Haj Pilgrimage. It

  164. Salam Tun,
    I’m just a kampung person. I’m really don’t understand why Malaysian car (Proton & Perodua) comparatively is more expensive than foreign brand car (either fully imported or assembled in M’sia)[By comparing like with like e.g. similar cc, specification, accessories, excluding custom duty & “protection” etc].
    Is it because economic of scale (of which local manufacturers are struggling to achieve), marketing strategy (of which foreign manufacturer capitalise it) or inefficiency by the local manufacturers???
    To me, I buy Malaysian car because:
    1. Cheapest (If I make a “gross” comparison)
    2. Helping Malaysian economy (Let the money locally circulated)
    Walau macamanapun, di harap kereta Malaysia dapat bertahan dan tolonglah pentingkan kualiti produk. R&D kenalah sentiasa berjalan.


  166. bg kawan, proton dh beso pjg dh pon, dh 25 tahun dh. kalo ikut lumrah kehidupan, dh bole kawen, n dh ada anak pon. so xpyh la nk menatang bagai minyak yg penuh lagi.
    org cina ada pepatah, kalo nk tolong org, jgn bg ikan.. tp bg joran. kalo bg ikan, skali je dpt mkn. tp kalo bg joran.. tiap2 hari n selame nye dia bole tangkap n mkn ikan.

  167. Dengan Izin Tun..Terima kasih..
    Consider yourself as King.You have your own kingdom and domain.In your writing,I can see a thought and thinking only from one persepective..That is your highness opinion..
    In my humble opinion..even you as king must have your subject opinion about your rules.How good are you..your highness?..
    Minister..Yes sire..Call all my subject including farmer and pheasant to gathering..I want to know how good a king am I
    ( wink..wink..It’s suppose to be
    wether I am a good king…:)
    But sire..your subject amounting of thousand of thousand..It would be more practical to call their representative..Allright..gather them before me..
    And how you will find the verdict?..Aha..As much I thought..Everybody approves my kingdom..I am such a good king..
    So..Who represent the bakery,fishermen,farmer and pheasant..?
    The point is..Holistic view and opinion.Do you truly pratice
    Quis custodiet ipsos custodes ?
    We only hear one side of a story from a blind man regarding the elephant..Would you care to compile other blind men account of the elephant?..I would because this will satisfy my curiosity as
    a pheasant..
    What was that? Other resources? have qouted from certain resources and citation..But I am asking from Prominent figures from Auto Industries..Like from Bill Gates perhaps..?
    Oh..dear me..How ignorant I am..Bill Gates only represent only the “Micro” side of the equation..Microsoft..and soft one at that too..This clearly show how shallow is my knowledge..hmmm
    [[Your explanations are more explicitly on the Macro Scale of the economy, but one might wonder on what

  168. Dear Tun,
    Your KLCC, KL Tower, CyberJaya, PutraJaya, KLIA projects and even the took away scenic-bridge project make business sense that also benefits the public to certain extend. But, I would not agree with what is being done in Proton. This is not creating an industry, this is taking away the consumer rights in this industry.
    Are we suppose to practice this if we need to start a malaysia milk powder brand? by raising all consumer price, and have a national brand milk powder so we can be proud? That is putting the burden to the public. Especially we are not a high income nation.
    The national product project should reduce the public’s expenses by providing alternate goods with competitive price product, not the other way round.
    I have read the paper that says we are a nation with no pride or dignity of what we are manufacturing so only 10% of our current parts supplier can survive outside Malaysia. Why? If we got pride, we will do things with our name on the line and full force to produce it instead of coming out some keep failing products, but which is highly tolerate by the purchasing of Proton due to whatever reason.
    Pride is not just having product under the nation name, it is having a product that is accepted by MAJORITY due to its quality, technology, innovative, and safety. I don’t know which part has Proton achieved to make us proud. We have not even talk about the car industry should make money from the outside world and get cash back to Malaysia as Tun mentioned how foreign cars export to other countries. Logically, it should proclaim a failed industry, since it does not generate $$ for the investor (Government) FROM outside Malaysia.
    I believe most critics like myself loves Tun very much, since you are probably the only one who is listening to us! And that is the reason why, we choose to communicate with Tun, and thanks Tun for listening. If we have no feeling about Proton, we would just change car, and forget about it. Why complain? Because, deep down, we want Proton to be good, Globally, not like what it is currently practice with protection policies since, this will not lead to success.
    How a Malaysian should feel when you read the car magazine or tv hosts in OZ/NZ/UK to says that Proton car should not put on the road for safety reasons? Should we just say that is their problem? Or Malaysian’s life does not worth to have such safety standard?

  169. Dear Ir. Shahrizan,
    I am very disappointed with your reply since it showed that you are emotional and not reply based on facts. You should be grateful for Tun put interest in replying to your dissatisfaction but your answer is very stupid by saying that Indonesia clerk is better than us in Malaysia. My clerk drive Mercedes, BMW, Proton Wira and others. You should answer based on facts not emotional next time.
    To Tun,
    Keep the good job. Assalamualaikum.

  170. I think Proton would have failed if not of government support. Because Proton = Malay. Now if Proton = Malaysian, I am sure it would succeed. Then again Malaysia has becoming more Malay, rather than Malaysian. So go figure….

  171. Dear Tun,
    Greeting to you. I wish you good health and happiness.
    Actually, I have did own a Proton before and attende a few seminar and forums that some of the former top Proton management share their experience and expertise!
    One thing I noticed was that they relised the problem and shortcoming of Proton but did nothing to solving it. Just like the Power window,it doesn’t need an super Engineer or Professor to understand it. Just look at the harness going into the door, it is just like the add-on kind of accessories. When the door is being open and close thousands of time during their useful life, wire is made of metal and under repeated bending, it will fail, it broke simply. Just find another place to let the wire enterlah, where it is not subjecting to bending and stratching. There was once when Proton launched a new model, the MD said we will resolved the issue of power window once and for all, however, till now it is still there! What a shame!
    What Proton need now is people who is committed and willing to spend time looking at the real issues and analyse, not just talk and more talk, till the cow come back!
    I hope I did not offend anyone. My humble intention is for the good of our national industry!
    Best regards to Tun.

  172. This Ir Syahrizan’s writing is getting on my nerves. They say you can see how a person really is from his writing, not his words.
    I see a cocky fellow posing on a blog using his “Ir” to somehow express his engineering degree. Please la Ir Syahrizan, no one in this blog cares about where you come from or what you have achieved (he probably got his degree from an unknown university). Keep your sarcastic tone to yourself. If you are so ashamed of driving a tin-milo Proton then don’t. No one’s forcing you. You do have an Ir don’t you? I’d assume you could afford a better car than a Proton.
    People like this Ir Syahrizan only knows how to complain incessantly. It’s not that he wants to contribute to any solutions… nope… not even close to contributing. He just bitches day in and day out.

  173. With your permission Tun.
    Dear Ir. Syahrizan,
    We are fortunate that you are a nobody, just like me. We can just say our piece and have no effect to what happens at international, national, state or even kampung level.
    Thank Tun for allow us an outlet to let out our comments, ideas, compliants and frustrations.
    Don’t kill the messenger because you do not like the message!
    Perhap you Mr Engineer have a grand idea how Malaysia can have a national car or a thriving automotive industry? For that matter how we can be a developed country without such industries.
    You can take you complain elsewhere perhaps to Anwar, or Hannan or Samyvellu..if you must. Perhaps they have a super plan to make Malaysia a first world developed (financially, socially, environmentally, politically and spiritually) country.
    God Bless you Mr Engineer.

  174. I disagree with anything to sell Proton, but I disagree with overly priced cars for Malaysians.
    If they could make it better, and cheaper, I assure you Proton is not that bad to be bought. Their quality is getting better, and better.

  175. Salam Tun berdua dan pembaca budiman semua,
    1. Sikap yang harus ada pada kita semua ialah mengkritik demi membina, memuji di mana patut, membantu kalau perlu, menyokong agar kuat- terhadap PROTON ni.
    2. Apa baiknya yang kita dapat kalau negara kita ini sampai nak buat apa-apa pun tak boleh, sebab dah kena cantas awal-awal? Atas alasan kita tak tahu, tak mampu, tak reti, tak ada kualiti…
    3. Kita orang Malaysia ni tak tahu apa-apa sangatkah?
    4. saya ni memang angin betul kalau orang Malaysia sendiri pandang rendah diri sendiri.
    5. Sebab arwah mak saya kata, tak payah tunggu orang lain bunuh Melayu, tapi cukuplah Melayu ‘bunuh’ Melayu sendiri.
    6. On the same logic,saya kata tak payah tunggu orang lain bunuh Malaysia, cukuplah orang Malaysia ‘bunuh’ Malaysia sendiri.
    7. Dan ini adalah salah satu logic arwah mak saya yang saya tak mau biar berlaku.
    8. Betul, kita dah almost 25 years in the automotive iindustry, but compare that to other developed countries, masih di belakang tu… but we are making progress, albeit slowly but it is progress no doubt. Memang ada hiccups along the way but praise be to Allah, halangan-halangan yang meyebabkan hiccups tu dah dibuang. Baguslah, back on track lah tu….
    9. So, dear Malaysians, kalau pun nak beli kereta buatan negara lain, belilah.. it is your money and you can do what ever you want with it. Kalau government halang kereta luar masuk, karang dituduh jadi negara sosialis pulak!!!!
    10. Tapi janganlah juga asyik kutuk kereta negara sendiri… kesianlah pada pekerja-pekerja di kilang Proton yang tak serik-serik pasang kereta tu.. bagilah semangat kepada mereka agar mereka rasa bangga dengan hasil kerja mereka.
    Caiyok PROTON!!!!!!!
    Jaga diri Jaga solat semua….
    sikenit- always.

  176. Tun,
    I cannot wait to hear your comment based on below excerpt:
    Former Ministry of Transportation secretary-general Datuk Zaharah Shaari said the Cabinet was fully aware of the land acquisition for the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) project.
    In the verbatim of the Public Accounts Committee

  177. Dear all,
    I may not know much about economy, but i know protection does exist in EVERY COUNTRY, be it for car industry, food industry, education system, etc, etc. In this case, there is no wrong to protect PROTON from fierce competition. However, during the protection period, PROTON must learn fast to improve its car quality.
    The question: Is the quality today reasonable since protection given in 1985 until now?

