1. It is amazing. Najib is at it again. He is blatantly blaming others for the situation that he himself created.

2. Yes, the country is lagging behind its neighbours. Correct. But it is due to Najib’s corruption of the Government. It is due to the huge amounts of money he borrowed which have now disappeared. It is due to the projects he started which were not only overpriced but favoured the other parties. It is due to the projects being of little benefit to the country. And of course due to having to pay to settle the huge debts incurred by him. There is no money left to develop the country.

3. What does he expect the government which defeated him to do? Overlook all the crimes he has committed?

4. Who is he asking to focus on the economy? It cannot be PH as he has engineered the back door change of government; not once but twice.

5. Obviously the first change was not to his liking. Now he has managed to have his party as the Government. Well ask his party, ask the UMNO PM, why are we lagging behind now that Najib’s party is in power?

6. Big companies are leaving the country in droves. Everyone complains that getting approvals or permission for anything take months if not years. Only when money is paid will the permission be granted. Even meeting the ministers require bribes to make it possible. And frequently the ministers refuse to meet investors. Even the PM is not available.

7. In one project, a statement was made that the project is 90% completed, when even the ground has not been broken.

8. A high-speed train only saves time if it covers a long distance. For short distances the time saved is insignificant. And HSR is very costly.

9. Yes, we have to pay RM320 million to Singapore. That is because Najib made that silly agreement. Carrying on would drain the treasury more, at a time when we need to pay money for Najib’s borrowings.

10. Incidentally I am reading a novel about England a thousand years ago by Ken Follett. He tells of a crooked bishop caught red handed forging coins. The case was tried before an alderman who was his brother.

11. Instead of the sheriff prosecuting, the bishop prosecuted. He declared that he was in the coin workshop because he was going to arrest the counterfeiters.

12. In fact he was gloating over the counterfeit money he was forcing the jeweller to produce when the sheriff and his man at arms arrived. He was furious and was screaming at the sheriff.

13. But in his prosecution he named the counterfeiter as the culprit. The man protested and said he was forced to manufacture the coin by the bishop. Witnesses to the truth were dismissed.

14. The jeweller was declared guilty of counterfeiting and sentenced to be blinded and castrated. And the sentence was carried out immediately in full view of the town people.

15. That was justice in England of 10th century. It sounds like Najib’s twisting of facts and accusing others of the crimes he had committed. He stole billions of Ringgit which affected the development of Malaysia. Yet he puts the blame on PH which he brought down through the back door.