PRU 15

1. A calamity can be expected once the GE-15 result is declared.
2. Experts’ prediction regarding GE-15 is either one of the three political groups will win and set up Government.

3. The three groups are;

I. Barisan Nasional
II. Pakatan Harapan
III. Perikatan Nasional

4. Barisan Nasional is led by criminals, contesting to save themselves from imprisonment.
5. If they become Government, the practise of corruption and stealing of Government money will continue. Surely Malaysia will face calamity.
6. Pakatan Harapan will appoint Anwar Ibrahim as Prime Minister.
7. Anwar is someone who accuses Malays of prioritising their own race, in other words they are racists.
8. Anwar is also considered a liberal who does not reject the free lifestyle as practised in the West.
9. Perikatan Nasional will choose Mahiaddin for PM. Mahiaddin is the person responsible for power grabbing through the back door.
10. He is also said to be involved in corrupt practices with regard to the education contract with YTL.
11. These three groups will create chaos and calamity should they become the Government of Malaysia.
12. If Malaysians wish to avoid from this disaster, what choice does the people have?
13. Up to now writers and the social media have ignored Gerakan Tanah Air which is contesting under the name Pejuang Tanah Ar as GTA is not registered by the Government.
14. Pejuang can be chosen as Government.
15. Pejuang has placed125 candidates and if they are supported, Pejuang can bring changes to the country’s political landscape.
16. The leaders and candidates from Pejuang are free from criminal records and are experienced in administration.
17. Pejuang promises to form a Government that is free from corruption and stealing of Government money.
18. Pejuang will uphold The Rule of Law dan the constitution.
19. Pejuang has plans to revive the economy, manage finances well, stabilise politics and to restore Malaysia as an Asian Tiger.
20. Pejuang is not a small party. Pejuang is not new in terms of politicsa and administration. segi politik dan pentadbiran.
21. Only Pejuang is carrying the tag line Bersih, Cekap dan Beramanah (Clean, Efficient and Trusworthy).
22. Choose Pejuang if the country wants to avoid chaos and calamity.
23. We have seen what had happened when BN. PN and PH ruled.
24. Avoid what we can avoid by giving an opportunity to Pejuang.
25. If not as a Pejuang-led Government, Pejuang as a big partner in a clean coalition will bring benefits.