  178. Salam Sejahtera Tun,
    untuk menguasai lebih banyak local and internasional market, saya rasa Proton harus Up-grade Enjin kereta keluaran nya seperti mana yang di lakukan oleh other competitor.
    di pasaran kini terdapat banyak model enjin berteknologi tinggi seperti Vti,VVTi,Dvvt dan hybrid yang dikatakan menjimatkan minyak dan wang saku penguna. enjin2 ini banyak terdapat pada kereta2 import sahaja,kereta Keluaran Produa pon ada ENJIN DVVT.
    ini secara sendiri memberi kelebihan dan daya tarikan kepada kereta import, walaupon kereta import mahal tapi berbaloi untuk jangka masa panjang kerana kos penggunaan minyaknya kurang.
    setahu saya, cuma Proton Perdana sahaja yang mendapat up-grade pada enjin nya itu pon 10 tahun dahulu – Enjin V6.
    apakah Proton tidak mampu atau tiada kepakaran mengeluarkan Enjin2 berteknologi tinggi seperti ini atau proton berpuas hati dgn Enjin purba yang digunanya sekarang?
    disini juga saya ingin mencadangkan agar proton mengeluarkan kereta yang siap dipasangkan dgn tong gas( NGV ). seperti yang kita sedia maklum, banyak texi dan bas sudah mula mengunakan NGV, banyak station Petronas menyediakan gas untuk kegunaan kereta texi dan bas TETAPI KOS memasang NGV pada kereta memang mahal dan perlu ditanggung oleh pemilik kereta.sekurang2nya RM 7000 diperlukan untuk pemasangam brg2 NGV.(RM 3500 – enjin karburator and RM 7000 – fuel injection)
    sekiranya kereta seperti ini dikeluarkan, mungkin banyak pemilik kereta akan mula menukar dan membeli kereta keluaran proton kerana kos telah pon di masukkan pada harga kereta itu sendiri.
    ini bukan sahaja menjimatkan wang saku pembelinya malah dapat menyerikan alam sekitar dgn mengurangkan Co2 di udara.
    terima kasih…

  179. Salam Tun,
    I know you do not need any help in defending your policies but I have to comment on Mr Syahrizan’s view.
    The so call sacrifice of 27,000,000 Malaysians with 10,000 Malaysians is ludicrous. Proton and Perodua are creating more jobs directly and indirectly. Granted the cars here are more expensive then overseas but it is a small price to pay for a national treasure. FYI, the manufacturing sectors, even in Thailand, Indonesia and Australia, are already moving to Vietnam or China because they are cheap. Just look at the recent times where even Singapore was hit with recession and Temasik started selling assets off. Our Ringgit is already undervalued so we cannot keep our costs low unless you want to live like the foreign workers in rumah kongsi. If you depend too much on FDI, one day, they might just take their money and work somewhere else.
    “Milo should be consumed as drinks and not to be driven as a car.”
    Nobody has ever made a car from cocoa beans.
    Tin Milo Proton? If you drive a car at 200 km/h straight to a wall, you’ll die too.
    Changing the government? Please. I support governments which are doing their job be it BN or PR but politicians are politicians, they all have their own agendas so I would not put much faith in them.
    Having said the above, I have to admit that Proton has to progress much faster than it is now and sell more cars overseas. Protectionism can only help so much but with technological advances like hybrid, electric cars, better user interfaces and more, the national cars will never be able to compete unless we are up to par with them. Take a lesson from IBM and Oracle, buy up the smaller companies that add value to the product like fuel saving devices or electronics.
    To Syahrizan, I don’t know why your are so hung up about the power window. Just go to the workshop and change it. The Proton Center of Excellence can do the job.
    I know you don’t like Tun M and he has his faults and made mistakes. Unless your are over 80 years old, hormat sikit bila cakap dengan orang tua. Jangan main perli-perli saja.

  180. Salam,
    1) Setiap kali disebut Proton maka keluarlah perkataan ‘protectionism’ dari mereka yang sentiasa tidak mahu melihat kemajuan orang Melayu.
    2) Seandainya ia dimiliki dan di pacu oleh orang lain sudah pasti lain nadanya. Ini fakta didalam apa jua hal di Malaysia sejak dulu lagi.
    3) Haraga kereta di Singapura mahal 2 kali ganda harga disini dengan alasan untuk mengelak kesesakan. Pendapatan berlebihan itu sebenarnya digunakan untuk membayar gaji pemimpin negara tersebut dan tidak hairan pendapatan PM Singapura antara tertinggi didunia. Ia negara kaya, sepatutnya ia mampu manghapus segala jenis cukai kenderaan dan boleh membina infrastrukur bagi mengelak kesesakan.
    4) Harga kereta Jepun di Thailand tidaklah jauh lebih murah dari di Malaysia walaupun ia sudah menjadi hab pengeluar kereta dunia. Tapi kita lupa sebab sebab Thailand di pilih sebagai hab. Setahu saya di sana ada 600,000 pelacur yang disahkan walaupun jumlah sebenar mungkin 3 kali ganda seperti yang pernah diakui oleh kerajaan Thai sendiri. Ini salah satu ciri liberalisation yang tidak ujud di Malaysia, bukan sebab polisi automotif nya yang lenih baik.
    5) Eksekutif Jepun yang kuat bekerja lebih senang menghabiskan ‘happy hour’ di Bangkok di banding di Malaysia. Ada kawasan khas lagi untuk mereka. Eksekutif dari Malaysia pun sangat gemar berkonvension disana termasuk lah beberapa kenalan saya…. janganla senyum brother.
    6) Sekiranya ada negara Arab jadi pengeluar kereta pun saya percaya Thailand akan menjadi pilihan.
    7) Saya sudah pernah memiliki kereta Proton, Perodua, Kia, Honda, Mercedes dan sedang memandu BMW 5 series(sudah dua kali tukar).
    Percayalah semua kereta sama, yang murah kita boleh lanyak rosak kita repair. Kereta mahal ini manja, tidak boleh sembarangan kalau rosak siaplah beribu. Tambahan pula kalau rosak pun kita masih kata ok, sebab sudah beli mahal siapa hendak mangaku kereta tidak sehebat “Ultimate Driving Machine”.
    8) Kita beli kereta baru, kalau komplen salesman kata kereta baru biasalah kena tuning dulu, beli kereta second hand kita komplen salesman kata kereta lama mesti ada rosak, beli Proton biasa lah ‘Proton’….
    9) Pokoknya kita semua jangan cepat mengalah, ini perangai orang kita bila ada rintangan atau masaalah terus tutup kedai…. Orang lain sememang hendak kita lingkup.

  181. Ayahanda Tun,
    The Luxury, fine quality and Prestigious vehicles which we cannot produced locally imported from EU or Japan like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Lexus, Brabus, Ferrari, our Ministry involved should omit the import tariffs too, equivalent to HongKong and Singapore. Of course, the tax for spare parts for these luxurious brands should be tax exempted too.
    As human being, we too want to own a prestigious and high quality vehicles too. As for the market price for these brands, it should be controlled and ceiling by the importers through our Free Market System.
    These brands are in Malaysia for more than 40 years now, and the value and quality of these brands are recognised world wide which cannot be replaced!!!

  182. In my opinion, there is only one way to improve the quality of our national car maker (Proton) products. It is through implementing a total quality management concept, i.e. from the supplies of the material untill the car is produced and on the road. That requires daring marketing strategy to prove it to the consumers. If the car is not good (not up to customers satisfaction), then the buyer can return it to Proton within let say 6 months after the purchase. Perhaps, Proton could implement a 6 months free customer services like how they did it in UK. Then this will return customers confidence to the way when it once reached 80% of Malaysian market.
    Thank you.

  183. Assalamualaikum Tun,
    Sedikit komen berkenaan NAP dimana secara dasarnya pada saya adalah untuk melindungi industri automotif negara.
    Keadaan sekarang memaksa rakyat Malaysia untuk membeli sebuah kereta dengan membuat pinjaman selama 9 tahun. Setelah selesai membayar ansuran kereta selama 9 tahun, mengapakah rakyat perlu dibebankan lagi?
    Sekiranya dasar NAP yang ingin digubal secara objektifnya adalah untuk melindungi industri automotif negara dan melupuskan kenderaan lama, pada pendapat saya cara yang terbaik adalah dengan mengurangkan harga kereta. Sekurang-kurangnya kereta Proton dan Perodua. Saya tidak pasti bagaimana kedua-dua pengeluar kereta Malaysia ini menetapkan harga, tetapi pada dasarnya bukankah sepatutnya barangan buatan tempatan adalah jauh lebih murah daripada barangan import. Cuba ambil kira harga kereta import sebelum dikenakan cukai, saya andaikan harganya adalah lebih murah daripada kenderaan Proton dan Perodua. Malah saya rasakan kereta Malaysia di luar negara dijual dengan harga yang lebih rendah berbanding negara sendiri, dipenuhi dengan spesifikasi keselamatan seperti ABS,Airbag dan sebagainya. Jadi, dengan pengurangan harga apakah yang kita akan dapat??
    1. Keuntungan dari jualan kereta nasional adalah berdasarkan volume dan bukan harga itu sendiri. Didalam ekonomi, terdapat 2 cara untuk mendapatkan keuntungan iaitu mengeluarkan volume yang rendah dan harga yang tinggi dan cara yang berikutnya adalah dengan mengeluarkan volume yang tinggi dengan harga yang rendah. Kedua-dua cara ini boleh memberikan keuntungan.
    2. Sekiranya harga kereta Proton dan Perodua saya ambil contoh dijual dengan separuh harga iaitu dalam 15-20k, saya pasti dalam masa 3 ke 5 tahun, ansuran kereta telah diselesaikan dan rakyat mampu hidup tenang selama lebih 10 tahun sebelum perlu membeli kenderaan baru.(sekiranya kenderaan melebihi 15 tahun dilupuskan)
    3. Harga yang murah akan meningkatkan ekonomi negara kerana kuasa membeli yang tinggi. Jadi pada hemat saya industri perbankan akan turut menerima keuntungan dan seterusnya keuntungan dituju kepada kerajaan. It is a win win situation.
    Kesimpulannya, untuk melindungi industri automotif negara, harga kereta keluaran Proton dan Perodua seharusnya sangat-sangat murah dan keuntungan adalah daripada high volume sale. Ini boleh tercapai didalam negara sendiri tanpa perlu kita mengeksport ke negara luar.
    That was my 2 cent opinion.
    Moga Tun dan isteri berada dalam keadaan sihat..Amin..

  184. Assalammualaikum…Tun,
    Dipendekkan cerita. Keluaran kereta proton yang awal (80an, 90an) jaminan mutunya memang terjamin kerana kualitinya diperiksa oleh orang Jepun. (QA/QC stafnya org Jepun). Selepas itu QA staf ini diberikan kepercayaan pada org Melayu utk menilai tahap kualitinya. Bl dah diberi pd org melayu faham2 lah memang asal boleh jelah ditambah plk vendor/supplier semua beri under table utk lpskan barangan mereka.
    Kt membeli harga proton yg tak setaraf dgn kualiti yg diharapkan. Kereta import jk tiada cukai harganya lebih kurang proton jg dgn tahap kualiti yg lebih tinggi. Dan utk pengetahuan enjin proton rsnya kita tiada kemahiran lg utk merekanya. Yg ada hnyalah seketul enjin yg diimport terus dipasang pada proton.
    Sy rs elok proton ditutup @ dijual pd syarikat luar krn dgn ketiadaan proton bermakna akn bnyk kereta import yg dijual dinegara kita tnpa dikenakan cukai yg tinggi. Makanya dptlah rakyat memandu kereta yg berkualiti dan tidak lg kita tertipu dgn tin recyle beroda 4 yg menyumbangkan kadar kemalangan yg tinggi di negara kita.
    Percayalah krn sy dah merasa 4 model proton (saga orion,wira,waja,pesona) semuanya tahap sampah kecuali model orion je yg masih mantap. Anda lihat model orion sy bli 2nd hand tp ok lg. Yg lain sy bli baru tp peh! aircond,tingkap,radio,pintu,gearbox blum lgi bunyi2 pelik yg keluar.
    Jd jgnlah kita cepat merasa bangga jika proton mewar-warkan model bru, jgn berpusu-pusu @ pandu uji model brunya krn jk anda lihat mcmna pekerja proton memasang produknya anda akan mengeleng kepala.
    Harapan sy cuma dptlah sy melihat proton ditamatkan krn sy srkg puas hati dgn kereta import sy walaupun 2nd hand tetapi tidak memberikan sebarang masalah pd sy. Yg orion tu sy bw pergi pasar dan masjid shj.

  185. Dear Tun and bloggers,
    Dalam kes proton and other government mega projects. We have to conduct it as if we are like raising a child. Tak perlu complicate kan isu. Go back to basics.
    Negara lain pun ada industri automobil. They treat it as if they are raising a child too. Kebanyakan negara mendidik “anak” to prepare them for adulthood (global presence). As their child grow up, They can think on their own and they look for the money on their own and they learn their mistakes.
    Tapi di Malaysia ni cara mendidik anak lain dari yang lain… there is nothing wrong being different.. it is best to be different… cuma kena tanya cara didikan yang berlainan itu menjurus kepada destruction or construction?.
    Kita ni parents kat Malaysia mendidik anak dengan terlalu protective sampai anak tu tak boleh berfikir sendiri. Then anak spoil and anak pemalas dan menyusahkan ibu bapa… salah siapa.. salah ibu bapa!.
    We help them too much… we think we are doing the right thing..salah kita sebab tidak memberi education..salah kita kerana tidak mengajar mereka..berfikir menggunakan otak mereka. They became too dependent on their parent. Tapi there will be a time, Allah akan uji keputusan mereka based on their judgement. These children will fail to make good decision and do not learn from their mistakes.
    Kalau betul kita sayang anak…we have to teach them lesson not by over protecting them.
    I got the chance to study overseas. I got the chance to be in English boarding school. I took A-level. My friend in Malaysia took a level as well. They study until late night..I sleep at 10pm..They are given after class assignment. I got none!..They do not focus as much.. I have to focus in class… Why? I have to be alert to use my brain..Why? Because the teachers will post to me at least 3 questions and will not go away unless he is satisfied that i tried my best to answer his question. And yet i did produced the same and better results that my friend back in Malaysia.
    You do not teach people by spoon feeding… they will not think!..You teach people how to use their brain!..You teach them by asking question and to question themself…The is why in my blog … One of my article “How to achieve greatness” say that greatness starts with questioning!
    Kalau dalam kes Proton ni…They have grown up…they are no longer baby…If we keep on spoon feeding them with easy money.. they will tidur! coz ada ‘daddy’ yang kasik duit!…They should start questioning themself and use their brain!
    Nak kutuk orang yang critical about proton buat ape…they give their frank opinion because they love proton and they love their country…Kalau ada teguran adalah benda yang perlu diperbaiki…Kalau tidak proton will not be in such a mess.
    kalau pandai sangat and sayangkan the county pakailah satu proton and pakailah kereta lain as well. Kalau pandai sangat takan pakai proton sampai bila2 walau pun mereka tak improve the quality.
    How can you ask people to improve if you yourself do not guys never really want to improve yourself..that is why you do not have option.

  186. Ir Shahrizan,
    Minah Indon tu anak orang kaya kut….and please compare an APPLE with an APPLE. Dah pernah pi Indonesia ka…di Malaysia pun ada clerk driving CAMRY….tak terkejut pun sebab tentu ada sponsor atau side income….you ni macam School Debate lah. berapa ramai kerani Indon bawa HONDA or CAMRY??? Yang tak cukup makan di sana ramai la yang I tengok. What kind of comparison you did now that you questioned Tun M. Apa lagi pasal Indonesia yang you nak compare? You boleh buat lawak la..dia orang bermati-matian nak kerja dan tinggal terus di Malaysia, you pulak look up to them in this sense.
    I bet you will be driving and living like a King when you migrate and work in Indonesia since you are an Ir…I have to tell this joke to my friends, sorry.
    I got the feeling that you are still young based on your “silly” arguments with Tun with that MICRO and MACRO Economics theory….Mat Salleh’s Theories….you remind me of my classmate in Uni dulu yang suka bragging sikit dan mula nak ajar orang….
    What is your problem when Tun and we the supporters here are concern about the Employees of PROTON?
    Kenapa you sakit hati ni? Protecting the employees at the expense of 28 million rakyat??? Kita semua kena paksa beli PROTON ke? tak de kereta lain atas jalanraya kita ke?
    You tak nak beli PROTON sudah lah, kami supporters nak beli PROTON lagi so please respect the silent majority. We are contributing INDIRECTLY to the people of Malaysia. Your contribution???KUTUK…KUTUK….KUTUK.
    You tahu tak betapa kereta PROTON dan PERODUA telah membantu banyak orang yang berpendapatan rendah dan sederhana untuk memiliki kereta supaya senang membawa keluarga bersama terutama semasa sakit atau emergency. Sebelum PROTON, keluarga ini tak pernah bermimpi untuk membawa dan memiliki kereta.
    Are you implying that by complaining about PROTON you will be arrested under the ISA? That is just a stupid and shallow bu an engineer like you. Mana ada? Cakap macam busuk perut saja. Give me one example la…yang kawan awak ditahan ISA pasal kutuk PROTON? You bunyi macam 3A Keadilanlah………
    Asyik-asyik Tin MILO. Macam seorang saudara saya yang suka kutuk Tin MILO ni tapi TUHAN MAHA KAYA, dia dah own one of the TIN MILO sekarang because she has “high taste tapi low income.”
    SEDARLAH Rakyat Malaysia…busuk-busuk pun kereta NAsional kereta kita juga, wangi-wangi pun kereta HONDA, TOYOTA, BMW, kereta orang…………so jangan perasan!!!

  187. Hello Tun,
    Issues about proton has been around since it was established.
    I have a firm believe that these are all related to the third world mentality, whereas most Malaysian always feel that owning IMPORTED brands are classy.
    I used to work with a korean firm a few years ago, and I had a good relationship with the korean bosses. On separate instances, they mentioned about the pride of not just working but owning something made in korea and by korean. In the 70s and 80s for example, brands like Samsung, Lucky Goldstar (LG), hyundai or kia were associated with low quality and low class all over the world. But korean were proud with their brand, even if those products were actualy crap. But with the support of the people, and protection that they enjoy from their government policy, these firms have now making all sort of success.
    Being colonized by the Japanese during WWII, the Korean was really ashamed with that history, and work the hardest they could to bring back their pride even if that means rejecting the top quality brands of Toyota and Honda. But for most Malaysian, being colonized for 500 years, they feel ashamed of using local brands, especially proton.
    Now just recently, I had lived in Australia for three years for studying. There was a news about ‘Starbucks Coffee’ failure to compete with the local coffee shops. For Australian coffee lovers, they felt Starbucks was just a form of economic colonization. But in Malaysia of course we love Starbuck Coffee, even if Kopi Janda, Radix, Jago, etc taste much better.
    If someone said American never protected their business they were totally wrong. Also in Australia, the American were pushing for longer copyrights protection for their products. The idea was to protect ‘Mickey Mouse’ from becoming a free image.
    So there is nothing wrong with the Malaysian government protecting proton.

  188. I could not deny that there are such protectism
    However, we are talking about quality
    when Japanese are protecting their automotive industry
    The quality assurance is given
    Contrary to that
    Proton is well known for its bad quality
    I wonder what kind of nationalism is this
    When somebody in our country are not performing to the standards to meet the global market
    In other words, proton management has failed the people of Malaysia
    Perodua is definitely better, better management and so forth

  189. Salam Tun
    I was one of the generation who had 80% of their life scale lived under your administration. Proud to say I have gained most of the benefits under the new economic policy. in other words, nice, school,nice University and now earning quite a handsome salary.
    When it come to protectionism of our car industry one must be positive towards supporting it. Yes, PROTON has been associated with off-low quality products,non-reliable and what not. But , If we Malaysians keep being sceptical of our own breed, what the others would think of us? Things maybe wrong in the past, definately changes are on its way. Give some ample time for PROTON to prove itself.
    IKEA is so proud to be associated with its native country, Sweden. I hope Proton will adopt the same strategy in its marketing strategy. Be more Malaysian, and in return Malaysians will love you.

  190. Assalamualaikum Tun.
    Dear Ir,
    Orang tua-tua kata kalau tak suka dengan makanan yang dihidangkan,jangan makan la dan jangan komplen.Pergi cari makanan lain.
    Ada orang boleh makan burger murah,ada orang boleh makan burger mahal.Ikut selera masing-masing la.
    Bertukar fikiran dengan Tun melalui cara begitu pun tak guna.Sebab ni perkara teknikal bukan management.Power window rosak pun nak salahkan proton.Pergi beki je lah kat kedai Ah Meng nung…
    Terima kasih Tun.

  191. salam ..
    tanpa nilai2 jati diri, maruah kita tidak akan kemana …its not about a car ..kereta cuma sebuah machine yg boleh bergerak ..saya berada di Jepun 4 tahun dan dikorea 2 tahun …kagum dgn semangat jati diri mereka walaupun kereta mereka( Korea) pada masa itu sangat teruk kualitinya …for me i will support proton dengan niat ikhlas dan berjati diri …insyaallah ada pahala untuk itu …

  192. tak habis2 komplen pasal power window. Tu cerita lama la.. Rajin2 kan la minda tu cari modal lain kalau nak hentam Proton… Exora dah achieve 4 star, so istilah tin milo tu boleh pakai lagi ke?.. dari pemerhatian saya, ramai nak enjin lebih berkuasa dari Proton dan material untuk interior kereta yg ‘mewah’ sedikit.

  193. Assalamualaikum Tun,
    I think you are not at fault at what happened in the Automotive industry. As Prime Minister, you had the vision of having our own national car. Truth be told, when I first saw the Proton Saga years ago during my younger days I was very proud. I know Malaysia had a very visionary leader and we were going the right way.
    What happened to Proton was not your fault. The vision was correct, but the weakness lies in the implementation, how Proton was run, which is under the jurisdiction of the Proton Management. I was surprised that MV Augustus was sold for 1 Euro!
    I like to read one person’s comment in your blog, saying that when people complain about the quality it’s not because they hate Proton, it’s because they want Proton to improve. As Malaysians, they have a stake in ensuring that Proton live up to the vision and name of being a national car. They want to be proud when they drive a Proton car.
    I like to think that when people write to you, it’s because people still respect you. They read your postings, they feel connected. They know you understand the feelings of the people. That’s why they still write to you even though you are no longer Prime Minister. That’s why your blog hit the 1 million mark so easily. Currently you are the best Prime Minister Malaysia had ever had because of your vision and thinking.
    I do hope other people when posting to Tun’blog be mindful that when you write, you a writing to once the Prime Minister of Malaysia. Show some respect. You are entitled to your opinions, but it doesn’t mean you can be hurtful or rude. Please be courteous.
    Look at how Tun write and respond to critics is an example we should follow.
    Having a nice day Tun!

  194. Assalamualaikum YABhg.Tun,
    Kepada mereka yg kerap mempertikai dan memperlekehkan Proton :
    “satu perkara yang jelas dan pasti adalah :
    ramai rakyat mampu memiliki kereta sejak kewujudan Proton dan sekurang-kurangnya Perodua kemudiannya, jika dibandingkan dengan keadaan sebelum itu… dan Proton juga telah mencetuskan satu fenomena baru dalam sektor perindustrian di negara ini (automatif terutamanya) yang kemudiannya memperlihatkan pertumbuhan yang meningkat saban tahun termasuklah sumbangannya kepada pendapatan kerajaan…
    jadi apa masalahnya?
    p/s – the so called “the ultimate driving machine” (BMW) pun ada masalah jugak… 🙁 otherwise car of the year mesti tiap-tiap tahun dapat kat diorg…

  195. SALAM TUN,

  196. Salam Tun.
    Syabas! Ir. Syahrizan, its fun but sometimes really stupid to read your disgusting comments about Proton national car. As I said my dear brother, maybe you don

  197. Hi Tun,
    I just want to said what we NORMAL ppl think about Proton.Actually when Proton 1st come out from market is in 1985 if not mistaken and that time I only 10 yrs old,so I dunno much about car nut I’m proud of Malaysia.
    After today,me already 35 yrs old and been driving Proton since I got my license,Actually my first car till now still is Proton, from my 1st Proton Saga to Proton Satria and now Proton Waja.
    Actually I am proud of Proton because is Buatan Malaysia but so sad that Proton never GROWTH UP at all.As nowdays ppl will look for car which is more reliable and also good quality.
    Since my 1st car,Proton Saga till now Proton Waja still same problem occur and never solve or can said duwan to solve.I think alot ppl is still complaning about the Power Window,if such little things Proton cannot solve,do you think they will have the ability to solve other problem.This is the perception of normall ppl thinking like me.
    In anywhere,mamak stall ke or kopitiam ke,you always can hear.Japanese car 5 years dun give u problem but Proton maximum 2 years only IF,yes I said IF your are lucky 2 years no problem,sometimes 1 yr already Koyak…
    Let’s compare about Proton and Perodua,which 1 is much reliable?.Why lately Perodua MyVi sales like Proton Wira sales on 1990 era because ppl believe Perodua not much given problem as Proton.
    Nowdays alot younger ppl go for Honda and Toyota,this is not they want branded car,just they think there are no problem in 5 year or 10 years.Do you believe Proton can do that.Why ppl pay till 9 years installment,we not saying we’re rich but we don’t want any problem given.Working as sales like me,if the car always need to fix,we feel that is really consume alot of our time and also our hard earning money.Thats why ppl go for Japanese car nowdays.I think lately we also fail car crash test in Australia which Proton only get 1 star and newcomer like China maker also can get 2 stars.This is really a BIG SHAME for Proton.Thats is not an excuse saying is old model or else.Excuse is only to cover your weakness,try to face it do more better in future.
    Actually I’m very sad about Proton,if Proton really want to capture back Malaysia market pls do more serious on QUALITY and also R&D,not just change the head lamp or change the bonet then say is new model.We’re looking forward for new Proton which is more reliable in market and also can compete with Korean or Japanese brands or Perodua.
    Thank you..May God always bless you…Stay healthy always

  198. Dear Tun,
    Dulu masa saya kecik2, saya cukup bangga dgn Proton. Bila org kampung beli sebijik, rasa mmg betul2 bangga dapat sentuh Proton tu. Skrg ni, takde dah macam tu Tun.
    Skrg, saya hanya beli Proton 2nd hand. Kalau drive atas jalan yg tak rata, mula la dia buat bunyi cit cit cit. Biasalahkan, kete Proton kan, what else can I expect? Beli yg baru pun, lama2 jadi gitu jugak. Jujur saya katakan, saya beli Proton bukan kerana saya bangga utk memiliki Proton. Saya beli Proton semata-mata utk bergerak dari titik A ke titik B sambil utk hindari saya, isteri dan anak saya daripada basah terkena hujan. Tu je. Kalau nak bangga, kena beli kete import la, lebih kualitinya, design luaran dan dalaman pun cantikkkk, tapi mahal la plak sebab dah kena balun ngan cukai import. Kalau beli kat luar Malaysia, rega kete tu lebih kurang rega kereta Proton je pun.
    Tun, rasanya tak perlu la Proton buat iklan TV yg canggih2 dengan epik2 yg mahal utk menarik perhatian pembeli. Rasanya cukuplah kalau Proton buat iklan yg menyampaikan mesej berikut secara terus:
    1. Proton generasi baru, tiada lagi power window yg tersekat. Kalau tak percaya, beli satu. Kalau ada jugak masalah power window tersekat, kami pulangkan kesemua duit anda dan anda simpanlah Proton anda itu.
    2. Proton generasi baru, tiada lagi bunyi kruk krak kruk krak cit cit cit walaupun selepas dipandu sejauh 200,000km. Kalau tak percaya, beli satu. Kalau ada jugak bunyi, kami pulangkan kesemua duit anda dan anda simpanlah Proton anda itu.
    Apa yg saya ingin sampaikan ialah, berilah jaminan kepada rakyat bahawa masalah ni takkan ada lagi. Berilah jaminan bahawa apa yg rakyat bayar adalah kualiti. Kesian kat rakyat Tun… Takkan la dah berpuluh tahun wujud masih tak boleh nak setlekan masalah2 yg simple tu, kecualilah management Proton mmg takde kesungguhan utk betul2 memajukan diri. Malu je ada teknologi Lotus, tapi problem yg dok ada serupa tu jugak. Yg lagi malu, sejarah Proton memiliki Agusta. Masa tu, baru je sekejap Tun disconnect dari Proton. Kalau Tun dah takde besok, apa nak jadi la dengan Proton ni.
    Last sekali Tun. Reka bentuk dalaman dan luaran Proton tu.. Mmg out la. Tak boleh ka buat bentuk yg cantik macam Honda City yg baru tu. Kalau la ada Proton yg macam Honda City yg baru tu, baru la bangga rakyat Malaysia nak beli & tayang pada jiran pun. Tapi jgn la jual harga RM90k macam Honda City tu pulak. Tak aci la. Honda City tu dah kena tax. Proton kalo buat design mcm Honda City tu kita expect boleh la dapat beli dlm RM45k ja, separuh dari harga Honda City tu sebab Proton kan tak kena tax. Proton bukan kereta import kan.
    Itu saja saya nak kata Tun, salam and wishing you and Tun Dr Hasmah in the best of health always.

  199. Ybhg Tun,salam ketemu lagi di blog ini dan semoga kita semua di berikan kekuatan untuk memberikan pendapat dalam blog ini.
    Tun,saya adalah penyokong kuat kereta proton.Sehingga ke hari ini saya ada proton iswara sedan, proton aeroback dan produa kancil.Saya mampu juga beli kereta jenama lain,tetapi saya rasa saya lebih bangga memandu kereta buatan negera sendiri. Saya turut sedih sama jika ada usaha-usaha untuk menjual kereta nasional kepada orang luar. Rugi atau pun untung kereta buat negara ini kena di pertahankan kerana hasil kewujudan kilang proton ini membawa keuntungan yang tidak ternilai harganya. Pengetahuan engineering,teknology skill dalam membuat peralatan kereta2 proton ini oleh anak2 malaysia sesuatu yang kita terpaksa belanja berjuta2 ringgit jika kita hantar anak2 kita keluar negera untuk belajar kepakaran engineering dan teknology skill dalam membuat kerete ini. Oleh itu kita tidak boleh hanya melihat dari sudut keuntungan sahaja tetapi benefit lain yang kita akan perolehi. Skill engineering yang anak2 kita perolehi di kilang2 proton ini boleh di guna oleh anak2 kita ini untuk bekerja di syarikat2 seperti pembinaan perkapalan, kapal terbang dan sebagainya. Secara tidak langsung proton juga menyumbang kepada pembangunan modal insan.
    Apa yang amat mengecewakan sekarang ini, hanya kerana cerita maintenance proton perdana yang tinggi baru2 ini,sudah ada negeri2 di Malaysia termasuk yang di kuasai oleh Barisan Nasional menukur kereta rasmi para ahli kabinetnya kepada kereta jenama luar seperti toypta dan volvo. Jamgan kita bangkitkan soal patriotiksma jika kita lebih suka pakai kereta jenama lain, rakyat akan ketawakan. Sepatutnya kalau kebetulan memang maintenance tinggi kita mintalah Proton improve apa yang perlu bukan kita pula gunakan ia sebagai alasan untuk tukar kereta dengan jenama lain.
    Tun, mau tidak mau Proton kena di lindungi,seperti yang Tun katakan negara-negara lain pun buat protectionism keatas kereta2 mereka.Dan pihak kerajaan kena juga bantu proton untuk tinggatkan market sharenya. Umpamanya,bagi pemilik kereta nasional bagi 2500cc kebawa bagi subsidi minyak.
    Tun,dalam blog ini saya ingin sentuh sedikit hasrat kerajaan untuk mengenakan kereta berumur 15 tahun di wajib untuk pemeriksaan pospakom.Saya rasa kerajaan perlu berfikir panjang lebar banyak kesan negatifnya. Pertama rakyat malaysia masih ramai tidak kaya dari segi wang ringgit, kedua jangan wujudkan ruang untuk orang buat benda2 negatif untuk pastikan keretanya lulus.Cari kaedah lain jika kita betul2 mau dispose kereta2 15 tahun umur ini dari jalanraya, umpamanya naikan road tax dan mandatori beli insuran comprehensive. Atau buat undang2 mandatori bagi proton dan pengeluar kereta lain beli semula kereta2 mereka daripada pemilik jika sudah 15 tahun keatas di atas jalan.Kereta yang di beli balik oleh proton ini umpamanya,proton baik pulih dan jadikan kereta recond dan export ke negara2 kurang maju.
    Tun selaku Penesihat Proton, pertahankan terus proton ia adalah kebangaan negera.Orang kata walau macam manapun huduh isteri atau suami kita si suami atau si isteri harus bangga kerana ia isteri atau suami dia,walau bagaimana banyaknya liur kita melihat wanita atau lelaki cantik/lawa kalau ia bukan kita punya usah di bangga2kan buang masa sahaja.Maknanya kita kena bangga dengan apa yang kita sudah bena sekian lama dan bangga dengannya di samping terus tingkatkan kualitinya.

  200. Tun makes a good point that Korea and Japan protected their car markets. What he doesn’t say is that Nissan is now controlled by foreigners and that unfortunately, Malaysian industry could not compete with Korea and Japan.
    Proton is still just licensing technology from the Japanese and assembling the parts. There is not much technical capability built up after all these years. That may or may not change in the future.
    But we should applaud Tun for trying his best to develop a car industry in Malaysia. It is only sad that for whatever reason those people working in the industry could not be determined enough to stand on their own feet eventually. But that cannot be blamed on Tun since he is after all, only one man.
    the user Musmt wrote that we should buy things from Islamic countries and not from US, Europe,Japan, etc. So I guess that means we need to throw away our cell phones, tear down our telephone networks, remove all of the roads because they are built with equipment coming from those countries, and of course throw away our computers because nothing in our computers was developed in a muslim country, and then of course close down the Internet and of course we can’t buy Protons either because they are licensed from a non-muslim country. It’s funny when people write things on the Internet about buying only from muslim countries when if you consider the reality, anything in today’s world with any kind of technology in it is made by non-muslim countries. People should talk more sense and less nonsense.

  201. Salam Tun,
    Mohon maaf andai apa yg bakal ditulis dan dibaca adalah salah anggapan semata²
    1. Saya SETUJU dan MENYOKONG perkembangan dan kemajuan automotif negara. Tetapi saya KURANG setuju dengan kualiti automotif negara yg tidak seiring dgn perkembangan dan kemajuan yg sibuk diperkatakan.
    2. Memang jelas dari segi volume kita tidak mampu menyaingi industri besar perusahaan automotif seperti HONDA, TOYOTA, MERCEDES, BMW dll. Namun ini bukan bermakna kita perlu meletakkan kualiti di tempat yg ke 3 atau ke 4.
    3. Menambah volume untuk mengurangkan kos pengeluaran adalah strategi penjualan yg bagus namun penambahan tanpa mengambil kira mutu kenderaan bukan suatu strategi yg bagus untuk diamalkan.
    4. Saya bersetuju dgn agenda ‘Beli barangan tempatan’ tapi saya KURANG setuju pandangan mengarahkan untuk membeli barangan tempatan yg KURANG bermutu.(Nak org tolong, tolong org dulu, baru org akan tolong kita, bukannya membuatkan org tidak lg menaruh kepercayaan terhadap kita, kemudian marah org kerana tidak membantu)
    5. Saya mempunyai saudara yg bekerja di kilang Proton Tanjung Malim. Beliau telah berkhidmat selama 5 tahun dgn Proton. Gaji asas beliau hanya RM600. Campur OT dan sebagainya, x sampai RM1000. Bonus pula kadang² ada kadang² xder. So korang rasa macm mana pekerja nak motivated dgn kadar gaji seperti itu untuk menghasilkan produk yg berkualiti. (agak² brapa lama kerja kat sana untuk dpt duit yg secukupnya untuk belanja kawin? 10thn,20thn? RM1000 belum tolak sewa rumah, makan minum, prepaid, bil air & letrik, Petrol, kirim kat keluarga dll)ini belum lg perbelanjaan untuk yg telah berkahwin. (susu anak, sekolah, ansuran kereta, pinjaman bank, xmustahil juga pinjaman Ah Long)
    renung²kan lah..

  202. Assalaamualaikum Tun di harap sihat selalu.
    1)Saya sungguh kesal mereka mereka yang memperlekehkan Proton.Saya meminta mereka ini dapat memberikan teguran yang membina.
    2)Kita patut banyak bersyukur dengan terbina nya Proton kita dapat menjana economy, ramai pula yang mendapat pekerjaaan.Bayangkan kalau proton di tutup beribu ribu rakyat kita hilang pekerjaan.
    3)Dahulu saya tidak terfikir langsung yang rakyat kita dapat design dan berupaya membuat enjin sendiri dan kereta seterus nya.Dengan tekad dan kesabaran yang tinggi akhir nya kita berjaya.Terima Kasih Tun
    4)Bukan apa Tun mereka ni sebenar nya berdendam supaya apa yang Tun cuba majukan terhapus dan lupus.
    5)Tak pernah pun dengar kereta Proton di kenakan massive call back saperti kereta Jepun dan Eropah yang menghadapi masaalah.
    Khas kepada Ir.Syahrizan, buta ke mata dengan tidak dapat melihat ramai pemuda pemuda bumiputra yang bekerja di Proton hingga berjaya nenghasilkan engin sendiri.Dahulu apa yang kita oleh buat.Agak nya kereta mainan pun kita taka tau buat.Sedar lah diri dendam tu satu dosa.
    kalau lah orang Melayu tidak kemana di sebab orang semacam awak yang suka melihat bangsa sendiri jatuh tersungkur.
    Awak boleh ke buat enjin sendiri.saya rasa awak Syahrizan masak nasi pun awak tak tau.
    Tun jangan hiraukan petualang sebegini.
    Tun may God Bless You and Family

  203. Assalaamualaikum Tun di harap sihat selalu.
    1)Saya sungguh kesal mereka mereka yang memperlekehkan Proton.Saya meminta mereka ini dapat memberikan teguran yang membina.
    2)Kita patut banyak bersyukur dengan terbina nya Proton kita dapat menjana economy, ramai pula yang mendapat pekerjaaan.Bayangkan kalau proton di tutup beribu ribu rakyat kita hilang pekerjaan.
    3)Dahulu saya tidak terfikir langsung yang rakyat kita dapat design dan berupaya membuat enjin sendiri dan kereta seterus nya.Dengan tekad dan kesabaran yang tinggi akhir nya kita berjaya.Terima Kasih Tun
    4)Bukan apa Tun mereka ni sebenar nya berdendam supaya apa yang Tun cuba majukan terhapus dan lupus.
    5)Tak pernah pun dengar kereta Proton di kenakan massive call back saperti kereta Jepun dan Eropah yang menghadapi masaalah.
    Khas kepada Ir.Syahrizan, buta ke mata dengan tidak dapat melihat ramai pemuda pemuda bumiputra yang bekerja di Proton hingga berjaya nenghasilkan engin sendiri.Dahulu apa yang kita oleh buat.Agak nya kereta mainan pun kita taka tau buat.Sedar lah diri dendam tu satu dosa.
    kalau lah orang Melayu tidak kemana di sebab orang semacam awak yang suka melihat bangsa sendiri jatuh tersungkur.
    Awak boleh ke buat enjin sendiri.saya rasa awak Syahrizan masak nasi pun awak tak tau.
    Tun jangan hiraukan petualang sebegini.
    Tun may God Bless You and Family

  204. Dear Tun Dr M,
    It is a well known fact that the Proton cars were the actually failed models of Mitsubishi Japan. Even in the west the Proton car was marketed with the slogan “Japanese Technology with Malaysian Design”.
    However, the content of Malaysian parts in the Proton models increased as time pass by. Having used proton car, myself, I have all praise to Proton cars except for a few failed models. Apart from marketing Proton cars locally, we could market it within the ASEAN region. This is due to the fact that Proton is definitely “value for money”. Many,locally and abroad, tried to sabotage the sale of Proton cars. However,the effort went futile.

  205. Salam kasih dan salam hormat Ayahanda Tun. Di fahamkan yang Datuk Seri Nadzmi sudah selamat sampai ke tanah air dan sedang menerima perhatian perubatan tempatan. Alhamdullilah semuanya baik. Kami serta qariah, baru sahaja mendoakan agar beliau cepat pulih seperti biasa dan supaya dapat kembali bertugas semula di Proton. Amin yaRabbal alAmin. Kesihatan adalah kekayaan yang paling berharga. Take care Ayahanda Tun dan juga semua.

  206. Salam,
    Semoga Tun beroleh petunjuk dan manfaat daripada semua usaha2 Tun…
    THANK YOU PROTON AND ALL (i own and use many proton cars since i graduated until now)
    1. i’m able to spend at least one day of my annual leave at workshop per year
    2. i’m able to be more expert in cars after so many time going through ‘learning process’ (at both authorized and bawah pokok mechanics) until i also manage to identify between design flaw or parts or installation problems.
    3. i’m able to have more friend since we have no choice but must go through the similar learning process
    4. i’m able to make sure my hard earn money is allocated to pay car installment for 9 yrs term without miss.
    5. i’m able to discipline myself to reserve some of my hard earn money also, so that i can pay the ‘expected’ repair/breakdown repeatedly.
    6. i’m able to increase my driving skill and alertness since my car doesn’t have all standard features in other country like ABS, EBD, TCS, ACS, TEMS, VSC, Active 4WS, LSD, TRC and many other passive safety features.
    7. i’m able to make myself more careful all the time because my car doesn’t have good security system
    8. i’m able to feel how valuable the petrol, because i don’t have advance technology to reduce fuel consumption.
    9. last but not least, some of people i know have gone to heaven (insya-Allah). perhaps they might not have that chances if they use other higher spec cars. if i remember correctly, one of our minister miss this chance and put the blame on toyota fortuner.
    again… many-many thanks to proton and proton’s family!
    i will continue to support you as long as i don’t have other feasible option.

  207. dear tun,
    saya cadangkan kerajaan jadikan perodua kereta nasional utama buka yang kedua….sebab kualiti dia lebih bagus dari proton.

  208. Asalamualaikum…..dulu saya beli 2nd proton…tak meragam jimat minyak tapi kerana tergedik gedik berkenan kat kembara saya tukar gak….senget gak nak membayar….tapi kalo proton ada model yg buat saya tergedik2 lagik pakai saya berhutang pulak….harap2 jgnlah proton/perodua keluar model yg buat saya tergedik gedik….
    takooooot…ngeh2..ngeh……paper pun buatan m’sia tetap dlm hati….tetap dibeli….

  209. If Proton is the only National Car, meaning Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional Kedua or Perodua must change its name. Perhaps Toyodua or Daihattwo…lol

  210. As they say in the “Dismal Science” – economics, other things remaining equal (but things are never equal), having the national car industry, the government has to protect it. Everybody does it, including the great US makers. Why the flood gates were open to car imports in 2004 escapes reason. It went against the whole national car production philosophy hitherto adopted. It was a reversal of the years of hard work put into realising the national design, and surely marks sabotage, intentional or otherwise.The arguements follow.
    In the meantime, whoever is concocting the new Autamative Policy should reexamine it before implementing it. Don’t throw the baby with the bathwater. The part about scrapping cars over 15 years can go very wrong for everybody, and the BN government can’t afford any backlash whatsoever. It can’t afford any more stupidity now.

  211. Salam Tun,
    1. Sekiranya sebarang perlindungan perdagangan di laksanakan, matlamatnya mestilah jelas. Iaitu perlindungan daripada persaingan negara luar manakala manfaatnya di kongsi bersama rakyat, bukannya seperti NAP yang mana industri kereta dilindungi daripada persaingan luar manakala rakyat kebanyakan terpaksa mengalas beban untuk memastikan industri kereta tempatan mampu hidup dengan rakyat terpaksa membayar cukai duti dan eksais berlipat kali ganda daripada kos sebenar kereta. Rakyat seluruh negara berganding bahu hanya untuk menghidupkan sebuah industri yang masih lemas selepas 25 tahun beroperasi.
    Tun, banyak duit gaji kami keluarkan setiap bulan untuk cukai duti dan eksais kereta, purata rakyat membayar lebih kurang rm 600- rm1000 sebulan untuk ansuran kereta. Gaji purata seorang pegawai ialah antara rm 1000

  212. Dear Tun,
    Nice to hear your comments.
    To my friend who is all out to by only Muslim products, I agree with you on your buying methods for yourself but you cannot stop how the people in Malaysia buy their things. People in Malaysia are very demanding people and I think that is very good. They need quality and I would say there are not many good quality Malaysian products. Infact we are very good in our food industry because we are unique that way.
    Look at the world before you advice Malaysians on buying methods.
    Who are the biggest oil exporters in the world? Arab Countries.
    Go to Dubai,Jordan or other rich with oil Arab countries and see how our fellow Arab friends spend their money. Yes they buy American, Italian, Japanese made cars. They don’t care. They are looking for quality. They even invited them to build a huge racing theme park (Yas Marina Ferrari Theme Park, Abu Dhabi).
    Proton is a good car but still needs a lot of R&D to get the standards up to convince Malaysians and International markets. Protect the car industry is one thing but making it a world known car is another. Proton must go for better quality cars. Look at Honda and Toyota and other CKD cars in Malaysia. They also have problems when it roles out the showroom but not as much as Proton. I blame QC in Malaysia. We suck at that. We talk about quality standards when buying cars or building roads but somehow or rather things also can collapse here and there.
    Im not saying it is wrong to buy just Muslim products or cars but people are looking at quality. In life we all need certain qualities to make our life better.
    Hope I didn’t offend my fellow Malaysian.
    Thank you.

  213. Dear Tun,
    I read your comments with interest. Whilst agreeing with you that all countries try to protect the interest of their local industry, I do think that when it comes to exports you must be on a par with say Hyundai whose Indian manufactured cars are the hot seller in the UK. I have no idea of Savvy to i10 sales… possibly 100 to 1?
    So getting a product to market that people want to buy is ultimately the goal of all manufacturers.
    Finally, as adviser to Proton, Lotus (Group) and Petronas, have you given consideration to the Motorsport University Malaysia proposal?
    As a single common chord tying these entities together, may I suggest that whilst you write your new strategic plan for Proton, you consider the wider picture? I see lots of synergies, I’m sure you do too.
    John Mansfield

  214. Salam Tun,
    1.Yang menjadi kemuskilan layman atau pengguna Proton ialah kenapa sebagai locally produced car ianya masih lagi mahal,sebagai contoh saya masih ingat proton Wira di jual Pound Sterling 5000 di UK,sedangkan di M’sia RM40-50k (jika tidak mengambil kira kadar tukaran wang)
    Saya anggap Proton mengambil profit margin yang tinggi

  215. almost 20 years the same excuse given by Tun, that proton should be protected … instead of propose how to improve it …
    have anyone ever hear any comments about quality issue of proton (eg: power window) from Tun … i guess no one had heard about it !! u will only hear stories about how the foreign countries protected thier automobil industry …
    complains from Tun against proton came out recently, but it only due to Tun’s unhappiness about the management of proton for not seeking his advise … that’s it, nothing more than that …
    it is understandable that proton is Tun’s baby … but to archieve one’s ambition (to be remembered in the history) by letting the people in debts … it is not moral …

  216. Assalamualaikum YAB Tun dikasihi,
    Biar je lah YAB Tun pada si luncai tu…
    Kalau setakat dia sorang tak nak beli proton, takde nye proton nak tutup kedai.
    Buang masa ja layan orang yg mentality macam tu.
    Apa yang penting kita teruskan usaha kita memartabatkan produk keluaran Malaysia.
    Saya dah pakai Waja second generation dah nak masuk 4 tahun dah.
    So far alhamdulillah,tak banyak buat hal.Masa nak beli pun tak banyak kerenah.Mula-2 tu bila ada rezeki lebih, teringin la pulak nak tukar ke MPV.Tapi sebab pikirkan dah maintain elok-2 Waja tu,dah okay pun, so rasa sayang pulak nak trade in ke MPV.
    Biarje lah luncai dengan labunya. Tak macam mana pun,dia still dok Malaysia.Orang yang tak sedar diri macam ni tak ke mana. Alah,setakat ada IR dah rasa bijak sangat nak berdebat dgn YAB Tun & bloggers lain.Bukan dia sorang la yang ada IR dalam Malaysia ni.
    Peminat setia YAB Tun Dr.M, Aiza.

  217. Salam Tun,
    Thank You , simple and easy to understand.
    No 4. and No 5. are good points.
    Kindly proceed your plan with the new management.

  218. Dear Tun,
    Myself and many others have great respect for you, we can take whatever response from you and we know your implementation of the national car program meant well.
    From your reply above, it is definitely not the best defense you gave them and I doubt even with better reasons that still wont change any of our perception of Proton.
    Personally, I feel they are spoil rotten, dragging everyone down with them and do not deserve to given any support.

  219. salam Tun,
    many negative comments here highlight their frustrations with Proton.I have to agree that Proton must buck up and improve their products.
    These people who always belittle our own products have hidden agendas and ill intentions as they are allergic to acknowledge our achievements and aspirations.Politically motivated perhaps?
    A few stupid people even had the audacity to assume asking me how my Proton drives and suggesting we are living under tempurungs.
    Of course these little minds think they can do better.As if.
    My advice to decent bloggers here; treat their comments as trash and we’ll be alright.
    With Tun at the helm as Advisor I am confident Proton will be in good hands.

  220. Everyone like to compare between Proton and foreign car.
    They said Proton don’t have quality
    If we not support our car industry through protectionism and policies, how Proton going to improve?
    Aiyaaa…. lu pikir la sendiri… klu xsupport national car mcmn nak maju
    utk para pengkritik, you doing nothing except giving empty critics….
    aiyaaa! lu pikir la sendiri

  221. If other countries protect their car industry then its find to protect proton too.
    By giving no tax to foreign cars manufactures for producing their car here, like the US. People get Jobs and good cars too.
    What’s the point of having high tax, only gov. gets the money and it’ll end up in a few peoples pocket.
    High tax is wrong way of protecting Proton. Proton will not improve.

  222. Salam utk Tun dan semua,
    I remember almost 12 years ago in news when I was stil in UK – about the last UK car company being bought over by foreingners. Today, no car companies that once before the glory of the nation (e.g. jaguar and rover)were in the hand of the British. Semua dah kena jual. Probably too liberal in their approached and no protection at all. UK economy has been in the downward trend, I believe, in the past 20 years.Cannot be due to low quality product because we know that British industries produced high quality product. Cannot be due to poor working attitude, because British worker have good attitute toward jobs and productivity. My humble suggestion (being living in UK for 7 years)that when you make your economy too liberal…, politicians, leaders, economists, scholars down to the ordinary citizens lose touched with their national identity, direction and aspiration.
    If I allow anything valuables in my house subjects of a public offering just for the sake of being open an liberal, I shouldn’t be surprised if one day even the house will not be mine anymore.
    There are a price for everything. Some small items might cause more than what you willing to pay for… some even make you bankcrupt.
    Priority first…, probably it is best to protect.

  223. Negara lain protect national car dengan harga yang murah (harga kereta asing lebih murah sebelum tax dikenakan. Tapi kerajaan Malaysia protect proton, harga sebuah lebih tinggi daripada kereta import sebelum tax dikenakan. Jualan proton merosot bukan kerana harga import kereta murah tetapi kerana qualitynya yang merosot mendadak disebabkan masalah (rasuah) dalaman industri tersebut.
    Rakyat Malaysia dan kerajaan BN terlalu manjakan Proton sehingga menyebabkannya tidak perlu bersaing dengan kereta import. Tengok beberapa model baru dikeluarkan oleh proton semenjak ditubuhkan. Model baru yang didakwa oleh proton selalunya kerata model lama. Contohnya proton saga diubahsuai sendikit menjadi proton iswara, gen 2 ditukar sikit menjadi personal, proton perdana v6 seakan dijual seumur hidup. proton waja sudah dijual lebih 5 tahun. Jikalau dibandingkan dengan kerata import asia seperti Toyota, Honda, Kia, Hyudai dan lain-lain mereka tiap-taip tahun melancarkan model baru. Apa proton ada?
    Rakyat Malaysia sudah berkorbon untuk proton selama lebih 20 tahun. Dan balasan daripada proton untuk rakyat adalah harga kereta lebih tinggi dan mahal dengan quality yang rendah jikalau dibandingkan dengan kereta jenis lain. Kerajaan BN perlu belajar daripada kerajaan Thailand di mana perindustrian keretanya di depan kita
    Mereka tidak ada polisi protect. Banyak pekerjaan diujudkan kerana industri automotive berkembang pesat.
    Cadangan saya, proton mesti bekerjasama atau cari partnership dengan kereta jenama yang baik dan mendapat sambutan baik di Malaysia seperti wolkwagen, toyota, honda, mitsubishi dan ford.

  224. Dear Musmt,
    thank you for highlighting this point. I agree with you 100%.
    Apa salahnya kalau kita bersusah dahulu dengan membeli proton asalkan kita dapat membantu industri negara dan sekali gus menolong membangunkan taraf hidup orang-orang kita sendiri. Satu yang sangat jelas saya perhatikan. Orang-orang kita sangat pentingkan diri. Memang ya proton kurang berkualiti jika dibandingkan dengan kereta impot tapi kalau nak disamakan kedua-dua taraf; proton dengan impot, kedua-dua dalam taraf liga yang berlainan. Proton perlukan masa untuk menghasilkan produk berkualiti. Jadi kita sebagai satu keluarga, kurangkan la kepentingan diri. Kurang selesa sedikit apa salahnya untuk masa depan yang lebih baik untuk anak cucu kita. Jadi saya menyeru semua rakyat Malaysia, sokonglah proton. Macam kata-kata saudara Musmt ” saya tak kisah power window saya rosak sikit, yang saya kisah kemana duit pembelian saya pergi”.
    setahu saya Syed Bukhari orang yang terkenal dengan kekayaan dan perniagaan beliau pon hanya memandu Proton Perdana, inikan pula kita yang duit pon separuh nyawa nak lepas makan, lagi nak menghebat pakai kereta impot. renung-renungkan.
    Hazman Abu Bakar

  225. Salam YBhg Tun,
    Sekadar ingin mencadangkan. Penduduk Langkawi dapat membeli kereta bebas cukai. Apa kata kakitangan kerajaan dapat menikmati kemudahan ini yakni membeli kereta nasional secara bebas cukai ataupun pengurangan cukai sekurang-kurangnya sekali dalam sepanjang tempoh perkhidmatan mereka dengan kerajaan dan dengan syarat kenderaan ini tidak boleh ditukar milik untuk tempoh waktu yang ditetapkan bagi mengelak disalahgunakan kemudahan ini.

  226. Salam sejahtera kepada Tun dan Keluarga.
    to ir shahrizan
    Keluarga kami telah menggunakan tiga buah kereta proton, tak ada problem pun.Sebab kereta Proton Malaysia yang buat itu sebab kau hina,Kalau mat saleh yang buat kau sanjung,KENTOT DIA KAU CIUM PUN KAU KATA WANGI.
    not to worry my future car will always be PROTON.
    Tun may God B;ess You always

  227. assalamualaikum…
    dear tun,
    A few days ago, i’ve received an email from a friend saying that all proton buyers in malaysia had been tricked by proton because the price of proton at saudi arabia is cheaper than malaysia proton home it true? because in the email state that proton gen2,waja n pesona in saudi is around Rm 34000 to 37000 thousand only.

  228. Salam untuk Tun,
    1. In initial stage, its undoubtedly that Tun did a great job on establishing Proton and implement protectionism policy to assist this infant industry. However, Proton had became a eternity infant company, due to the absence of long-run development planning.
    2. As we all know, Proton’s car is unsafe compare to other brands such as Toyota or Honda. All those better car selling cheap in other countries, but not Malaysia. Because of the protectionism policy which was implemented 20 years, we got to pay higher price as 300% to acquire a better and safety car.
    3. “We could not achieve this because of their protected car market.” Then do you think “Malaysia Boleh” is an empty slogan? Do you think of why they able to grab the market share even though we got strong protectionism policy? Its all about R&D and the competitiveness they accumulated from the competition in free market.
    4. The present management is better but it still far to compete with others. Its kind of over spoiled child. Eventually it will fall in liquidation and declare bankruptcy due to high competition rivalry in future globalization market.Its just the matter of time.
    5. Anyway, don’t worry, AFTA memorandum still in pending.
    6. Tun is not going to bear this because you are no longer the PM. However, the history is cruel, it will just record down everything. Oh man, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia are laughing on us.

  229. Ayahanda Tun,
    If KL wants to be named as an international hub to the world, the import tax (tariffs) on “luxury” products should be ommited so that tourists and locals can choose to buy LV, GUCCI, Coach, Ferragamo, Dunhill, Tag Heur etc… , either in Singapore, Bangkok, HongKong or KL. We Malaysians know very well that we cannot produce such luxurious and high quality products in our country. I do hope that the Ministry departments should look inti this matter seriously.

  230. Tun yang dihormati dan disanjungi…,
    Saya hairan bin ajaib sungguh la ni… Generasi sekarang ni asyik nak complain aja… Fikiran mereka asyik tak setuju aja.. Sikit2 nak complain.. Pada hal akal tu cetek aja.. Tak tara mana pun..
    Pengetahuan tak sejauh mana, tapi berani nak complain??
    Kenapa ya? Dimana silap nye?? Saya rasa sistem pendidikan kita yang tidak membenarkan kegunaan rotan di sekolah telah membuat generasi sekarang berani melawan orang-orang lama dan berpengalaman…Macam kawan kita tu…, si Syahrizan dan yang sewaktu dengannya.. Berani tak bertempat!! Tu, di tempat dia tu…, jadi hero lah tu.. PI GI DAH !!
    Tahniah Tun kerana sentiasa “sharp” memberi jawapan. Pedulikan sahaja orang cetek akai macam Syahrizan tu… Melayu perosak negara….

  231. To Mr/Ms musmt
    I find it weird that your thoughts are so limited when it comes to foreign news. US, Euro, Japan killing Muslims? Then explain to me what Pakistan, a Muslim country is doing killing the talibans? What Saddam Hussien, a Muslim, killing Muslims in his country. How about China, which is oppressing the minority Muslims in the country? Stop buying products made from all those countries? Then please return your computer(its invented in the US), stop eating Aus imported beefs & thrash 50% of your household products back to China. Do all that before trying to point out to the other Muslims in the world how ‘proud’ you are driving a ‘Muslim’ made car while almost everything else you own is made in a non-Muslim country/place.
    Finally, thank God for the US gov for not doing the thing you mentioned after the Sept 11 incident. Stop buying from M’sia because those terrorist killing the US citizens are Muslims & M’sia is a Muslim country? Think about it.

  232. Hormat Tun,
    Masalahnya tun, kereta Proton ni mahal dan tak setanding kereta luar. Jadi rakyat kita juga yg rugi, untuk sokong Proton, rakyat terpaksa bayar harga kereta yg 2xganda lebih mahal dan kurang kualiti.
    Jika nak banding ngan jiran indon ngan thai dapat pakai keta toyota, honda yg maju teknologinya tp dengan harga lebih murah dari proton.
    Jadi apa tujuannya kita lindungi proton jika rakyat yg terpaksa tangung sengsaranya.
    Tujuan Tun memang tinggi asalnya, tapi tun kena pasrah dengan Malaysia sebab kita masih jauh untuk menjadi negara maju seperti sasaran Tun. Kena ada 10 orang lagi macam Tun, baru boleh.

  233. Assalamualaikum Tun,
    i always tell people in forum… never ever believes anything news release from Bernama, Utusan, thestar, etc etc.. regarding the country’s development until they have seen the prime minister or any leader said he/she willing to resign if the objective is not achieved.
    otherwise it is purely propaganda…da..da…da.. deng..deng….deng!!!

  234. Could you please comment on reports that Former transport minister Tun Dr Ling Liong Sik appeared to pass the buck over the costing and valuation of the Port Klang Free Trade Zone (PKFZ) land to you.
    The report stated : In the verbatim of the Public Accounts Committee

  235. Tok Det nak bagi sedikit gambaran
    Sebenarnya kereta proton seperti saga , perdana ,satria dan juga kereta kancil semuanya adalah buatan kereta jepun . ada diantara kita yang merasa tidak puas hati kenapa . kerana ia adalah kereta buatan jepun juga kebanyakan keluaran mistubshi dan juga daihatsu .
    yang ada diantara kamu kutuk-kutuk itu adalah kereta buatan jepun sebenarnya . malaysia cuma membeli teknologi buatan jepun dan diubahsuai sedikit lalu dipasangkan dimalaysia supaya teknologi jepun itu mendapat pendedahan dikalangan pekerja industri automotive malaysia ……kalau tidak ada pendedahan bagaimana kita hendak memiliki ilmunya .
    dan dasar automotive kerajaan dizaman pemerintahan Tok det mengalakkan membeli kereta nasional bukan satu paksaan pun cuma rakyat tidak punya pilihan kerana kereta import mahal ( paham-paham jelah ) . lagi pun kereta nasional pun kereta buatan jepun juga masa tu , cuma nama aje ditukar kepada nama lain . kereta honda dan kereta jenama lain pun bukan bagus sangat banyak juga masalah dari segi teknikal seperti gearbox rosak , motor door lock rosak , driveshaft rosak semuanya problem sama aje ……dan kereta keluaran terbaru proton seperti gen 2 , persona . pun okey juga cuma prodak kereta itu lebih tertumpu kepada yg berkeluarga tidak seperti kereta my v lebih tertumpu pada jiwa orang muda kerana kereta itu senang untuk diubahsuai dari sudut bodykit atau senang dimake up….bukan kah keluaran kereta proton dulu pun begitu juga. bila keluar my v special edition barulah permintaan tinggi . itu menunjukan rakyat malysia bukan lah bodoh sangat dari segi penilaian kereta dan ia juga menunjukan bukanlah diwajibkan untuk membeli kereta nasional ini . dan ada yang kata mekanik dimalayisa tak mahir itu adalah salah sebenarnya syarikat bengkel-bengkel kereta dimalaysia ini tak mampu nak biaya gaji pekerja yang mahir kerana rakyat dimalysia ini nak murah aje ….mereka bukan menilai dari segi pengalaman yang dimiliki oleh mekanik itu tapi mereka lebih tertumpu pada harga yang rendah dan segelintir syarikat memang suka membuang pekerja yang berpengalaman kerana nak jimat kos operasi . itu pasal di bengkel servis proton orang banyak merungut…bukan disebabkan pekerjanya tapi majikan nya yang nak kaya lebih atau tak pandai meniaga sebenarnya…he he he

  236. Ir syahrizan bercakap seperti orang yang cetek pemikiran dan pendek akalnya. Gelaran Ir. itu pun mungkin sekadar dekorasi sahaja. Mereka yang diberi gelaran tidak akan menunjuk-nunjuk di luar, apatah lagi di dunia blog. Kalau benar sekalipun en syahrizan ini mempunyai gelaran Ir, sudah tentu atas daya usaha kerajaan menghantarnya belajar samada di dalam atau di luar negara.
    Saya mengaku yang saya terhibur melihat masih ramai orang yang berperangai kebudak-budakkan serta tidak menunjukkan kematangan fikiran. Ir syahrizan ialah antara mereka mereka yang masih bodoh dan hanya tahu menuding jari serta berbalah untuk mencerminkan ego mereka. Yang kononnya mereka hebat dan terpelajar, tetapi sebenarnya mereka ini bodoh sombong. Kewujudan mereka ini ada juga baiknya. Mereka senang untuk ditadbir kerana orang yang suka membuat bising ini selalunya ialah orang yang rendah statusnya dikalangan masyarakat.
    Dikala kamu semua sedang asyik berbalah sesama sendiri,ada diantara kita yang sedang ketawa melihat gelagat manusia seperti ir syahrizan ini. Kerana dalam semua kekecohan, sudah pasti ada pihak yang meraih keuntungan.

  237. I am a proton car user.
    The quality of proton cars, in my view, compare to foreign cars is lower.
    However, how to make it ‘upper’ without our support?
    My friends use foreign car while keep complaining on Proton power window quality as if the complaints could bank in Proton account RM1 per complaint.
    Use first, then complaint like I always do to the Proton service center who sometimes do job like *%#.

  238. Salam hormat Tun,
    Sudah lebih 20 tahun Proton membesar bersama Malaysia,dan sudah berjuta wang rakyat Malaysia keluar untuk menyokong Proton dengan pembelian kereta Proton.
    Jadi : Sudah tiba masanya harga kereta Proton diturunkan kepada ‘harga rakyat’.kerana setelah sekian lama,rakyat Malaysia menanggung harga kereta proton seperti harga ’emas’.beli dengan berhutang,mengikat perut membayar ansuran bulanan,akhirnya setelah habis bayar,nilai kereta itu akan susut hampir 80%.. jika tak percaya,lihat saja harga GEN2 terpakai tahun 2003/4..hanya sekitar RM23,000..hampir menangis saya mengenangkannya..
    Tun,lakukan lah sesuatu,saya percaya Tun mampu!
    Terima Kasih.

  239. Dear Tun,
    Lagi satu..those accountable top management who have been in proton the past 5-7 years should be replaced.
    Proton built very large manufacturing facilities. It was suppose to increasing manufacturing volume from a more significant contribution from overseas sales.
    Maybe in the past, they should have the masterplan for the factory but build it in stages according to demand.
    It was an unwise investment in term of timing. There are unutilised space now. Hurting its saving and cash flow.
    They should hire better person running the overseas operation, sales and marketing…

  240. Dearest Ayahanda Tun,
    //6. I am not responsible for the recent National Automotive Policy. I am not in the Government now. Please make your complaints to the Government.//
    The complaints by these people why should we bother!!! They complaint because Mukhriz is your son. I as a Chinese, I 100% support Dr Chua SL’s son to be appointed as one of the CC members.
    One of the letter in The Star written by Anthony apanama (not malay, not chinese, not indian, not sabahans and sarawakians), said this latest NAP is not fair to the government “PENSIONERS” who do have enough money to send their 30 years old cars for safety inspection. Who are these pensioners of the A’nthony group?? ???
    If A’nthony group can maintain their 30 year old cars to be safe on the road, they must be very very rich and powerful, why?? Can normal citizens afford to pay for these obsolete spare parts imported from overseas?? ???
    Like my friend selling Singapore Halal Hainam Kai Fan, TK Chua said the new NAP will drive these A’nthony group up to the wall” .. … in the grey areas in Utara Malaysia including Perlis.
    Good day Ayahanda Tun.

  241. Ir. Shahrizan,
    There many malays like you around me….kutuk, criticise, looking down on local products(Malay products lah apa lagikan?) Semuanya tak bagus memang tak bagus tapi dari tak bagus lah we learn and learn in many thousand years with the support from our own people and eventually foreigners to make to be the best.
    Nasib baik lah ada Tun M yang selamatkan many engineers like you dari bungkus nasi lemak during 1997 kalau tidak susahlah kan.
    Dearest Tun M,
    Saya sedang sebak sekarang kerana saya INSAF betapa saya could not contribute much like Tun M did. Professionals like me could still survive and continue to make a very comfortable living…THANKS SO MUCH to Tun M. ALHAMDULILLAH kepada ALLAH kerana telah memberi Tun M sebagai Perdana Menteri Malaysia kepada rakyat Malaysia.
    I am proud to announce that me and my family have owned PROTON SAGA, WIRA, WAJA and EXORA and my extended family owns KENARI, WIRA AEROBACK, KANCIL……THIS is our small contribution to the country and we know that PROTON is working hard to improve with the support from all of us.
    Me and my family will not be wasting our time in kutuking but try to give constructive criticism because we want to see PROTON to be the best.

  242. Dear Tun, and bloggers
    Ni sekadar cakap-cakap je
    Proton is made in Malaysia. They are other brands which are made in Malaysia, manufactured I mean. What I mean is ckd (toyota, honda, bmw, mercedes, suzuki and etc)
    Maybe Proton needs to learn to improve their manufacturing cost per unit with improved quality from them.
    Else then these ckd manufacturers provide government with the taxes and job opportunity to Malaysia, it could offer opportunity for proton to learn to cut cost as permention above. It should definately be the benchmark to Proton. The management of Proton are suppose to be measured with this benchmark.
    One more thing, maybe Proton could be doing better with higher priced car segment. But…One factor has to be taken care off first.
    Proton and others brands in this argument is brand new cars. It is wise that AP for second hand or re-conditioned cars to be reduced or eliminated in time. It will helps the industries in the long run. It revived the local second hand car business. It definately keep money in the country…
    p/s a lot of AP holders will be mad!…but how many of them now are savvy businessmen that reinvest the money that they make over the years?. They are still at the same spot asking for more APs!

  243. Aslmualaikum Tun,
    protectionism merupakn punca kenapa proton gagal berdiri ats kaki sendiri sejak berada di pasaran lebih 25tahun lalu.
    tidak menjadi masalah bila proton mengeluarkn model demi model bg memenuhi permintaan masyarakat khasnya Malaysia.
    tapi, mengapa kualiti kereta yg diimport lebih baik dari yg ada di pasaran tempatan?
    dan mengapa selepas 25 tahun beroperasi, proton masih gagal menyelesaikn masalah yg paling menjelekkan pengguna – cermin.
    pada pendapat saya, proton harus berusaha utk mencari jalan penyelesaian bg memastikn setiap kereta keluarannya bebas masalah kecil sebegini.
    bukanlah bermakna kereta lain (buatan luar) seratus peratus baik, tapi sebagai pengguna kami berhak dapatkn yang terbaik.
    ramai yg membeli kereta nasional atas kapasiti kerana mampu milik dan harganya yg murah. namun, oleh kerana proton gagal mencapai economies of scale, harga kereta keluaran proton hanya ditakrifkn sebagai relatively cheaper. kereta proton tidak murah tetapi secara relatifnya kelihatan lebih murah berbanding kereta yg diimpot (yg dikenakan cukai hingga 300%).
    sebagai rakyat Malaysia, kami berhak utk mendapatkn kualiti yg terbaik. kami mahu berbangga memiliki kereta nasional. saya tersenyum puas bila melihat org ramai berbangga memacu kereta nasional di jalanraya. namun, saya terlalu kecewa bila mendengarkn penghinaan dan kata2 kurang enak terhadap kereta tempatan – namun ianya tidak mampu saya sangkal kerana ianya hakikat yg pahit utk kita semua telan.
    proton dihina dan dimalukan dalam rancangan Top Gear, tapi pada saya ianya kerana kita belum mencapai tahap yg dibanggakan.
    saya bercadang mahu membeli sebuah kereta selepas tamat pengajian utk memudakn pergerakan saya nanti. dan dalam perkiraan saya, proton dan perodua adalah pilihan utama – berdasarkn kemampuan.
    namun, tidak dapat tidak saya terpaksa memejam sebelah mata dan memekakkn telinga ttg apa telah yg diperkatakan terhadap proton.
    mgkin itulah sumbangan saya terhadap negara yg saya cinta ini.
    tapi, apa pula sumbangan proton terhadap kehendak dan citarasa pengguna tempatan – yg mahukan kualiti.

  244. Assamualaikum YBhg Tun,
    I have always admire you and have enjoyed reading your blog. Simply amazing.
    On Proton, they have come a long way and I have owned a number of Proton cars over the years. And still own a Waja.
    My view is that the quality (particularly accessories and workmanship) is relatively lower compared to Japanese makes. I just wish that the disparity is much closer now…I do not know about the new Saga and Persona… maybe they are better now.
    The older models – Waja – the power window, door handles (breaks easily), the fuel pump has been problematic etc. Savvy – seems to jerk and even reported to have stalled while driving.
    The sad part is that typically the users’ comment is that “it is designed to jerk or break” etc.
    This is one aspect that Proton has to seriously address and it is about quality. Never-ending process improvement is key.
    Over the years I believe most Malaysians have supported the Proton Project and have at one time or the other owned a Proton car.
    Anyway, please continue writing and sharing us your views and I look forward to your next article. (Have read all your articles since Day 1)
    Salam and wishing you and Tun Dr Hasmah in the best of health always.

  245. Salam kasih dan salam hormat Ayahanda Tun.
    In Japan the NAP is called the National Protection Tax (NPT)

  246. Salam utk Tun dan semua yang lain.
    Allow me to give my point of views as a muslim.
    1)Muslim should buy things from a muslim country/company. If you want to support Islam economy.
    2)Even if you want to avoid paying your money to kill the muslims in Afghan, Iraq etc. You should not buy from US, Europe, Japan etc. Because they are using their money for these killings.
    3)So protecting a muslim own company is not really a bad idea at all.
    Jadi Ir. Syahrizan, kalau nak elak dari beli barangan buatan negara2 pembunuh orang2 Islam, kita boleh beli kereta dari negara Islam mana lagi? Ada ke negara Islam lain yang buat kereta untuk orang2 Islam beli? Saya tak kesah kalau power window rosak sikit, tapi saya kesah ke mana wang pembelian dari saya nanti digunakan….

  247. Dear TUN
    kerajaan kena membuat kereta national yang lain tidak hanya satu iaitu proton seperti jepun berapa jenama yang dimiliki oleh jepun? brulah malaysia maju

  248. Assalamualaikum Tun
    As usual, you have shown your wisdom in commenting to Ir. Syahrizan.
    Way to go Tun
    Halim Mad Lazim

  249. Salam hormat ayahanda Tun M yang di kasihi.
    1. Ada pepetah mengatkan “kalau kail panjang sejengkal, jangan di
    duga laut yang dalam”
    2. Kereta pertama saya ialah Proton Iswara yang di beli pada tahun
    1992. Selepas itu tidak atas sebab-sebab yang di komentar oleh
    orang ramai dalam blog ini.
    3. Selamat Datang ke Proton dan dengan penuh harapan ayahanda akan
    terus memacu Proton ke arah kemajuan industri automotif yang
    3. Teringin juga hendak beli Proton Perdana V6. Hajat ini terbantut
    kerana ingin “menunggu” model dan enjin (termasuk gearbox)terbaru
    yang boleh menganti Perdana kini yang agak lama di pasaran.
    4. Terima kasih atas penjelasan ayahanda Tun M. Setidak-tidaknya
    yang kurang pengalaman mengenai industri automotif akan lebih peka
    dan memahami akan permasalahan dan kemajuan industri tersebut.

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